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28561 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2004 at 2:33 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-12-20 11:02:30 AM  
Another posting from good ol' Duluth!

Frozen fire hydrants, falling power lines, and not enough main-stream hose line makes for a long burning fire.

Watched it from skyline parkway; too bad my pictures didn't turn out so well.
2004-12-20 11:47:09 AM  
We don't need no ice, let the motherf*cker burn?
2004-12-20 11:58:16 AM  
Zamboni explosions are the Wrath of God! The bible tells me so... well, actually, a dictionary.

Zambo: colloquially or humorously, a negro
ni: a representation in art of the infant Christ

The Passion of Christ not withstanding, everyone knows Jesus was hardly caucasian-right? What with the Christmas tree shortage in Hawaii and now this the signs are abundantly clear-the Apocalypse is at hand!

/There is nothing so tedious as having to use the evolutionists' science to show them the light.
2004-12-20 12:06:48 PM  
I seem to recall from a History or Discovery channel program that zambonis are powered by propane. Which might asplain how one might asplode.
2004-12-20 12:22:23 PM  
zambonis are powered by propane

How secular... I like my second coming scenario better. The Passion of Zamboni. Think Mel would be interested?
2004-12-20 02:36:03 PM  
Hottest Game on Ice
2004-12-20 02:36:17 PM  
The thought of one burning, is just funny to me. I dont know why
2004-12-20 02:36:18 PM  
I thought the headline was about an Italian cooking mishap.
2004-12-20 02:36:40 PM  
what's the reference to?
2004-12-20 02:37:12 PM  
"It did it's job I suppose."...yeah 'cause most hockey helmets (or broom ball helmets, whatever)are actually made to prevent shrapnel from entering your melon!

/good humor!
2004-12-20 02:38:27 PM  

what's the reference to?


/scotty doesn't know...
2004-12-20 02:39:38 PM  

/yields Trey Parker-Matt Stone photoshop to the experts
2004-12-20 02:39:52 PM  
My dad was supposed to have a job driving a zamboni when he was in high school. Never got the chance: the ice-rink's owner left a light on after showing Dad around, and the building burned down over night.

2004-12-20 02:39:57 PM  
Did it keep circling the ice?

*organ music playing in the background*
2004-12-20 02:40:12 PM  
well THAT blows any chance of an NHL hockey season....(i'm now picturing Van Damme in a Pittsburg Penguin Uniform..was that not just a nightmare from bad movies past?)
2004-12-20 02:40:32 PM  
My, that was a lame headline, of course this HAS been a lame day...
Not much funny shiat you can say about a flaming zamboni.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-12-20 02:40:49 PM  
2004-12-20 02:40:51 PM  
NHL players union says "That will teach them bums."
2004-12-20 02:41:11 PM  
I think the headline is referring to the Robert DiNero movie "The Great Zamboni".

///Great flick also starring Shelly Duval.
2004-12-20 02:41:45 PM  
an exploding zamboni's gotta qualify as at least a 10 minute major.
2004-12-20 02:45:42 PM  
My question is, is it a take off of "the roof is on fire" or is it a take off of a take off-- ie "Duluth, Duluth, Duluth is on fire!" Because if its the second, I'm impressed on the one hand for the cleverness, but It came to me like 10 minutes after I read the headline, so I don't know how effective that is..

If it's the former, then I claim credit for "Duluth, Duluth, Duluth is on fire," which probably shou1ld have been the actual headline when all was said and done...
2004-12-20 02:46:41 PM  
Feh, they already did this on Monster Garage -- what, are they running out of ideas already?
2004-12-20 02:47:05 PM  
MURPH - are you OK?
2004-12-20 02:47:50 PM  
What's the deal with the rainbow colored afro wigs?
2004-12-20 02:49:00 PM  
Yeah, that's gonna pretty much ruin the ice right there...
2004-12-20 02:49:08 PM  
Coolest ice resurfacing machine ever:
[image from too old to be available]

/Zamboni is a trademark, like Xerox, Kleenex, etc... TF discussion
2004-12-20 02:49:31 PM  
I like a little stromboli to go with my zamboni.
2004-12-20 02:49:43 PM  
We don't need no water let the motherfarker burn. Burn motherfarker......burn.

/What? No one thought of that bloodhound Gang?
2004-12-20 02:49:51 PM  
Broomball! - And you southern Yanks thought that curling was bizzare!
2004-12-20 02:50:22 PM  
Welcome to zamboni com.

You can do anything at zamboni com.
2004-12-20 02:52:05 PM  
Zamboni jump on it, jump on it, jump on it.
Custer, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it.
Apache, jump on it, jump on it, jump on it.

Submitter restarted the song in my head throughout the nineties, jump on it, jump on it.
I am going to lobotomize myself to make it stop jump on it jump on it,

Whooooah ho!!!
Kingosabee jump on it.
2004-12-20 02:52:10 PM  

The pic at that site is begging to be 'shopped.
2004-12-20 02:53:12 PM  
/What? No one thought of that bloodhound Gang?
No. You are the only one.
2004-12-20 02:55:34 PM  

Broom ball.

They got what they deserved.
2004-12-20 02:56:19 PM  
To all the Canadian Farkers who have little sympathy for American tradgedies, I bet this one hits a little bit close to home, huh?
2004-12-20 02:57:23 PM  
It took a little imagination, but yes, our friends up north discovered a way to burn down an ice rink.
2004-12-20 02:57:39 PM  
Der Löwe, der Löwe der Löwe ist los!
2004-12-20 02:58:39 PM  
Better headline: Zamboni explodes in Duluth. Gear Daddies wanted for questioning.

i wanna drive the zamboni:

Well I went down to the local arena
Asked to see the manager man
He came from his office, said, "Son can I help you?"
I looked at him and said, "Yes you can..."

I want to Drive the Zamboni...hey
I want to Drive the Zamboni...Yes I do!

Now ever since I was young it's been my dream
That I might drive a Zamboni machine
I'd get the ice just as slick as could be
And all the kids would look up to me

I want to drive the Zamboni...hey
I want to drive the Zamboni...Yes I do!

Now the manager said, "Son, I know it looks keen
But that right there is one expensive machine
And I've got Smokey who's been driving for years."
About that time I broke down in tears.

Cause I want to drive the Zamboni...hey
I want to drive the Zamboni...Yes I do
2004-12-20 02:58:49 PM  
Canadians would know how to maintain the zamboni and wouldn't be playing broomball!
/flame on!
2004-12-20 02:59:05 PM  
I hate jesse james, what prick.
2004-12-20 02:59:25 PM  
So how long did the Zamboni driver have to sit in the penalty box?

/tried to submit it with the headline "Your Zamboni a-splode", but it was already submitted
2004-12-20 02:59:39 PM  
***immediately goes out to buy bumper sticker stating, "My other car is a flaming zamboni."***
2004-12-20 03:01:02 PM  
BigTuna beat me to it. Yay submitter!
2004-12-20 03:03:32 PM  
You CAN get some cool stuff at

Cool, if you think shirts and models of Zambonis are cool.
2004-12-20 03:04:42 PM  
I think we should all take this as a sign from God that broomball is the stupidist game ever invented.
2004-12-20 03:08:24 PM  
Bob Dylan wanted for questioning.
2004-12-20 03:08:35 PM  
i used to drive a zamboni back in college. that was a cake job. pretty fun except when the 8-year olds waiting to get on the ice yelled at you for missing a spot.
2004-12-20 03:09:13 PM  
He was on the burning zamboni He was on the burning zamboni
He was on the burning zamboni He was on the burning zamboni
He was on the burning zamboni He was on the burning zamboni
He was on the burning zamboni He was on the burning zamboni
He was on the burning zamboni He was on the burning zamboni

/Gut reaction to headline only
//Alfred Bester wrote before word processors existed
2004-12-20 03:10:57 PM  
Broomball Rocks! We beat the hell out of the Scottsdale P.D. team. It's a good feeling to be able to get physical with the cops and not get arrested.
/for those of us in the Southwest who can't skate worth a shiat
2004-12-20 03:11:00 PM  

Looks like Martin Zellar is going to have to re-write some of the lyrics:

Now ever since I was young it's been my dream
That I might drive a Zamboni machine
I'd get the ice just as slick as could be
And the kids are burned by flaming debris

Yeah, I wanna drive a Zamboni
I wanna drive a Zamboni-i-i-... that won't blow up!
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