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2004-12-21 01:45:46 PM  
Maybe I'm missing something - where does it say that in the article?
2004-12-21 01:54:29 PM  
The control computer ordered a counterstrike, but the bunker commander, a nerdy lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov, acting on a hunch, overrode the computer and told his Kremlin superiors it was a false alarm.

Nerds save the world ... Booger unavailable for comment.
2004-12-21 02:18:25 PM  
michaeltrout Yeah... I know what you mean.

I was hoping they would greenlight the article when I submitted it as "Mustard man has nuclear UFIA, hillarity ensues, kittens rejoice"

Oh well, what might have been.
2004-12-21 02:45:43 PM  
Why can't anyone let go of the Cold War? At my brother's college graduation in 2000, one of the professes giving the speech made 3 Cold War references.

I think we miss having the Soviets to blame everything on.
2004-12-21 02:51:01 PM  
CCCPSpy at my sister's graduation, the president's speach was all about her brand new spanking bloody car. That's it. A graduation speach about *her* *new* car.

/don't know which is worse
2004-12-21 04:12:13 PM  
I *really* don't trust someone who is a self-proclaimed CCCPSpy when he tells me to forget about the Cold War. :^D
2004-12-21 05:01:33 PM  
At my undergrad graduation, we had a guy who worked with Albert Einstein and the US government on developing the Atomic bomb. The guy was a 70 year scientist and was commenting on how the bomb changed the world. This was days after 9/11 too, mid October 2001. His speech was very intriguing and a very unique hands on perspective.
2004-12-21 06:53:39 PM  
For my friends graduation yesterday, they got Tommy Lasorda, No cold war references there
2004-12-21 06:54:33 PM  
//This was days after 9/11 too,//

Your undergrad graduation ceremony was in September?
2004-12-21 06:57:20 PM  
But it's the danger of accidental or maverick launches that most concerns atomic experts. That danger is heightened, in part, by the decrepit state of Russian defenses.

most scary paragraph in entire article...
2004-12-21 06:58:25 PM  
Last year Harvard (I think) got Ali G.

UMCP (my school) got Tom Ridge.

Woulda been funny if he'd busted the "America is now SAFE!" line then, though.
2004-12-21 06:58:37 PM  
Raiders of the Fark: Your undergrad graduation ceremony was in September?

Yes, my graduation was in the fall. I graduated early and our University has two graduation convocations.....Fall and Spring. I graduated in the fall, but I was officialy done in the summer.
2004-12-21 06:59:03 PM  
...wait, did I just get my Ashcroft/Ridge/Rumsfield/Rommel mixed up? ...ah screw it, it's the weekend.
2004-12-21 06:59:08 PM  
(Further proof that we treat our heroes like shiat. I found this elsewhere.)

Today I say goodbye to a remarkable man, Thomas W.F. Foster, who
passed at the age of 93. He was a metallurgist that has literally
changed the world, both for good and for bad. His first patent fixed
a major fault in the production process of magnesium, allowing it to
be manufactured cheaply. During WWII, his team developed "goop", an
incendiary of ultrafine magnesium dust that would literally burn
concrete, robbing the very atomic structure of oxygen, leaving
silicon slag behind. This lead on the one hand to the firebombing of
Tokyo (something that weighed on his conscience for the rest of his
life), and on the other to a canister of 'goop' being skip-bombed
through the front door of the Gestapo headquarters in one of the low
countries (Denmark? Holland?), completely destroying the building and
all the records it contained, preventing Nazi reprisals against
suspected spies and collaborators at the end of the war.
An engineer for Kaiser Aluminum until his first retirement, he worked
in scores of countries all over the globe, setting up factories and
streamlining manufacturing processes. During the reconstruction after
the war, Kaiser sent him to work with Krupp in Germany - in fact, in
the book The Arms of Krupp, there is a photograph of the company
headquarters; on that photo he could point to the window of his
office. Once, after proving that molten aluminum could be shipped by
road hundreds of miles from the smelting plant to the manufacturer,
saving the money and fuel required to remelt it, a Kaiser VP
claimed "...nothing is impossible until Tom Foster says it is
An engineer, a brilliant inventor, a skilled craftsman, a talented
artist; marksman, photographer, and even gardenner - The garden of
the home he designed and helped build with his brother was once
featured in Sunset magazine.
He was born in a mining camp in Colorado - it was probably from those
earliest childhood friends, mostly Mexicans and Navahos, that he
developed his notorious taste for hot sauce. In 1919 he contracted
the Spanish Flu, nearly dying. He said that one day he felt a little
sick, and the next thing he knew he was sitting on the porch in a
rocking chair...three months later. When his father died, he, his
mother and his two brothers were stricken with a poverty that I
cannot even imagine. They moved to Wyoming where they lived in a tar
paper shack for several years, surviving on what washing his mother
could bring in - at the age of 5 he used to deliver the laundry for
her in his wagon. For the rest of his life he hated spinach because
it grew wild and it was the only vegetable they had to eat.
Even at that age, his mind and his determination were apparent. On
his first day (mid-term) in the one-room schoolhouse, the teacher
began to ask the students to do math problems. His old school had not
gotten that far, but he knew how to count, and by the time the
teacher called on him, he had figured out the process - he had taught
himself addition and subtraction in less than five minutes.
Unfortunately, that same determination proved his undoing. Last
month, at the age of 93 and barely able to hold a book anymore, he
decided that he had been on earth too long and stopped eating. The
doctors are beginning to suspect he had cancer, and since Kaiser, the
company to whom he devoted much of his active life, for whom he
invented a list of patents as long as my arm...that company recently
cancelled the medical benefits for their retirees. I suspect that he
was afraid that if he had cancer, the medical bills would eat up the
last of his savings, leaving nothing to care for his wife of 67
years. So he stopped eating. When I saw him last night, his barrel-
like frame had been reduced to nothing. He is survived by his beloved
wife, his two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandson.
On a final note, he was on the team that developed the process for
stamping out the aluminum soda can - every day each one of you
probably see, hold, or use something that his designs made possible.

Goodbye grandpa; I'm going to miss you.

(If you're a Kaiser stockholder, eat zebra dung and linger.)
2004-12-21 06:59:20 PM  
[image from iownjoo.com too old to be available]
2004-12-21 07:01:17 PM  
Purity of Essence...stay away from my fluids
2004-12-21 07:01:20 PM  
(Further proof that we treat our heroes like shiat.

The article doesn't address this. I'm still waiting for some 'splanin' from the submitter.

I found this elsewhere.

This is where a link comes in handy, rather than cut-and-paste.
2004-12-21 07:04:04 PM  
Did I miss it? Where does it mention the basement apartment???
2004-12-21 07:04:58 PM  
99 Luftballoons, baby....

/always knew the world should have ended in the 80's
2004-12-21 07:06:59 PM  
2004-12-21 07:08:02 PM  
this guy pops up on fark every few months

he is still a hero
2004-12-21 07:10:58 PM  

I will see your shiatty graduation speaker and raise you mine: Nancy Pelosi (D-Rep-CA). She spent the entire farking speech talking about herself and her accomplishments "as a woman." FOR 45 DAMN MINUTES.
2004-12-21 07:13:12 PM  
Now's our chance! Nuke the Pooty! Nuke the Pooty!
2004-12-21 07:15:09 PM  
That's the first time I've read much of anything about Sam Nunn since he was working so hard to derail Clinton's efforts to integrate the military. Nice to see he's found a better hobby.
2004-12-21 07:15:10 PM  
Maybe I'm missing something - where does it say that in the article?

Submitter probably was speaking about this article:

No fanfare for the bunker commander who saved the world

(No html because for some reason Fark do not permit to link to this site)
2004-12-21 07:16:35 PM  
Please, good peoples. Is no more Cold War. Is nothing to see here. Move along now, move along...

Ah yes, you'd like us to believe that, now wouldn't you, CCCPSpy? Well your clever ruse didn't work, and James Bond is still going to blow up your secret mountain fortress as planned. You have to get up frightfully early to fool the British Secret Service, old boy, and once again, you just haven't set your alarm clock quite early enough.

Better luck next time, CCCPSpy, or should I call you... Farktopussy!!?!?? No, I don't suppose I should. Wouldn't make sense really, as it isn't your name.
2004-12-21 07:18:50 PM  
Man, we really need to be giving Russia a hand with securing all the atomic weapons that are still in those splinter republics. There are some rather nasty people who'd like to get a hold of them.
MBK [TotalFark]
2004-12-21 07:19:14 PM  
At my high school graduation speech, we had a WWII vet. Guy commented on how the war tested his character, made a man out of a boy, ect ect, fairly good speech, but then he went on and on about when he came back home, all he got was a hot cocoa box sampler.
2004-12-21 07:20:00 PM  
Wholy schnarkies. What a nice tribute. Sorry to hear about you loss.

2004-12-21 07:21:31 PM  
"The control computer ordered a counterstrike, but the bunker commander, a nerdy lieutenant colonel named Stanislav Petrov, acting on a hunch, overrode the computer and told his Kremlin superiors it was a false alarm. The Soviet brass quickly stood down their missiles, saving 100 million Americans from nuclear incineration."

Now here's somebody who's truly earned a donation of a month of totalfark.

/beats a gmail invite all to heck...
2004-12-21 07:22:06 PM  
Completely worthless headline. Hopefully it was for the wrong article.
2004-12-21 07:23:50 PM  
Man,just think how close the end could have come.
2004-12-21 07:26:24 PM  
Where does the man who sold the world live?
2004-12-21 07:30:31 PM  
Good. Stoopid rat bastard. Next time, go with the flow.
2004-12-21 07:35:31 PM  
but that hardly makes anyone want to vomit!?? whats the point?
2004-12-21 07:38:21 PM  
Bloody pacifist.
2004-12-21 07:48:56 PM  
Pooty-Poot. Heh.
2004-12-21 07:49:53 PM  
"The chances of a premeditated, deliberate nuclear attack have fallen dramatically," Nunn said. "But the chances of an accidental, mistaken or unauthorized nuclear attack might actually be increasing."

Boy, this is sure different from what Farkers told me on the missile defense thread the other night. Somebody call Nunn and tell him that nuclear missile accidents are impossible since we have never had one.
2004-12-21 07:52:45 PM  
Sam Nunn is the last American hero the democrats had. Until they find another one like him they'll continue marginalize themselves.

/suckle on Michael Moore's teat and you'll lose every time
2004-12-21 07:57:00 PM  
suckle on Michael Moore's teat and you'll lose every time

Thanks for making me lose my lunch.
2004-12-21 07:57:02 PM  
[image from imsai.net too old to be available]
2004-12-21 07:58:32 PM  
I thought this was the man that saved the word...
[image from vintageblues.com too old to be available]
2004-12-21 08:00:40 PM  
Yeah, I know, fark you.

-world to your mother-
2004-12-21 08:00:41 PM  
[image from images.google.com too old to be available]
2004-12-21 08:03:09 PM  
[image from users2.ev1.net too old to be available]
2004-12-21 08:06:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 08:09:23 PM  
Your all a bunch of commie bastards.

/feeling better now....
2004-12-21 08:11:10 PM  
2004-12-21 08:15:24 PM  
Captain_Morgan: I thought this was the man that saved the word...

No... That's the man who sang about the man that sold the world.
2004-12-21 08:16:09 PM  

Have fun sleeping folks:

Here are 20 near brushes with global conflagration

My God, this is so boring and horribly written. The man needs to learn how to use commas. It's also funny that he mentions his M.D. as if it somehow gives him credentials for writing about supposed near nuclear war. Somehow he made the possibility of nuclear war uninteresting!
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