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(WREG Memphis)   I thought renting out a cock and a couple hens was British slang for prostitution which explains the awkward bachelor party   ( divider line
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2157 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Dec 2022 at 5:30 PM (15 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-12-06 5:32:34 PM  
Don't care. Had sex.

And also eggs for breakfast.
2022-12-06 5:35:05 PM  
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2022-12-06 5:36:11 PM  
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2022-12-06 5:40:26 PM  
Thunderheist - 'Jerk It' | Future Shorts
Youtube DadQgI-OHSI
2022-12-06 5:40:42 PM  
I rent chicken from Taco Bell when I get really drunk.
2022-12-06 5:54:44 PM  
This is the stupidest thing I've read on Fark in a long time....and this is Fark!  The coop they rent for $485 for 6 months is $210 on Amazon.  You can buy an egg laying hen for $30 in their hometown at TSC.  You have to pay the entire $485 upfront.  You are supposed to rent something that either 1)you cannot afford to purchase or 2)the value depreciates.  On 1 - you can buy everything for half of what you are paying to rent and you can keep the chickens/coop after 6 months.  On 2 - The chicken will still be worth $30 after 6 months.
2022-12-06 5:56:13 PM  
You Can't Kill the Rooster
2022-12-06 6:00:11 PM  
"My Mom was a rental chicken"
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2022-12-06 6:10:59 PM  
Keep on renting that chicken.
2022-12-06 6:11:10 PM  
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2022-12-06 6:15:08 PM  
The Fools - Psycho Chicken (1980)
Youtube UnBlst3T7bY
2022-12-06 6:18:21 PM  
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2022-12-06 6:44:31 PM  
I like guinea hen I'd rent one of those and chase it around for a bit
2022-12-06 7:00:40 PM  
Chickens are personal

"It's not chickens, Sonny, it's strictly business"

Nah, chickens aren't personal.
2022-12-06 7:42:48 PM  
One interpretation does not preclude the other interpretation.
2022-12-06 8:28:05 PM  
Whoa, I just went waaaaay down the rabbit hole for this one.

Started with checking out chicken rentals in Calgary, which is like, $600, so then figured I can build a coop for the same money.

Then I read all about the license requirements here and scoffed at some of the requirements (3' deep fence poles, like the same requirements as a real fence here, a few other things that bugged me that I've already forgotten) and  then my wife got home and ruined the fantasy.

It turns out you have to collect the eggs and feed the bird things daily, I was into it like, every third day or so for chores...

Still would do it if I had neighbourhood kids to help while I was away or something...
2022-12-06 8:39:58 PM  
Alice In Chains - Rooster (Official HD Video)
Youtube uAE6Il6OTcs
2022-12-06 8:40:31 PM  
Also, let's not forget - let's NOT forget, Dude - that renting domesticated animals, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city - that probably ain't legal.
2022-12-06 9:39:07 PM  

special20: Keep on renting that chicken.

Like they say in Texas: If you can fry it, float it, or fark it - rent it.
2022-12-07 12:17:13 AM  
laugh away fart face but I made my first million on 800-RENT-A-DOG. Everyone wants a puppy at Xmas then a week later they're tired of the urine stank and shiat stains.
2022-12-07 1:38:56 AM  
Very different than renting out a cock, two pullet
2022-12-07 3:26:22 AM  
Green Acres did it first.

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2022-12-07 11:50:17 AM  

bughunter: special20: Keep on renting that chicken.

Like they say in Texas: If you can fry it, float it, or fark it - rent it.

Yeah, nobody in Texas says that.
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