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1135 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Nov 2022 at 1:01 PM (9 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-11-26 5:48:06 PM  
media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.comView Full Size
2022-11-26 5:52:39 PM  
"Whoa! Technology!"
2022-11-26 5:52:57 PM  
Relative of Sarah Palin: "I can see Russia!"
2022-11-26 6:11:48 PM  
2022-11-26 6:39:15 PM  
"Whoa! The student loan payments go on....forever...!"
2022-11-26 6:48:41 PM  
Is nothing really 'real?'
Maybe the Buddhists are right!
2022-11-26 8:09:59 PM  
K-Pop and J-Pop are for the olds. We're doing L-Pop now. Rock me, Lithuania!
2022-11-26 10:34:18 PM  
2022-11-27 7:06:55 AM  
Train them early to prefer alternate realities.
2022-11-27 10:53:36 AM  
Please put some pants on, Mr Zuckerberg.
2022-11-27 11:44:08 AM  
It's full of stars!!!
2022-11-27 1:05:12 PM  
"SCUBA" diving without water
2022-11-27 1:06:33 PM  
"I can see why VR failed in the 90's too. Better graphics don't make it any less boring."
2022-11-27 1:23:54 PM  
I will get older but I fail to see how this will make my future brighter.
2022-11-27 1:29:27 PM  
The Goggles do nothing!
2022-11-27 1:29:28 PM  
VR Girl is watching you...OK, that's enough virtual reality for today!
2022-11-27 1:33:24 PM  
Wow, even in the future, the Bears still suck.
2022-11-27 1:44:08 PM  
"I think I'll take the blue pill, please."
2022-11-27 1:45:46 PM  
"MOM!  Dad left his program running on the VR again!!"
2022-11-27 1:47:07 PM  
Yes shoot in on my face Big Boy!
2022-11-27 1:48:37 PM  
It would be another 8 years before Scott Summers' next haircut, having already fused a pair of scissors to his mother's skull.

/ now with voting
2022-11-27 1:58:32 PM  
Zuckerbot was wrong.....the metaverse sucks!
2022-11-27 2:34:06 PM  
"She must have been quite dirty for so many men to take turns dispensing liquid soap all over!"
2022-11-27 2:38:48 PM  
White people on VR:
Fark user imageView Full Size

Black americans on VR:
Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-11-27 2:48:28 PM  
"Mom, why do you make me watch my own birth on VR every single morning"
2022-11-27 2:54:47 PM  
"It's eternity in there."  *immediately drops dead*
2022-11-27 3:03:22 PM  
"Where's the little lever for this Viewmaster? I want to change photos."

/ Viewmasters mastered viewing.
2022-11-27 3:05:05 PM  
"No matter how cool this is I still know I am really living in a dystopian hellscape on the brink of economic, ecological and societal collapse."

/ Me every damned day.
2022-11-27 3:17:01 PM  
Modern sex-ed is traumatizing!
2022-11-27 3:21:47 PM  
"Huh. It just keeps blinking the words LOW BATTERY at me over and over. Wow. That's weird."
2022-11-27 3:23:51 PM  
Baal commands you now to do his bidding. Yes master.
2022-11-27 4:30:02 PM  
"So that's what trees look like!"
2022-11-27 4:40:18 PM  

Pants full of macaroni!!: "It's eternity in there."  *immediately drops dead*

I get that reference.
/It's longer than you think, dad
2022-11-27 4:58:05 PM  
"The graphics are totally better on this thing than in real life"
2022-11-27 6:29:58 PM  
At least you had a chance to be well and truelyfarked.
2022-11-27 6:43:14 PM  
Why do I have to take off my clothes when I wear thiis?
2022-11-27 7:47:59 PM  
Mom: Dinner time!

Kid: Not now mom! Taylor Swift just walked on stage!
2022-11-27 9:45:11 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

"And then she said, But I e-poop from there, Santa..."
2022-11-27 10:03:57 PM  

The Irresponsible Captain: ScrimBoy: "So that's what trees look like!"

... That'll be a dollar and a half

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