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(Fark)   Change the title of a non-Christmas movie, TV show or book to make Christmas: Clear and Present Manger, Human Santapede   ( divider line
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83 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 03 Dec 2022 at 5:35 PM (7 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-12-03 3:23:56 PM  
2 Santas 1 Chimney
2022-12-03 3:30:14 PM  
Snow Crèche
2022-12-03 3:38:08 PM  
Star Trek the Wreath of Khan
2022-12-03 3:43:31 PM  
In the Presents of Mine Enemies
2022-12-03 3:48:28 PM  
Santa does Dallas.
2022-12-03 3:50:41 PM  
Rebel without a Claus

Rudolph Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

The Dirty Dozen Christmas Cookies
2022-12-03 3:52:41 PM  
when harry met santa
2022-12-03 3:54:17 PM  
I'll have what she's having.
2022-12-03 3:54:29 PM  
A Clockwork Red.
Fritz the Reindeer
2022-12-03 4:03:49 PM  
The Elf of Wall Street
Santa: Let There Be Carnage
Rudolph and Miri Make a Porno
No Country for Old Snow Men
Kill Noel: Volume 1
Everything Everywhere All at Christmas
2022-12-03 4:04:55 PM  

scottydoesntknow: The Elf of Wall Street
Santa: Let There Be Carnage
Rudolph and Miri Make a Porno
No Country for Old Snow Men
Kill Noel: Volume 1
Everything Everywhere All at Christmas

Agh! I should've done Vixen: Let There Be Carnage!

Then I could do Santa and Miri Make a Porno!

/Was trying not to reuse characters
2022-12-03 4:06:11 PM  
Ohh! The 40-Year-Old Holy Virgin!
2022-12-03 4:08:34 PM  
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Christmas Sweater
2022-12-03 4:08:58 PM  

scottydoesntknow: Kill Noel: Volume 1

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2022-12-03 4:16:06 PM  
Good Will Hunting for the Perfect Gift
2022-12-03 4:17:28 PM  
Cocaine Reindeer
Teen Titans Go! To the North Pole
Elvish Space
Santa and The Bandit
2022-12-03 4:19:04 PM  
Star Trek Christmas Special
2022-12-03 4:21:12 PM  
Snowpocalypse Now
2022-12-03 4:22:29 PM  
The Reindeer Hunter
2022-12-03 4:23:51 PM  
Marathon Gingerbread Man
All the President's Elves
2022-12-03 4:26:26 PM  
High Plains Gifter
2022-12-03 4:33:05 PM  
Pirates of the Caribbean.  On stranger yuletides.
2022-12-03 4:35:48 PM  
Three men and a baby
2022-12-03 4:36:22 PM  
Young Frankincense
2022-12-03 4:41:22 PM  
Hateful Eight: Hanukkah socks again?
2022-12-03 4:42:24 PM  
Son of God: Zilla
2022-12-03 4:42:52 PM  
Midnight Claus-boy

/"Hey, I'm wassailing here!"
2022-12-03 4:46:22 PM  

zedster: Hateful Eight: Hanukkah socks again?

Hateful Eight Crazy Nights
2022-12-03 5:00:16 PM  
Schindler's Naughty or Nice List
2022-12-03 5:03:03 PM  

Circusdog320: Star Trek the Wreath of Khan

Star Trek: First Noel
2022-12-03 5:05:31 PM  
The Lord of the Wreaths:

The Fellowship of the Wreath
The Two Turtledoves
The Return of the King of Kings

/Sorry for the repost.
2022-12-03 5:09:15 PM  
Citizen Candy Cane
2022-12-03 5:11:38 PM  
In the Heat of the Night Before Christmas
2022-12-03 5:11:50 PM  
Santa Dearest
2022-12-03 5:12:57 PM  
The Silence of the Elves
2022-12-03 5:15:56 PM  
Moby Dick's Sporting Goods Doorbuster Black Friday Deals
2022-12-03 5:25:53 PM  
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men
2022-12-03 5:27:19 PM  
Forrest Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum
2022-12-03 5:27:59 PM  
Cast Away in a Manger
2022-12-03 5:28:17 PM  
The Little Drummer Boyz n the Hood
2022-12-03 5:28:30 PM  
The Hunt for White Christmas
2022-12-03 5:32:06 PM  
North and South Poles
2022-12-03 5:33:30 PM  
A Hard Day's Night Before Christmas
2022-12-03 5:35:34 PM  
Alice In Winter Wonderland
2022-12-03 5:39:01 PM  
Two Yules for Sister Sara
2022-12-03 5:39:07 PM  
It's a Wonderful Gift.
2022-12-03 5:45:03 PM  
The Sound of Christmas Music.
2022-12-03 5:49:45 PM  
Since we were talking about one of Kevin Smith's movies recently...

2022-12-03 5:57:06 PM  
Grandma, Got Gangbagged By The Reindeer
2022-12-03 6:26:29 PM  
Snow Hard

Snow Hard 2: Snow Harder
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