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(CNN)   27 college dropouts among 497 billionaires in the world.   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2002-03-01 11:43:50 AM  
I guess you have more of a chance if you stay in school?
2002-03-01 11:44:45 AM  
nobody said you had to go to college to be smart. those who think that are, uh, dumb.
2002-03-01 11:44:49 AM  
GREAT!!!!!! I still have a chance.
2002-03-01 11:45:33 AM  
GREAT!!!....and i still dont care
2002-03-01 11:46:33 AM  
[image from 007database.com too old to be available]
And I'm one of 'em!

Oh, Joe Don.
2002-03-01 11:46:48 AM  
That you have have much of a chance. Unless you happen to be born with money. Let see, there are a 2 buillionaires I can think of who came from poor families. Ted Tunner, and Bill Gates. Maybe there are a couple more, but getting to billionair status is just an "american dream".
2002-03-01 11:47:48 AM  
U2dchi: "nobody said you had to go to college to be smart. those who think that are, uh, dumb."
Do the math... If you dropped out, you are only 1/20th as likely to be a bad-ass rich American.
2002-03-01 11:48:12 AM  
while five heirs of the Wal-Mart fortune created by founder Sam Walton rounded out the top 10
These mofos didn't even do anything, they just happened to be the grandchildren of a man who worked his ass off. If I make it rich I ain't giving my family shiat, I am spending it all.
2002-03-01 11:49:53 AM  
Bill gates comes from a wealthy family.
2002-03-01 11:51:05 AM  
One of the bigger losers was CNN founder Ted Turner, now a vice chairman at AOL Time Warner, whose net worth was cut in half to $3.8 billion. Sorry but shiat like this pisses me off. If losing half your income and still being a billionaire is a loser then sign my broke, guvment cheese eating ass up.
2002-03-01 11:51:10 AM  
What? college != rich? That's a good reason to start making a high school diploma mean something. As things stand they should just give them out at birth, like birth certificates and Social Security cards.
2002-03-01 11:52:27 AM  
pfft... College and university is not a requirement for being successful. I haven't attended either. I decided my profession and went to work. All the university degrees in the world can't compare to the same amount of good hard experience. Life and death professions like doctors are the exception.
2002-03-01 11:53:17 AM  
I'm a college dropout and I've cried a billion tears. Is that the same? I can't tell (my aglerba is rustie).
2002-03-01 11:53:42 AM  
9 out of the 9 homeless guys outside my office are college dropouts.

My "American Dream" is actually an omlette made with 3 kinds of cheese.

Now, back to putting the lotion in the basket.
2002-03-01 11:53:47 AM  
And even then, Meshman, the best-educated doctor has to learn from experience. Why do you think that they "practice" medicine?
2002-03-01 11:58:09 AM  
And 470 college graduates.
2002-03-01 12:02:20 PM  
MisterSparkle: Precious!
2002-03-01 12:03:46 PM  
87. Warner, H. Ty, United States, 58, $4.0, Beanie Babies
2002-03-01 12:08:11 PM  
And the individual voted by the others to be kicked off the Island: Larry Ellison!
2002-03-01 12:12:15 PM  
i agree, you dont need a college degree to make good money
2002-03-01 12:15:11 PM  
Where's the count of GED Billionaires?
2002-03-01 12:22:07 PM  
50+ billion!?! geez...Hey Bill, throw me a million, willya?
2002-03-01 12:23:02 PM  
Well it follows logically that if 5% of billionaires are college dropouts, then the other 95% must at least make six figures.
2002-03-01 12:25:40 PM  
Did drew make the list?
2002-03-01 12:27:26 PM  
I guess there is still hope for my old roomie from freshmen year.
2002-03-01 12:30:35 PM  
2002-03-01 12:32:41 PM  
Wealth Tax!
2002-03-01 12:39:32 PM  
thanks for doing the math for me, Shuh! you are smart!
2002-03-01 12:41:16 PM  
what's college?
2002-03-01 01:01:27 PM  
Not only does Bill Gates come from a wealthy family, he had a million-dollar-a-year trust fund from his family before he went to Harvard. He could afford to drop out and start Microsoft.

And in case anyone doesn't know, he got the IBM deal for MS-DOS because his mother was friends with a bunch of IBM folks and said "Oh, my son Bill can get you an operating system faster than Digital Research can..."

It's like George W. Family connections and ruthlessness are what makes for riches, not business skills.
2002-03-01 01:20:23 PM  
I wonder what percentage of the World's billionaires smoke weed?
I'd guess at least 50%/
2002-03-01 01:29:56 PM  
Some of you people piss me off (Meta). Does it really matter whether or not Bill Gates' parents had money or connections? If he wasn't brilliant he couldn't have supplied them with the OS. Unless you inheret the billions then you earned them through hard work and/or genius. Yeah MicroSoft has done some really shifty things but Bill Gates is still a genius. All you people who cry that he got where he is because his parents are rich are shutting your eyes to the fact that he has a good (at least adequate) product and excellent marketers.
2002-03-01 01:40:50 PM  
27 billionaires out of the millions that drop out is such a miniscule percentage it's not even worth considering.
2002-03-01 01:44:17 PM  
I am a high school drop out... does that mean i will be a multi-millionaire.

oh yeah, gates can kiss my ass
2002-03-01 02:01:27 PM  
It will put the lotion in the basket, or it will get the hose!
2002-03-01 02:02:01 PM  
That's funny, I'd fark you too...
2002-03-01 02:03:00 PM  
Sigh. Back button didn't work fast enough... I'm still working on the inner monologue Mytwocents, sorry.
2002-03-01 02:13:26 PM  
Don't get possessive, Cotb. We'd all fark Mytwocents.
2002-03-01 02:20:35 PM  
i like to use lotion while i fark
2002-03-01 02:25:10 PM  
So, you put the lotion in the basket and then give yourself the hose?
2002-03-01 02:28:23 PM  
03-01-02 01:59:35 PM Mytwocents
"and continuing with that.... "I'd fark me""

And a lot of us would pay good money for pictures of that, Hell, I'd pay bad money for that.
2002-03-01 02:29:31 PM  
03-01-02 02:25:10 PM Cotb
"So, you put the lotion in the basket and then give yourself the hose? "

No...You put the lotion on the hose...
2002-03-01 02:30:25 PM  
fvck. is it too late to drop out? I finished college ten years ago.
2002-03-01 02:33:28 PM  
Maybe Scottsdale isn't such a bad place afterall.....*s*
2002-03-01 02:33:53 PM  
OT: I actually have no desire to fark mytwocents. I prefer my girlfriend, who actually has a face. Dunno. I guess I'm funny, but I like the women with faces.

On-Topic: I think the point about Satan Bill Gates is that he could drop out of school and still have the opportunities. Having rich parents doesnt make you smarter or better at anything. However, it creates opportunities that other people will simply never have.

As for the debate of college v. experience, I think you'll find that a degree is beneficial in many more jobs than you think. Its damn hard to find a decent job as a coder now without a degree. Why does it matter? It's proof that I have been taught certain things, but more importantly, its proof that I have the ability to follow through. Not having a degree does say that you dont have these things, and having a degree doesnt guarantee that you do, either. Being an MCSE doesnt mean you can code worth a damn, but it proves you know something (and no... i have no MCSE).

I want to know how many billionaires come from truly middle-class or lower families. And how many of those college dropouts were supported by rich families. I'll even state that all of the college dropouts are obviously good at what the do, but I doubt many of them would have gotten anywhere without rich families (if that is the case).

2002-03-01 02:37:59 PM  
I wonder if Forbes had a list of the Top 100 poor people, how many would be college dropouts ?
2002-03-01 02:46:54 PM  
gates can fark off
2002-03-01 02:48:10 PM  
MTC: Besides being a hottie, you seem pretty cool. Just out of curiousity, are you seeing anyone? You appear to be a lot of fun so i can't imagine you being single.

2002-03-01 02:48:15 PM  
gates can go fark himself
2002-03-01 02:56:46 PM  
Soupgoblin: On the hose... right, sorry... Precious.

Skinink: Think it would be hard to find the poorest person in America? Seems like there might be a bunch of folks tied for 1st there...

#: Why don't you post a picture of your girlfriend here. Maybe we'd prefer to fark her, too.
So, I'm missing one small point... You're saying having an MCSE without a degree is good or bad? Or are you just equating having an MCSE to having a degree?
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