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(Phys Org2)   They were fine until Dr. Pinkerton Chantasaur started mucking about with time travel   ( divider line
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2022-11-26 4:22:33 PM  
For those with long memories, Omni magazine had a few dinosaurs-are-still-around short stories


During the Jurassic John Updike
2022-11-26 4:48:34 PM  
Aren't birds evolved from dinosaurs?
2022-11-26 5:17:55 PM  

mistahtom: Aren't birds evolved from dinosaurs?

Yes, and a few species are right up there with the brainiest of mammals.
2022-11-26 5:38:18 PM  
"By weight, there are more humans than all wild animals."

And that's just counting Americans.
2022-11-26 5:41:14 PM  
One of the prerequisites for evolving intelligence is a use for it.  Brains are metabolically expensive, any creature that needs extra food to keep a brain going when that brain isn't increasing its odds of surviving and reproducing is a creature that's at an evolutionary disadvantage.

It may well be that the most likely paths to large brains are full of local maxima that require just the right circumstances to overcome.  And the path may be very crooked... evolution didn't evolve human brains on purpose, every step required using whatever the previous step had made available, plus a tiny mutation or two.  Maybe those brains first evolved for finding food in environments with very little to find, then we evolved social brains because animals that stick together tend to be safer on average, and then maybe we got better at hunting.  So many possibilities.

The dinosaurs had a nice, tight ecosystem going, and apparently there was no space in it for a larger-brained dinosaur to evolve.  The niches that might be exploited by larger brains were already fully occupied by smaller-brained specialists.

Disaster and disruption could very well be a key ingredient in evolving intelligence.
2022-11-27 12:53:47 AM  
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Yeah, I don't see any reason why a dinosaur brain would ever get as complicated as ours.
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