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4105 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2004 at 10:47 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-21 01:17:20 PM  

Definately appreciated!
2004-12-21 01:17:24 PM  

I agree with chester1977.

The motion has been seconded and carries.
2004-12-21 01:17:26 PM  
Nietzsche. Beyond Good and Evil. Found it in my Bartlett's.

please give me totalfark??? pleeeeeease???
2004-12-21 01:17:31 PM  
wow...nicely done whoever got hstaruk3's question. i applaud you.

/definitely did not know that
2004-12-21 01:18:07 PM  
oops, make that '86, where they recieved their third straight rookie of the year.

No TF needed, the trivia was worth it.
2004-12-21 01:18:52 PM  
I agree with chester1977 too

/not giving you TF
//just want to see your boobies
2004-12-21 01:19:56 PM  

Wow, thank you soooooo much, I already budgeted out my personal donation last week, and I'm going right now to send yours.
2004-12-21 01:19:58 PM  
2004-12-21 11:30:53 AM Corpulence [TotalFark]

"dawn of the dead"
2004-12-21 01:20:10 PM  
I'd love TotalFark; it's like crack, you know? I've had it twice before, and lost it twice, and I miss it; I really, truly do. I'd buy it myself, but with $1.99 in the bank account, and no source of income, that doesn't look likely.

I'll do whatever you want! Just give me back my crack..
2004-12-21 01:21:27 PM  
ok...this is a serious question:

Are there any honest TF'ers who would be willing to "sponsor" me- BUT, be fully compensated for the TF fee?

I just don't want to deal with a PayPal account -I would be willing to send money.

I live in NY -gmail me.

/Thanks very much if you consider this...

And, just to clarify...I mean a one-shot 6 month membership.
2004-12-21 01:21:27 PM  
Will trade soul for Total Fark.

Should you agree to this proposition you will be the proud owner of one soul. Collectable in about 50 years or upon my death which ever comes first. Imagine itYOU can be the proud owner of MY soul.

Ive seen souls like this on e-bay go for thousands....urr....hundreds...ok ok ..a buck ninty-eight. However, should you act now I will also throw in during this limted time offer a lifetime subscription to the daily e-mails I keep getting from the wife of some dead prince in Nigeria. (Worth millions of dollars.)

About my soul: Its kinda queer..but it serves its purpose.

Thank you and happy bidding.
2004-12-21 01:22:48 PM  
Would you call cheese that is not your cheese...Nacho Cheese?

go here:

to Totalfark me and add to Drew's brew coffer.

Much thanks!
2004-12-21 01:24:13 PM  
I, a poor high school student, could use TotalFark to TotalFlame better! Yeah!
2004-12-21 01:24:15 PM  
2004-12-21 11:47:03 AM Corpulence

1.) Argh_Dammit
2.) Unsolicited Finger In the Anus
3.) The one that adds their comment the fastest

/probably too slow on the draw
2004-12-21 01:24:39 PM  
darn...I'm a little late...
I'd jump off a bridge for totalfark

/Voted For Kerry
2004-12-21 01:24:57 PM  
2004-12-21 01:26:14 PM  
Just got the word.

Thanks, the_pgoat. That's very generous of you.

And thanks, Rollo for the nomination.

/now let's see what this puppy can do...
2004-12-21 01:27:37 PM  
Okay, I wanted to sponsor someone in the spirit of all the enjoyment I have gotten out of fark lite....I know it is suppose to be easy but wtf...on the sign up for tf they ask if it is for someone else and it has no...thats right no frigging selection box. Only if I am gonna sign up for it myself does it have a selection can someone help a dude play santa??? Thanks!
2004-12-21 01:28:13 PM  
Please, just a little totalfark would make my Christmas. Please, please.
2004-12-21 01:28:42 PM  
C'mon guys, time is running up and you're loosing the chance to be generous
2004-12-21 01:28:53 PM  
You're welcome, email address in my profile.
2004-12-21 01:29:00 PM  
Man walks into a bar...ouch

2004-12-21 01:29:25 PM  
He actually signed with the Yankees in '81, so it goes farther back than that.
2004-12-21 01:30:06 PM  


You're welcome, email address in my profile.

No patience, eh?
2004-12-21 01:32:13 PM  
Woody, if you have ruined my chances i will never forgive you.

aaah nevermind
2004-12-21 01:32:34 PM  
either that or he got to see boobies.

TF'ers get all the girls.

2004-12-21 01:33:32 PM  
First Farkette to sponsor gets one of these:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-21 01:34:03 PM  
hstaruk3 Did he play pro before '81? I did see that he was signed by them, but I can't find anything prior to that.

If so I'll dig it up, I love a good challenge.
2004-12-21 01:34:06 PM  
Hmmm. I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter...briefly. For one month.

/just to see how the other half live.
2004-12-21 01:34:53 PM  
Holdthetroll: Your the man... As the husband of a medical school student, I thank you greatly.
2004-12-21 01:35:41 PM  
So so late... I predict late photoshops from me for another year.
2004-12-21 01:36:06 PM  
I am way too old for whatever total fark is....

thanks anyway - I think
2004-12-21 01:36:25 PM  
Good luck. I've been looking all over the internet to be sure I can prove it, and I got nothing.
2004-12-21 01:36:45 PM  

Couldn't have been prior to 1980 at least :)

Selected by California Angels in 23rd Round (589th Overall) of 1980 amateur draft. (June-Reg Phase)
2004-12-21 01:37:56 PM  
Merry Christmas... all booty emails can be sent to the email address in my profile.
2004-12-21 01:37:58 PM  
i'd post daily booby links for the time my sponsorship last
2004-12-21 01:38:23 PM  
I've got 10 Gmail invitations. How do you convert them into the links that others have been posting?

/needs TF or else the kitten gets it
2004-12-21 01:38:26 PM  
Didn't sign with Angels, waited a year and signed with Yankees.
This is getting ridiculous.
2004-12-21 01:38:36 PM  
2004-12-21 11:18:12 AM El_Bastard

Better to fake being a girl, go to some amature site and get some boobies...

Hey, I can do that!
2004-12-21 01:38:56 PM  
El_Bastard: No patience, eh?

None at all.
2004-12-21 01:39:39 PM  
Heh. Why is it that I'm always one of the last persons on earth to find out about these giveaways?

Um... you should sponsor me because...

1) I don't troll
2) My mommy said I was special before she ran off with the mailman.
3) I have a Matrix Online beta account that doesn't get any use.
2004-12-21 01:39:50 PM  
Nothin for me huh? I'd love to be one of you? Help me total fark, you're my only hope
2004-12-21 01:40:09 PM  
i have been trying and failing for the last two hours, but i have yet to give up. Anyone out there wanting to give this hardowrking liter a try?
2004-12-21 01:40:54 PM  
hstaruk3 Ok, I don't care about the TF anymore, can you email me the team that you are thinking of? Otherwise I'll never get any work done today.
2004-12-21 01:41:13 PM  
send me on a mission, i will hopefully prove my totalfarkworthiness
2004-12-21 01:41:48 PM  
Chester1977, and El_Bastard

Guys, I promise I'll forward all boobie pics received via TF sponsorship to you.

Shhh!!!! Don't tell anyone.
2004-12-21 01:42:03 PM  
I always find these threads too late.

/oh well.
2004-12-21 01:42:51 PM  
Maybe if someone puts a little faith in me, I'll try to start one of those "Pay it Forward" moments.

Or I'll just surf teh boobies. :)

Who knows? Sponsor me and watch the hilarity ensue!

2004-12-21 01:43:24 PM  
I could use total fark... not that i've done anything to deserve it. I could, uh, give you some gmail invites.
2004-12-21 01:44:18 PM  

Hey, I can do that!

Promises, promises...

Damn it all - and I only wanted to be held *sniff*
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