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2002-03-01 10:04:12 AM  
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2002-03-01 10:05:40 AM  
Go pot go!
2002-03-01 10:06:06 AM  
2002-03-01 10:06:56 AM  
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
2002-03-01 10:07:31 AM  
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about this, is that the common hemp plant, if propagated, destroys the THC in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Not to mention it's a ditch weed.
2002-03-01 10:07:44 AM  
This mean we can light up now? Well legally atleast.
2002-03-01 10:10:24 AM  
Everytime I read the worlds 'real media' I have to rush to the toilet to take a massive runny, burning shiat for some reason.
2002-03-01 10:15:34 AM  
server overload...after 201 hits

time to make the donuts
2002-03-01 10:16:06 AM  
dude, that's nothing, i know for a fact that willie nelson and jimmie carter smoked weed together, and Dupont blah bleh blah blah blah bleh bleh </annoying farking know it all stoner w/ a ponytail>
2002-03-01 10:16:50 AM  
Who invented Reefer madness anyway?

Prolly a bunch of beer drinking rednecks.
2002-03-01 10:16:50 AM  
[image from alt.superstation.com too old to be available]
Go ahead, smoke your dope. I'll see you in jail when I sodomize ya with the business end of a pool cue.

Dammit Joe Don! Cut it out!
2002-03-01 10:17:15 AM  
"Producer of Marihuana"!

Where can I get one of those certificates?
2002-03-01 10:18:35 AM  
This movie sucks, but the sound track is kick ass!
2002-03-01 10:18:42 AM  
Where's Slayerswine when you need him...

I've heard about all the 'anti-hemp' lobbying done by the government which has ultimately led us to this hypocrytical stand against this beloved plant. If we could just figure a way of boxing up Amsterdam, shipping it state side, reassemble then make it our 51st state (preferably somewhere in the SE.) Someone check on those logistics and get back to me...
2002-03-01 10:20:19 AM  
My guess is SLAYERSWINE is laying on the couch, baked out of his gourd eating snack foods and watching cartoons.
2002-03-01 10:21:05 AM  
Hemp Marijuana

Hemp is "ditch weed." It has been said that a field of hemp could not give a dog a buzz.
2002-03-01 10:22:19 AM  
What the hell does the 005 mean on Fark.com?????????
2002-03-01 10:25:03 AM  

It's the number of people that the Saudi's have beheaded this year. At least the numbers that we could find articles for.
2002-03-01 10:25:08 AM  
Joedesi- that's the number of people executed somewhere
2002-03-01 10:31:09 AM  
Fb-, you are one funny motherfarker. If I had been drinking something when I read the RealMedia post, I would have been cleaning my monitor.

Fb=, don't try and mess with the original.
2002-03-01 10:46:06 AM  
This is hardly pro-marijuana propaganda. No one really goes out on a limb when they support the use of industrial hemp. Despite being related kinds of plants, hemp and marijuana are like apples and oranges in terms of psychoactive properties. According to the NORML homepage, it would take a Hemp joint that was about the size of a telephone pole to get a person high.
2002-03-01 10:55:36 AM  
fb= .... from scotland. I wonder who that could be?
2002-03-01 10:59:53 AM  
marijuana the breakfast of champions!
2002-03-01 11:04:41 AM  
I can't decide which is the stupider: Real Video or Pot.
2002-03-01 11:08:10 AM  
SpaZkid That would be the real video.
2002-03-01 11:09:26 AM  
SpaZkid That would be the real video. I do not smoke the pot, at least not sense high school. So I could be wrong, but the two medai players I will never install on my machine, at least a windows box, Real Player and Quicktime.
2002-03-01 11:17:49 AM  
[image from dopefiends.com too old to be available]
2002-03-01 11:19:17 AM  
Everytime a new country decriminalizes marijuana (Germany, UK), and a state lets their cancer patients toke, and thc-less rope gets made... I get closer and closer to taking a legal bong hit from J Ashcroft's Skull.
2002-03-01 11:55:12 AM  
TV, Willie NElson did not smoke pot with Jimmy CArter. He smokeds pot with CArter's press secretary (foregt his name) on the White House roof while CArter was in office.

SpazKid, to each his own. Have you ever tried it? If you did and you didn't like it, there is nobody who is ever going to try to make you do it again. That's because most pot smokers don't try to force their opinions down your throat. Maybe you could learn something from them.
2002-03-01 12:20:54 PM  
They say that if you look hard enough in central Wisconsin, you can find some hemp from these old feilds growing wild.
2002-03-01 12:35:19 PM  
The stuff grows wild in ditches all over Indiana, and probably everywhere else, too. Can't get high from it. Trust me.
2002-03-01 12:47:01 PM  
I wrote my congressman about the recent fact that the DEA is completely banning the use of hemp across the board beginning this year...I get a form letter back completely ignoring the content of my letter...ah...Big Government.
2002-03-01 12:59:29 PM  
resently on the local news they said that marijuana is TN #1 cash crop. it used to be coton. hehehe
2002-03-01 01:13:14 PM  
[image from urbanposters.com too old to be available]
2002-03-01 01:16:39 PM  
Dummies! If they ever legalized that shiyat, all the government parasites who make a living off it would have to get off their big fat arses and actually WORK for a living, is anyone stupid enough to think that would ever really happen???
2002-03-01 01:19:02 PM  
This will not be useful until September or so, but write it down: Start in Topeka, Kansas and take State Highway #4 northeast for about 40 miles. That will put you smack in the middle of wild weed country. But BE CAREFUL! Locals are wise to out-of-town marijuana pickers, and they WILL turn you in!
2002-03-01 01:19:11 PM  
This will not be useful until September or so, but write it down: Start in Topeka, Kansas and take State Highway #4 northeast for about 40 miles. That will put you smack in the middle of wild weed country. But BE CAREFUL! Locals are wise to out-of-town marijuana pickers, and they WILL turn you in!
2002-03-01 01:22:19 PM  
do they have any houses for sell in the area?
2002-03-01 01:44:23 PM  
pack that shiat up! It's time to smoke. Real player? Barf, puke, gag.. more like "REAL SPAM"
2002-03-01 01:59:47 PM  
hemp is not marijuana; similar but not the same plant.

also, marijuana is a completely made up name. it was invented by anti-cannabis & hemp interests in the 1920's (mainly hearst) as propaganda that played on racist fear of mexicans (note the psuedo-mexican flavor of "marijuana"). yeah, sounds nuts but it's true. the actual name of the plant that gets you high is cannabis.
2002-03-01 02:24:07 PM  
My grandfather grew hemp during the war. it's NOT marijuana, and you can't get high from it. It really is sad it's not grown anymore, because it is a very useful plant, and it's very good for the soil too. They used to bale the stuff into 500lbs bales and then put it on wagons and haul it to town. It still grows wild in a lot of places around here (Iowa) and it grew wild in Indiana where I grew up as well.
2002-03-01 02:42:15 PM  
Hemp is not marijuana. Marijuana are the buds from female plant, thats what you smoke and get high. Hemp are leaves from male plants.

It'll take a joint the size of a telephone pole of hemp to get you high
2002-03-01 02:45:25 PM  
buds from a cannabis plant are called "calyxes". leaves from the male cannabis plant are called "fan leaves" or "shade leaves".
2002-03-01 03:11:45 PM  
See, I told you the C.I.A. & F.B.I. were watching me. How else did you know exactly what I was doing ? Your fuggin' friends told you, didn't they ? I suppose they saw me jerking off to "Showgirls" too ? =+)

You really do know my biggest concern right now.

To the FARKers and FARKettes,
How long are we going to allow the U.S. Government to tell us what we can or can't do in OUR lives ? Marijuana NOT being legal is one of the greatest political crimes being perpetuated among good, loyal American citizens. And the benefits and resources to be reaped from it are unrealized potential just waiting to occur. One acre of hemp can produce as much clean air and paper as five acres of trees. But you can't make clothes, fuel, or medicine(to name a few) out of trees. You know who also pays off the politicians to make sure that marijuana isn't legal? The alcohol and tobacco industries ! I've never known anyone to smoke a joint and go wrap their car around a tree or go home and beat up their spouse and/or kids. The same can't be said for alcohol. Alcohol, the ONLY drug a person can die from due to withdrawl. And let's not forget wonderful cigarettes. THANK GOD I never smoked one in my life. My own alcoholic father(I love the fuggin' drunk) and I had a discussion once and I asked him which would he have to have: An Old Style or a Marlboro. He said "I love my beer but I GOTTA have that Goddamn cigarette." And to you 12 steppers out there, DON'T TELL ME YOU ARE DRUG FREE IF YOU SMOKE CIGARETTES ! Talk about fuggin' hypocrites. Look up 'mind' and 'altering' in the dictionary and tell me that it doesn't apply to cigarettes and I'll tell you that you are a fuggin' liar and/or a D.P. that doesn't understand English. More people die from either cigarette smoke cancer deaths or alcohol related deaths than all drug overdoses combined yearly. And any smartass wanna debate me I don't care. I know what I state here is true, don't ask for facts and figures because you know I'm too fuggin' high to be bothered with this crap right now any how. Find 'em yourself. I'm gonna go back to smoking White Widow bongs. It is like smoking hash. Anyways, y'all know where to find me...
2002-03-01 03:14:40 PM  
we could use some of the tags in that post (03-01-02 11:17:49 AM FriskySheep) with the picture, methinks. we need an deaubuchery tag.
2002-03-01 03:37:46 PM  
"Don't forget!"
2002-03-01 03:47:34 PM  
Whether marijuana and hemp are so dangerous to the user and to others as to make their use/production illegal is certainly fodder for debate. But to pretend they are miracle products that will solve all our ills is disingenious.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-03-01 04:40:22 PM  
Hemp and Marijuana are the same thing. Like any other species of organism they come in a great many varieties which scientists call, ahem, "varieties". Great DAnes and Dachshunds are both Canus Familiarus, but are different varieties of the species. The term hemp is used to signify cannabis plants that are grown for rope and other non-psychoreactive purposes while the term marijuana is used for the fun stuff.
2002-03-01 05:57:39 PM  
http://fs8.dotphoto.com/MemberImages/241839/t9C406D2B-0845-4320-9193-C​A6115209 352.jpg

http://fs9.dotphoto.com/MemberImages/241839/t8F354A0E-8103-4BA2-80A1-2​C32C0337 CB3.jpg
2002-03-01 05:58:40 PM  
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