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(Some Guy)   Aw, isn't that cute. A dog driving a car. And look there's a baby driving a bus   ( divider line
    More: Scary, Automobile, Kilgore police, steering column, guilty look, Kilgore Police Department, KILGORE, unoccupied car, reckless driver  
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2113 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Dec 2022 at 6:09 PM (9 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-12-02 4:42:20 PM  
They act like they know what they're doing, but they really suck at it.
2022-12-02 6:11:23 PM  

Lambskincoat: They act like they know what they're doing, but they really suck at it.

Just don't let the pigeon drive the bus.
2022-12-02 6:12:49 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:13:28 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:14:31 PM  

Lambskincoat: They act like they know what they're doing, but they really suck at it.

That's humans
2022-12-02 6:14:54 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:16:40 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:17:55 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:18:55 PM  
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2022-12-02 6:24:48 PM  
People think the future will have arrived when we have flying cars.

Rather, the future will have arrived when dogs are driving the flying cars.

We should perhaps focus a bit less on technology and more on evolving the dog.

Dogs are pretty tuned-in to the Three Laws of Robotics. They're not perfect at it, but we can help them to help us.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is dogs.
2022-12-02 6:25:12 PM  
I'd tell that guy to buy a better truck but maybe he should just give his fur buddy more steak instead.

/damage to the steering column was probably from a car theft
//maybe find the thief and let the dog turn him into steak?
2022-12-02 6:27:48 PM  
Well done with the headline, Subby. You also get bonus points for bringing up good memories!
2022-12-02 6:27:55 PM  
FedEx delivered our Chewey order today. We are in the middle of nowhere. I was outside with my youngest putting out xmas lights. I saw the FedEx driver had her dog with her. Told my daughter to run inside to get dog treats before the driver's copilot.

Sadie was the copilots name. She got treat. Seeing as we have 3 dogs, and in the middle of nowhere i told the driver if she comes around again and sadie needs a bio break to use my lawn,  because our dogs go there too.
2022-12-02 6:30:45 PM  
According to the stickers I've seen, Dog is better as the co-pilot
2022-12-02 6:58:43 PM  
It doesn't sound feasible but an eyewitness saw the pooch behind the wheel just before the crash. He certainly has a guilty look on his face

Meanwhile a cat would like, what are you looking at me for? Clean it up like you do my poop.
2022-12-02 7:07:57 PM  
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2022-12-02 7:32:05 PM  
Dog don't own a car.

God Don't Own A Car
Youtube _bCkNWAtocM

/he'd rather take the bus
2022-12-02 8:06:05 PM  
"Sadie, your husband is out chasing younger women!"
"And why should I care? Dogs chase cars, but when they catch them do they drive?"

Maybe we'd better reconsider that punchline
2022-12-02 8:22:06 PM  
Maggie Drives Homer's Car
Youtube J40nG10RzrA

Spin on an old favorite. Time for a crime spree!
2022-12-02 8:30:28 PM  
Bear driving car
Youtube pBw7KE8wDSo
2022-12-02 8:34:30 PM  
I used to work at a really old pub at a highway crossroads. We had a picture on the wall from 1944 of five guys with pints. In 2008 those five guys still came in, every morning at 11ish. They each drank 6ish bottles of bud over a couple hours. The main dude frequently left his dog in the car (weather permitting).
We all knew that legally the server and bar would be liable if they crashed.
"Its ok" the leader of their group said one day, "Rover always drives me home."
2022-12-02 9:16:13 PM  
It's more efficient than trying to run people down on one of these.

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2022-12-02 10:07:17 PM  
st.myideasoft.comView Full Size

Was it a getaway bus?
2022-12-03 12:19:44 AM  
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