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(MPR News)   Sharpen your puns: MN DOT is taking submissions for the next crop of snow plow names   ( divider line
    More: PSA, Betty White, The Golden Girls, Mary Tyler Moore, third year of the contest, last winter's tribute, snowplow names, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Minnesota Department of Transportation  
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2022-12-05 3:12:40 PM  
Songbird, for Christine McVie
2022-12-05 3:43:45 PM  
Leeroy Jenkins, or Plowy McPlowface

/old memes never die
2022-12-05 3:51:04 PM  
I.C. Weener
2022-12-05 3:51:43 PM  
One scoop and two scoops.  If there is anyone who would know about moving snow.
2022-12-05 3:53:48 PM  
I know the guy who officially gave a GI Joe character the name Snow Job:

surveillanceport.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2022-12-05 3:55:26 PM  

giantmeteor: Leeroy Jenkins, or Plowy McPlowface

/old memes never die

Up here in WA, we have Plowie McPlow Plow, along with Sir Plows-A-Lot, The Big Leplowski, and Betty Whiteout (which is apparently also the name of a plow in MN).
2022-12-05 3:57:00 PM  
Edward Snowden?
2022-12-05 3:57:04 PM  
"Do You Know What the Street Value of This Mountain Is?!"
2022-12-05 3:58:13 PM  
Call it Mr. Plow,
That's it's name.
That name again is Mr. Plow.
2022-12-05 3:59:56 PM  
2022-12-05 4:00:23 PM  
Plow! Right in the Kisser.
2022-12-05 4:01:15 PM  

KoolerThanJesus: Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowed-in
2022-12-05 4:01:23 PM  
Make Snobegon
2022-12-05 4:02:57 PM  
Scrapeomatic 3000.
2022-12-05 4:02:57 PM  

/Have only seen the movie.
2022-12-05 4:03:20 PM  
My suggestion (all of it): "On the night of their betrothal, the wife shall open to the man as the drift to the snow plow and he shall work in her, in and again, 'til she bring him to his fall and rest him then upon the sweat of her breast"

i.imgflip.comView Full Size
2022-12-05 4:03:45 PM  
Is Edward SnowdIn too on the nose?
2022-12-05 4:04:32 PM  
Marilyn Monsnow?
2022-12-05 4:04:34 PM  
img.apmcdn.orgView Full Size
2022-12-05 4:05:31 PM  
Plow Tse-tung
2022-12-05 4:08:02 PM  

Rage Against the Thorazine: Plow Tse-tung

Ploa Tzu - The Art of Snow
2022-12-05 4:08:51 PM  

Calehedron: Rage Against the Thorazine: Plow Tse-tung

Ploa Plao Tzu - The Art of Snow

2022-12-05 4:12:28 PM  
Ski-Wee Berm man.
2022-12-05 4:13:03 PM  
No Plowy McPlowface? fark, I am disappoint
2022-12-05 4:15:31 PM  
2022-12-05 4:16:53 PM  
Snope Lao Che

i.ytimg.comView Full Size
2022-12-05 4:17:04 PM  
Snowpack Shakur
2022-12-05 4:18:50 PM  
Have they done Gene Masseth yet or is that only allowed in North Dakota?
2022-12-05 4:19:19 PM  

It needs a paisley paint job with those Mike Douglas Show asterisk-flowers all over it, and maybe some secret windows you can open up and tell stupid jokes from, like Laugh-In.

And it would always reek of weed.
2022-12-05 4:19:57 PM  
2022-12-05 4:21:53 PM  
Sno Rida
2022-12-05 4:22:04 PM  
I'm guessing White Plower is already in use.
2022-12-05 4:22:17 PM  
Abominable Snow Plow
Scraping the Bottom
A-salt and Battery
Auntie Freeze
2022-12-05 4:23:07 PM  
Hustle & Snow

Kool Snow Dee
2022-12-05 4:23:15 PM  
2022-12-05 4:26:06 PM  


(sorry for the Hanson earworm)
2022-12-05 4:29:50 PM  
Fark Snow
2022-12-05 4:30:04 PM  

Publikwerks: No Plowy McPlowface? fark, I am disappoint

They already have one called that
2022-12-05 4:30:31 PM  
There's No Business Like Snow Business
2022-12-05 4:34:29 PM  
Pinball Blizzard
2022-12-05 4:34:43 PM  

Calehedron: Calehedron: Rage Against the Thorazine: Plow Tse-tung

Ploa Plao Tzu - The Art of Snow


Chairman Plao

Tony Plow (RIP Wally Cleaver)
Gordie Plow
How Soon Is Plow?
Plao Ming
2022-12-05 4:35:20 PM  
Name them after celebrity coke heads. name a plow Artie Lange.
2022-12-05 4:35:36 PM  
I think Coke Bear would be a good one to slip under the radar.
2022-12-05 4:36:11 PM  
Snow Away, Batin'
2022-12-05 4:36:51 PM  
Chitty Chitty Bang Plow
2022-12-05 4:39:51 PM  
How Now Brown Plow
Plowton Abbey
Clam Plowder
2022-12-05 4:40:02 PM  
Ice-melt Ice-melt, Baby.
2022-12-05 4:40:32 PM  

/ got nuthin'
// name it Ozzy, he was at the top of his game during Blizzard
2022-12-05 4:41:08 PM  
Paging farker Burn_The_Plows.
2022-12-05 4:42:16 PM  
I Wish iat Was Summer
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