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(Medical Xpress)   Fat and stupid may indeed be the way many kids go through life   ( divider line
    More: Followup, Magnetic resonance imaging, Obesity, Electroencephalography, Traumatic brain injury, Neuroimaging, Brain, long-term study of brain development, child health  
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565 clicks; posted to STEM » on 28 Nov 2022 at 4:00 PM (9 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-11-28 12:29:40 PM  
You left out drunk.  That's very important.
2022-11-28 4:18:54 PM  
Having health statistics well outside of the normal range could lead to poor outcomes? Who could have known?
2022-11-28 8:58:04 PM  
Our entire society is designed to promote as much obesity as possible.

The problem of obesity related health problems can only get worse while an increasing number of families live, entire families, in a single shelter room or motel room. Other families live in apartment complexes with no sidewalks, no nearby parks, and no place for kids to play. Meanwhile, corporations hoard houses by the tens of thousands.

Those families that own houses dare not allow their children out of their own yards for fear that their children or the parents themselves will be placed under arrest should a child walk a block or two to a park. Allowing a child to ride a bike may result in a neighbor driving the child and bike home and lecturing the parent. Even letting a child climb a tree can result in a neighbor dialing DFCS.

A child or teen not formally enrolled in a gym class or sport is expected to sit still on the bus, sit still for six hours, go home, sit and do homework, and get up and sit again the next day. Teachers are not permitted to take classes outside for ten minutes or so as award for good behavior. So, they reward good behavior with candy and bags of chips. Then, we wonder why kids (middle school students in particular) want to rip the school building apart brick by brick.

Too many cities have too little public transit. The majority of the nation is car dependent for jobs, school, medical care, obtaining groceries, almost everything. Bike riders are viewed with derision and pedestrians routinely risk death in many cities.

As I said, our entire society is designed to promote as much obesity as possible.
2022-11-29 7:34:07 AM  
Lots of causative inferences here without any evidence. It's a correlational study, as these analyzes generally are. There's some confounding factors, one of which includes that BMI relates to in scanner noise and motion. A less interesting interpretation is that fat kids move more of the scanner

But more critically, despite what the article is implying this paper in no way provide solid evidence that an increased BMI is bad for kids brains. That would require some form of longitudinal data showing normal trajectories which degrade or fall off the track as the kid gets overweight. All we can say is a correlation between BMI and cortical thickness. And entirely probable different explanation is that kids with lower cortical thickness have less well developed brains, and consequently have more issues with things like impulse control, and consequently tend to eat more
2022-11-29 9:08:45 AM  
Those poor fat, stupid bastards.
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