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(UPI)   Driver escapes injury when tree branch impales windshield. The state of the driver's underwear was not reported   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Winter storm, Severe weather, Lee Police Department, Windshield, massive tree branch, Road trip, tree branch, New Hampshire  
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2023-01-26 11:41:49 PM  
That was a warning from the ents.
2023-01-26 11:41:49 PM  
So he was a leaf on the wind?
2023-01-26 11:47:15 PM  
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2023-01-26 11:48:50 PM  
That'll leave a mark.
Magnum Force - Palancio's Arrest part 3/3
Youtube ye0_g3PXOJ0
2023-01-27 12:42:14 AM  
That happened to me when I was 16...
The large branch fell from above on a clear sunny day...piercing the window like a spear.
If it wasn't for the fact I spotted it in a split sec, or yelled to my mom to stop, I'd be dead.
It scraped my face on my cheek and embedded itself in the seat between my thighs.

Kept that sucker in my room for a year, to remind me how fast it can go...for no reason or rhyme.
2023-01-27 2:06:55 AM  
New Hampshire.
2023-01-27 3:04:39 AM  
Live Free Or Die, bruh.
2023-01-27 4:28:34 AM  
Met a girl back in like '90, a friend of a friend. My fried asked her to show me the accident pictures.

This girl was out driving in her late 80s  Bronco II, and hit a chain link fence. The top bar of the fence went through the passenger headlight, under the hop, bent on something, and came out of the dash about 4" from her head. The pictures were ceazy.
2023-01-27 6:06:29 AM  

Mikey1969: The pictures were ceazy.

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2023-01-27 8:05:59 AM  

The Smails Kid: Mikey1969: The pictures were ceazy.

[Fark user image 183x275]

Or maybe;
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2023-01-27 8:33:38 AM  
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2023-01-27 8:53:22 AM  

steklo: [Fark user image image 700x525]

The real crime in that photo is the pink Nissan Pathfinder.
2023-01-27 9:23:19 AM  

The Smails Kid: The real crime in that photo is the pink Nissan Pathfinder.

You're looking at that wrong. See, it's a GOOD thing the car was wrecked!

Pink Pathfinders are an abomination.
2023-01-27 9:58:51 AM  
CSB:  My two best friends were driving to a Dead show in Maine in the 1980s, as they came around a twisting mountainous road, suddenly moose!  The car came to a stop perilously close to the edge of the ravine, and the driver looked to his right to see if his passenger was OK but the moose had caved in the windhield next to him and all he could see was bloody fur and flesh and jellied moose.  Meanwhile the passenger looked to his right to check on the driver and all he could see was the moose carcass that had cratered the front and roof of the car.  They both staggered out of their doors, which were completely untouched, and saw each other over the hood of the car to their great relief.  Just then a legit VW microbus pulled over next to them (It was the 80s, there were still plenty of those around) and a big hippie mama came rushing towards them with her arms wide open.  They both thought some variation of "Oh yes, big mama love, that'd be great right now!"  but she ran right past them and threw herself on the dead moose, on the car hood, weeping and trying to help its spiritual journey begin or some such hippie shiat.

/totally true, they even brought back shiatty pics from their instamatic to show off in school, as well as some not-entirely-bad weed from the Oxford Speedway show.
2023-01-27 9:59:45 AM  
*passenger looked left.

2023-01-27 11:23:54 AM  

deadsanta: *passenger looked left.


I thought maybe they drove through Canada.
2023-01-27 2:37:59 PM  
I love how the story is about something you need to see to properly appreciate and it's just a brick of text with nothing else.

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Whatever dingus came up with that is asking to get let go.
2023-01-27 4:21:44 PM  
Baby Driver-Bats death scene
Youtube OrSF_U8HWDs
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