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4105 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2004 at 10:47 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-21 10:58:15 AM  
TF would be nice, i'm not holding my breath though. thanks in advance.

2004-12-21 10:58:16 AM  
someone pay my next years fees, kthx
2004-12-21 10:58:29 AM  
I am so broke today - so very very broke.

But I too will watch and take notes. Payday is tomorrow...
2004-12-21 10:58:34 AM  
this is the longest i have spent on fark lite in months.

proud memeber of the tf elite
2004-12-21 10:58:50 AM  
Please sir/madam,

May I have some TotalFark?

Make this lonely Kerry voter in Idaho not so sad this holiday season. :)
2004-12-21 10:59:09 AM many to choose from
2004-12-21 10:59:23 AM  
Is there more of that in totalfark?

you bet it is. and we have free donuts, all the colors of the rainbow
2004-12-21 10:59:25 AM  
and the whole g-mail thing? not a good selling point...
2004-12-21 10:59:38 AM  
Gunther, dec 24.. it can suck.. some people get 2 gifts (xmas and bday) but others think they're clever when they say "here's your gift, for christmas AND your birthday".. cheap bastards
2004-12-21 10:59:55 AM  
Kerry voter in Idaho

Is that even possible? I thought my parents were the only ones.
2004-12-21 11:00:13 AM  
Last time I did this I signed up 4 people. 3 never post.

never even post?
i'd be posting
/what am i sayin', i'd probably be stalkin'
/just sayin'

i don't know who initially sponsored me, but i am very thankful

and thankful to Argh_Dammit for giving me a stay of execution when my time runs out Jan 1st

/gotta figure out a way to get TF without showing up on a credit card!
2004-12-21 11:00:13 AM  
speaking of unloading gmail invites...where can I do that? I know people get a bit testy when its not in the right place. I have ten, let me know.
2004-12-21 11:00:17 AM  
If TotalFark comes my way, I'll have something to do on Christmas Day
2004-12-21 11:00:35 AM  
I would like to add my name to the list of grovelers for TF

washwash at gmail dot com

2004-12-21 11:00:41 AM  
Everyone asking for totalfark on this thread is a tool...cough up the dough yourselves if you really want it and stop begging complete strangers to give it to you.
2004-12-21 11:01:25 AM  
Argh_Dammit: and the whole g-mail thing? not a good selling point...

Yep. All of us TotalFarkers have gmail accounts coming out of the wahooza !

Any British Farkers here ? I may consider sponsoring a fellow Brit for a month (TotalFark is quiet in the mornings until America wakes up).

Email in profile
2004-12-21 11:01:30 AM  
Argh_Dammit: and the whole g-mail thing? not a good selling point...

You're just jealous of the awesome 1337ness of the select members of the gmail mafia.

/also have the Paris Hilton tape, suckahz
2004-12-21 11:02:11 AM  
The selling point that got me ws the fact that you could sort all the boobies links with a click of the mouse.

How many links do you liters see in a day? 50?
Try 5000 for TF.
2004-12-21 11:02:23 AM  
So... why are people posting their email addresses?
2004-12-21 11:02:35 AM  
You can have your total farking moral superiority crap I don't want!!

-tries reverse psychology
2004-12-21 11:02:48 AM  
I will give TF to someone under these conditions:

1) You must read, understand, and follow the FARQ, as well as Argh_Dammit's helpful little n00bies page.

2) You do not post zillions of "Advice" or "Survey" topics once you get TF.

3) You read/listen more than you talk.

4) You have an e-mail address in your profile (c'mon, people!)

4 1/2) Being a Farkette helps, too.
2004-12-21 11:02:50 AM  
Advice - because I'm too cheap to pay for strangers - gmail invites? Errr - If there's anybody left on the internet who wants gmail but doesn't have it, and a spare account, and a dozen invites hanging around they never got a chance to use? They probably aren't l33t enough to be tfarkers. Consider boobies as bribes with a little more weight.
2004-12-21 11:02:52 AM  

So instead of begging for an account and saying that you'd buy another Liter one, why don't you cut through all the red tape and get one for yourself instead?

/just sayin'

C'mon, EclecticLaydee - you actually think logic will work on the unwashed masses?

*shakes head*
2004-12-21 11:03:08 AM  
I will not grovel, however I will do my best to post comments with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

/and I won't use slashes
2004-12-21 11:03:14 AM  
morrison? what is 1337ness?
2004-12-21 11:03:20 AM  
It was awesome.

Is there more of that in totalfark?

Drake Kyrros: Yes, why yes, there is. (: Good to hear a reasonable conservative voice. Y'all get drowned out by the whacko sometimes. My peeps are the same way. (:
2004-12-21 11:03:21 AM  

You're just jealous of the awesome 1337ness of the select members of the gmail mafia.

making me laugh - good for a point or two.
2004-12-21 11:03:35 AM  
Hello. My name is Rahim. I am a six-year-old goat-herder living in Raznahzbekistan. Because of the war there, I have been left with no arms, no legs, and no goats. Please do not leave me with no TotalFark as well.

Thank you,
2004-12-21 11:04:07 AM  

Do a search for the "leet" language
2004-12-21 11:04:17 AM  

1) done.
2) never have.
3) that's me.
4) there.
4 1/2) d'oh!
2004-12-21 11:05:10 AM  
Hey, I'm a Brit malcy...I'm also freelance so what I'd gain in TotalFarking I would lose in doing actual paid work, but hell.
2004-12-21 11:05:13 AM  
Teh groveling is pathetic. Sheesh!! Have some dignity folks.
2004-12-21 11:05:25 AM  
While you liters are reading this, STOP WITH THE
img.fark.netView Full Size
!!! We already know, trust me.

/the TFers
2004-12-21 11:05:25 AM  
i haven't had very good luck with my sponsored pets. they always die in a few days, and it's hard to flush them down the toilet.
2004-12-21 11:05:29 AM  
I have great news. In my country there was a very rich person who died and had the same last name as you. We can split his money if you give me a total fark account.
2004-12-21 11:05:32 AM  
I would if it did not rebill automatically. I would pay for 6 months or a year and then when it expires, it expires.
2004-12-21 11:05:34 AM  

You're just jealous of the awesome 1337ness of the select members of the gmail mafia.

/also have the Paris Hilton tape, suckahz

Let me guess - you also have the AYB video and the mahir site...

so does everyone else

/just sayin
2004-12-21 11:05:38 AM  
C'mon, EclecticLaydee - you actually think logic will work on the unwashed masses?

True, I come to green lighted threads so infrequently I forget what it's like in here. Ick, I suddenly feel the need to wash my hair.
2004-12-21 11:05:45 AM  
malcy: Any British Farkers here ?

G'day mate, sponsor a fellow Britton? I'm from... eh... Londonbury, where I make kidney pies and union jacks.

/worst. attempt. ever.
2004-12-21 11:05:46 AM  
Well I am in Blaine Co. but it is kinda scary looking at a voting by-county map and being the only slightly blue one surronded by red.
2004-12-21 11:06:13 AM  
Hoo boy.
2004-12-21 11:06:15 AM  
2004-12-21 11:06:16 AM  
Can someone give me TotalFark pleeeaaaassseee? I just had my appendix removed two days ago, and I could really use something to keep my mind off the pain...
2004-12-21 11:06:19 AM  
I gave out two TF accounts the last time we did this.
One promised boobies, the other promised Guinness.

I got nothing from either.

Not even a thank you, which is all I really wanted.

So bah humbug this time around.
Bah humbug in your stupid asses.

/Seriously, skip the Starbucks for a day and there's your TotalFark.
2004-12-21 11:06:23 AM  
Yeah, I'd love to get some TF, ty­l­er*sn­ee­d­[nospam-﹫-backwards]li­amg­*co­m
2004-12-21 11:06:26 AM  

While you liters are reading this, STOP WITH THE [NEWSFLASH] !!! We already know, trust me.

/the TFers

hahaha...this looks like a good place for a stick-up.
2004-12-21 11:06:53 AM  
I would just like to try it .... so I'll ask politely as I was taught ...

Please :)
2004-12-21 11:07:07 AM  
I am saving my money for TotalTheHun :P
2004-12-21 11:07:08 AM  
i give you boobies and you give me totalfark, so here...boobies!!!

NSFW if you are donald duck
2004-12-21 11:07:12 AM  
I'm the 199998th farker...I should've gotten some TF action for merely being in the vicinity of sirphobos21. Alas, no lovin' for the 'weasl.
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