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(YouTube) Audio Subby has been listening to Pink Floyd's "Fearless" on repeat at work since this morning. What song(s) can you listen to endlessly?   ( divider line
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136 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 07 Dec 2022 at 4:50 PM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-12-07 2:32:07 PM  
Hah - I google the song name and my own damn comment is #5

Joue tzigane (Poj Zyganka)
Youtube jLYRP1s5bEI

"Dance, Gypsy"
2022-12-07 2:39:12 PM  
I love San Tropez from Meddle.

My band used to do a cover of it.
2022-12-07 2:42:35 PM  
More of a vibe/atmosphere than a particular song. Jr played in an open G drone. I get lost in it. 
Junior Kimbrough - Most Things Haven't Worked Out (Full Album)
Youtube Yjm5zB-czsc
2022-12-07 2:48:49 PM  
Also, to anybody talking smack about The Black Keys, listen to Chulahoma. High praise. 
Junior's Widow
Youtube fN_bnkN9i7k
2022-12-07 2:55:35 PM  
2022-12-07 3:05:03 PM  
The entirety of Seal's first album. And KLF Chill Out.  And most PF.
2022-12-07 3:15:03 PM  
Zëss by Magma.
2022-12-07 3:15:43 PM  

On a kazoo.

While high.
2022-12-07 3:16:34 PM  
The whole Division Bell album.
2022-12-07 3:18:36 PM  
Most of Shriekback's work
All of Love & Rockets
All of Pink Floyd
All of Elephant tree, particularly

Elephant Tree "Aphotic Blues"
Youtube 3oulCRHSm9c

....heck, pretty much everything in my collection except the most brutal technical death metal, and that album of Russian folk songs that I bought out of idle curiosity.
2022-12-07 3:32:57 PM  
(10hours) Lamb chop song that never ends
Youtube 0U2zJOryHKQ
2022-12-07 3:55:14 PM  
Rasputin by Boney M.
2022-12-07 4:11:10 PM  
Lately I've been entranced by Nightwish's The Greatest Show on Earth

NIGHTWISH - The Greatest Show on Earth (with Richard Dawkins) (OFFICIAL LIVE)
Youtube qrMwxe2ya5E
2022-12-07 4:21:15 PM  

Moroning: The whole Division Bell album.

It's a really good album. I love it.
2022-12-07 4:21:42 PM  

Torion!: Echoes

all 23 minutes of it?

Good for you!
2022-12-07 4:27:24 PM  

steklo: Moroning: The whole Division Bell album.

It's a really good album. I love it.

Agreed.  It's my 4th favorite PF album (WYWH, Animals and DSotM are 1, 2 3 for me)
2022-12-07 4:50:31 PM  
Herb Alpert - Rise
Youtube q7O3eYJptTc
2022-12-07 5:00:34 PM  
Shame, Shame, Shame - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Youtube 7SB9uHjHVuc
2022-12-07 5:05:32 PM  
Youtube hZJRJpbGkG4

Edwin Starr - War
2022-12-07 5:14:58 PM  
Baby Shark (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
Youtube POdbe-_bYbs

OK, not really. But I can listen to this version by him because he's a farking blast. Everything Leo does is excellent, and his kid is adorable when she's in the videos.

But the songs I listen to frequently change. I seem to always be up for Paradise By The Dashboard Light, I Would Do Anything For Love (But I won't Do That), Xanadu, Come Dancing, and a few others.
2022-12-07 5:15:58 PM  
OK, one more. This one I can listen to a couple of times a day this time of year. And these guys are farking awesome. They totally nail (The song)Fat Bottom Girls, as well.

Small Town Titans - "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" - Official Video
Youtube -cUz-zAATNI
2022-12-07 5:25:16 PM  
Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come (Official Lyric Video)
Youtube wEBlaMOmKV4

Also Plus Too: The Aretha version of same.
2022-12-07 5:29:45 PM  
I love listening to that one techno song that goes oontz oontz oontz oontz.
2022-12-07 5:33:18 PM  
Faith No More - Midlife Crisis (Official Music Video) [4K]
Youtube U8b88US-6ts
2022-12-07 5:35:27 PM  
Al Stewart - Year of the Cat (Official Audio)
Youtube Ak_MTXQALa0

Hope this shows up above.  It was the song that perfectly suited my first true love.  She was taken from me and this life way too early.  The song makes everything about her come rushing back and for but a moment, she's with me again.
2022-12-07 5:43:07 PM  
Moanin' - Bobby Timmons
Youtube cNjRQo-zpKA
2022-12-07 5:43:53 PM  
Moar Floyd. Time is one I never get sick of, or for that matter, pretty much all of DSOTM.
2022-12-07 5:45:11 PM  

Only You Can See This: [iFrame]

Hope this shows up above.  It was the song that perfectly suited my first true love.  She was taken from me and this life way too early.  The song makes everything about her come rushing back and for but a moment, she's with me again.

Beautiful song and the lyrics were just so...striking when it came out, like nobody else.
2022-12-07 5:52:20 PM  

Torion!: Echoes

I took a ferry from Brindisi to Greece. They pulled away from the dock at sundown, and blasted that over and over for a couple hours. Bliss!
2022-12-07 5:53:21 PM  
Entire albums for me.
Last year, I'm pretty sure I played Kosheen: Resist, Lhasa: The Living Road, and Medicine: Shot Forth Self Living at least once a week each.
2022-12-07 6:25:13 PM  
Where's the Walrus?
Youtube lXznDZBneMw
2022-12-07 6:26:08 PM  

Alan Walker - Faded - LYRICS
Youtube 7CCXbFq-esM

The question persists, no matter where I am.
2022-12-07 6:32:04 PM  
The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
Youtube s11BuatTuXk
2022-12-07 6:32:40 PM  
Not endlessly, but I have this CD somewhere:
Fark user imageView Full Size

1:  21st Century Schizoid Man (Edit) 4:44
2:  21st Century Schizoid Man (Original Version) 6:53
3:  21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 1969) 7:25
4:  21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 1972) 11:28
5:  21st Century Schizoid Man (Live 1974) 8:19

And this too:

Fark user imageView Full Size
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-12-07 6:33:03 PM  
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody (High Quality)
Youtube qiiyq2xrSI0
2022-12-07 6:34:04 PM  
Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room (She Wore Red Dresses)
Youtube flNf3zQv1h8
2022-12-07 6:35:18 PM  
Absolutely Sweet Marie
Youtube aKqQJuJqN6Q
2022-12-07 6:35:28 PM  
Warren Zevon - Accidentally Like A Martyr
Youtube N5iwWQ9KB_U
2022-12-07 6:37:14 PM  
Warren Zevon - Run Straight Down
Youtube X7ZWu0l2Xok

/zevonphile sue me each posted  just recent
2022-12-07 6:40:18 PM  
Holst's Jupiter is just fine on repeat

Gustav Holst - Jupiter
Youtube Gu77Vtja30c
2022-12-07 6:55:13 PM  
One of those songs I never skip on my way to work is Disco Science.

Mirwais - Disco Science (Snatch OST) [AUDIO]
Youtube bwovoqb6TuQ

I think if I had to listen to it endlessly.... I dunno what I might do.  Save the world, go into building on fire, go against Codename 47, the options are specific and yet, endless.
2022-12-07 6:57:44 PM  
Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Youtube qRIwQ4ENwIs
2022-12-07 7:03:52 PM  
Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene and Equinoxe albums were my DSotM in college
2022-12-07 7:13:33 PM  
Nothing. I have 270 weeks of music on my playlist for a reason, and that reason is I farking hate hearing repeats.
2022-12-07 7:24:09 PM  
She Makes War - Stargazing
Youtube VTKLKb1S0Io
2022-12-07 8:05:14 PM  
Most anything in my collection, especially the Weird Al, even the deep cuts, or Alice Cooper, or Meat Loaf, or even KISS.  If I have it on a playlist, I can listen to it for ages, that's why it's on there.
2022-12-07 8:11:16 PM  
The Last Resort (2013 Remaster)
Youtube 4ETN21RZwwI
2022-12-07 8:12:10 PM  
I can listen to this any time.  Joe Callicott just picked up a guitar and sat down on his front porch.
Joe Callicott - Frankie And Albert
Youtube AQDmhyxv45E
2022-12-07 8:26:58 PM  
It Never Rains
Youtube MyA_ib0sReY
2022-12-07 9:04:44 PM  
Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt"
Aurora "Everything Matters"
Shreikback "Underwaterboys"
Tabla Beat Science: The entire Live In San Fancisco album.
Karnamrita "Story of Pingala"
Nena "99 Luftballons"
Other stuff I can't recall.
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