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(Twitter)   It's a different kind of sound altogether   ( divider line
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2342 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 29 Nov 2022 at 6:15 PM (9 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-11-29 3:26:11 PM  
Original Tweet:

2022-11-29 3:35:19 PM  
"It's a different kind of sound"
2022-11-29 3:56:09 PM  
He had the lasagna.
2022-11-29 5:11:30 PM  
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2022-11-29 6:19:21 PM  
Nice use of tag, submitter.
2022-11-29 6:25:40 PM  
It's a different kind of sound.
2022-11-29 6:26:58 PM  
Guess I picked the wrong week to stop having diarrhea.
2022-11-29 6:29:31 PM  

sno man: "It's a different kind of sound"

2022-11-29 6:38:24 PM  
I kept finding more and more examples after I submitted this. Evidently this was something he did, he carried a fart sound maker him nearly every day.  The thing that got me was his farking timing.
2022-11-29 6:41:46 PM  
We're all farting on you.

Do you like watching fart movies?

It's a big building with lots of farts inside. But that's not important right now.

RIP Police Squad guy
2022-11-29 6:42:13 PM  

FormlessOne: sno man: "It's a different kind of sound"

2022-11-29 7:04:23 PM  
It's a different kind of sound.
2022-11-29 7:43:24 PM  
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2022-11-29 8:05:26 PM  
He's a national, *fffrrraaaap*, treasure.

2022-11-29 8:14:43 PM  
The Sound of Relief - The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (3/10) Movie CLIP (1988) HD
Youtube pdE83FX-Mto
2022-11-29 8:17:06 PM  
I want one of those.
Wait...I've already got one.
2022-11-29 8:31:11 PM  
That made me laugh at a fart joke for the first time in many many years.
2022-11-29 8:42:42 PM  
Whenever pops would get sick he would get extremely gassy. More than average in number of farts but the bad part was the smell. Invisible rolling clouds of brown death going across the room, slaughtering anything unfortunate enough to be in the way. Awful, just awful stuff. There are worse smells in existence, mind you, but I've never smelled worse farts. It was that way every time he was sick with more than a teeny tiny cold because...

He would always drink orange juice for the vitamin C when under the weather. If your IQ is in the triple digits which means it is apparently more than mine, you know where this is going.

Pulp, pulp in the OJ concentrate he'd have on standby for the once or twice a year he needed it. At one point he had mistakenly grabbed some pulp free concentrate and put two and two together one time after realizing he wasn't creating new and interesting methods of torture when sick as he normally did, for decades.

My father is a highly intelligent man and one of the best trivia partners you could hope to have. Everybody has blind spots though and somehow, the connection between all of the fiber in the pulp and the horrifying emissions from his ass was one that was never made until one day, it accidentally was.

Oh yeah...

One day a few years ago I went over to his place. He has one of those theater style setups in the basement and I was watching stuff all day, eating snacks like a lazy little shiat instead of making real food upstairs. Well, I'd unknowingly grabbed some sort of fiber bars instead of your standard snack thing. I realized it a few hours in once I turned the lights on to look for the remote and took a closer look at the box I'd been grabbing stuff out of. I didn't think too much of it and had a small chuckle.

About seven hours after I'd started though...

Just like Leslie Nielsen there, I was blasting shiat out of my ass at a truly impressive rate I never achieved prior to that and one I've never come close to matching since. I had a horn section up my ass and tears in my eyes because I couldn't stop laughing. The breakneck tempo only lasted for maybe fifteen minutes but even afterwards I was still farting once every thirty seconds - one minute for an hour or so after that. It was just an absurd situation and nobody else was even home to witness it.
2022-11-29 10:25:19 PM  

sno man: "It's a different kind of sound"

It's a different kind of sound.
2022-11-29 10:57:53 PM  

ZMugg: FormlessOne: sno man: "It's a different kind of sound"

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