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(OverClocked Remix)   If it was a videogame tune in the 1980s or 1990s, there is likely an awesome, professional remix of it here. Keeping your childhood alive, one game at a time   ( divider line
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2004-12-18 9:36:11 AM  
You can list the mixes by games.

I highly suggest Game Over's "Punch Out" tune, as it is farking jawesome.
2004-12-18 10:20:29 AM  
wow, this website is really cool. I know these are remixes, but I remember dreamcast games having the best soundtracks.
2004-12-18 10:27:45 AM  
You should also check out for a band who does NES covers. Check out the songs on the front page. Who knew the NES could rock?
2004-12-18 11:10:07 AM  
Just give me "Pac-Man Fever" and I'll be happy.
2004-12-18 11:26:01 AM  
Oh, I love this site. I'm surprised that it hasn't been featured on Fark before. I suggest the remix of "4F73R M3" from DDR. Technically it shouldn't be on the site since it's from DDR, but it was made specifically for the game, so they allow it. It's one of my favorite songs of all time.
2004-12-18 11:34:52 AM  
I personally like the megaman 2 remixes by AE. Anything by Scott Peeples is good, too.
2004-12-18 11:43:51 AM  
I hope the submitter is the same person as the one who suggested this site in yesterday's CD copy-protection thread.

That's where I first heard of this site, and I'm guessing someone in the thread saw it and liked it too. It kind of sucks to have your links stolen away from you and greenlighted.

I'm surprised there weren't more Mortal Kombat remixes. The OC people have tossed out a lot of submissions, they said, but only one tune is way too few when there are no fewer than three Mortal Kombat-related full-length CDs that have been commerically released. I *love* the MK: Annihilation one.
2004-12-18 12:11:28 PM  
Great site. I've been a fan of OCR since it was relatively new (a few years I think). If you're a Super Metroid fan definitely check out Relics of the Chozo, a collaboration of several OCR remixers that represents the entire SM soundtrack in album form. Really cool stuff if you're a fan of the SM music.

...and while we're on the subject of Metrod music, check out Metroid Metal too...
2004-12-18 1:00:25 PM  
jabber, that was a good suggestion. btw, I like the selected song "quotes" on your profile. I really like that TMNT remix they have on the front page, the "Waste Water Wipeout" remix
2004-12-18 1:23:10 PM  
Submitter here. I never even imagined this would get greenlighted. I was posting it mostly for TFers, but imagine that. Glad it did get greenlighted.

I've been at OCR for years, on the forums I'm known as "Nekofrog", and everyone essentially hates me :)
2004-12-18 1:28:25 PM  
Again, I'd like to explain things. The front page has the newest mixes. There are literaly 1000+ mixes, all approved by a panel of judges consisting or professional and semi-professional judges. You can show mixes by game, composer (I REALLY suggest anything by Alisean), or alphabetacaly.

In any case, you'll almost never go wrong with anything. It has techno, rock, metal, orchestra, symphony, everything. The forums are a hoot, too... ... just be weary of UnMod.
2004-12-18 1:33:50 PM  
Oh, also, if you don't want to pick through, there are torrents for mixes 1-500, and 500-1000, and so on.
2004-12-18 3:54:16 PM  
Holy cool. Metroid_Brinstar_Theme_(Ben_Lewis_Mix)_OC_ReMix.mp3 really took me back.
2004-12-18 4:27:07 PM  
As good as that one is, there are far better ones. It's not that that one is bad, it's just mostly NSF sound font with a drum track. There are some truly amazing pieces on here, especially the orchestrated ones.
2004-12-18 5:00:14 PM  
check out the megaman 2 medley by the minibosses sometime. best music of any NES game.
2004-12-18 5:03:02 PM  
I highly recommend Trapezoid's Secret of Monkey Island 2 "Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul" remix for all of the Guybrush Threepwood fans out there.
2004-12-18 5:05:07 PM
2004-12-18 5:05:11 PM  
If you don't know which songs to try, try anything by Mazedude. Seriously, even when the source material is complete crap, he makes it into a kick ass song. And when the source song is good... well, see for yourself.
2004-12-18 5:06:07 PM  
Oh, and all the Doom remixes are really good. Download them now.
2004-12-18 5:09:03 PM  
Quake 2 has the best soundtrack ever.
2004-12-18 5:09:43 PM  
Yes, for doom, you absolutely HAVE to listen to This DOOM E1M8 tune. It is one of the best tunes on the site (of which there are hundreds of great ones).
2004-12-18 5:09:48 PM  
some must listens:

Super Buck Jazz by Entradasphere

Thelonius temple high

And then, when you want to listen to the same type of music, but with an awesome rock quartet, check out the minibosses.
2004-12-18 5:15:10 PM  
I'm going to spend the next several days getting all the Chrono Trigger remixes

(Why oh WHY did my CD burner have to die?)
2004-12-18 5:15:24 PM  
It's all about the Squaresoft game remixes.
2004-12-18 5:15:48 PM  
Damn you. Damn you all to hell.

Do you realize how LONG it took for me to finally eradicate some of that stuff from my head? Laying awake at night, can't sleep from the Dr. Mario or the Bug Hunt music being played over and over and over in my mind...

I wonder if there are remixes of music that was borrowed from elsewhere. I forget which level (thinking it's E3M1?) in DOOM uses its own remix of Pantera's "Mouth for War". This who sad Dimebag business has me looking for my old DOOM disks.
2004-12-18 5:19:29 PM  
I have my own site, a monthly competition for people to remix VG music into Marching Band or Drum Corps style, right now we're in our first month. It's gonna be pretty cool:
2004-12-18 5:20:13 PM  
okay, so how do i avoid clicking on the thousand or so links and just download *ALL* the music? who among thee is smart enough to grab them all and post a torrent somewhere?
2004-12-18 5:20:27 PM  
Anything by djpretzel rawks.

/Revival Day Impoetus is my favorite OCR song
//Has known about OCR for awhile
2004-12-18 5:20:30 PM  
I'd rather just play the actual games on my NES and SNES or on my PC with roms.. nothing's better than the real soundtracks.

2004-12-18 5:21:54 PM  
joe_bruin If you had bothered at all to even look at the other posts, or at the -least- search for the word torrent on it, you'd find you can do just that.
2004-12-18 5:22:36 PM  
I love this site. I have a bunch of the final fantasy tunes. I submitted this site to be posted a while ago, and I am glad this finally got on the main page.

So Voramyr you are THE nekofrog, eh?
2004-12-18 5:24:00 PM  
Does this have the Megaman remix they used in "How to Kill a Mockingbird"? That song got stuck in my head.
2004-12-18 5:24:26 PM  
Texa$ Do I have to spout off a stream of random obscenities followed by pictures of cats to prove it? :P
2004-12-18 5:25:33 PM  
nevermind, here it is:
2004-12-18 5:26:35 PM  

Nahh... I'm sure prot will run by and pick up the slack
2004-12-18 5:26:57 PM  
I just downloaded a bunch of the FFTactics and FFVII ones and put them in my SIMS2 music folder. So now my Sims can listen to them on the stereo and dance to them. Videogame characters enjoying music from other videogames.
2004-12-18 5:32:58 PM  
Iv'e wanted to try an emulator... now where do I find games ?
2004-12-18 5:35:22 PM  
Lemmings always had the best music. Interesting mixes, but I like the cheesy dance originals on the SNES
2004-12-18 5:35:35 PM  

Don't ask. Don't tell. Seriously if you want to know use google.
2004-12-18 5:38:10 PM  
Yeah, I love it when I'm directed to a new site and read boards full of people posting that they hope "the fark people" don't invade there site!

//from me, not them
2004-12-18 5:38:25 PM  
2004-12-18 5:46:23 PM  
Not the only game in town, but the best. VGMix is a bunch of morons who never even finish their projects. -Anyone- can submit stuff there, and there are no panels to keep crap from permeating.
2004-12-18 5:50:26 PM  
I like the forum part where the submitter brags about this being greenlit on FARK, and everyone in the forum bashing him for sending over FARK readers. "Fark Sucks," "Fark Readers are n00bs," et cetera. Submitter coming back and saying he had no idea it would be greenlit, was mainly posting it for TFer's. AAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

2004-12-18 5:52:02 PM  
2004-12-18 5:54:21 PM  
Just going to plug my favorite OCRemix. LetThereBeLight, by AmIEvil, a mix of Dustman's stage of Megaman 4.

So... damn... chilling.
2004-12-18 5:56:01 PM  
Thery're so cute when they're trying to cut us Farkers, Lite and Total, down. Like we don't have the power to pummel them into submission. Think we should?
2004-12-18 6:02:02 PM  
My favourite is Zelda 'Rabbit Joint Cover'. I first heard while playing Flash Flash revoluction and I instantly liked it.
2004-12-18 6:02:07 PM  

OCR is a bunch of morons for having a painfully slow submission/judgment process. Songs will sit in the queue forever, and they're way too much into Squaresoft music like the rest of the damn VGM-listening community. At least with VGMix you get a nice variety of mixes from all sorts of games and genres, and a lot of skilled mixers providing constructive criticism for those who submit sub-par songs.

And it's probably been mentioned above about a dozen times, but where the fark has everyone been? OCR's been around forever.
2004-12-18 6:02:53 PM  
Bicycle Seat

Check the dates. I said all that before I was bashed. In fact, I bashed farkers before everyone else started to as well.

Jeeze, some people don't even know how to read.
2004-12-18 6:04:03 PM  

Except you don't have that power. Slashdot already tried, they failed.
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