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2002-02-28 03:13:02 PM  
Would suck if the guy is totally innocent, he won't be looked at the same way any more.
2002-02-28 03:13:13 PM  

Airline Air India
Flight Number 101
Departure City (Airport) London, England, Great Britain Departure Time 02/28/2002 08:39 PM
Arrival City (Airport) New York, NY (JFK)
Arrival Time 02/28/2002 04:33 PM
Remaining Flight Time 01:23
Aircraft Type Boeing 747-400
Current Altitude 37,000 feet
Current Groundspeed 502 mph
Flight Status In Flight
2002-02-28 03:13:27 PM  
Muhammed Wil Smith
2002-02-28 03:13:37 PM  
good grief all this for a similar name. I feel sorry for the guy if he's just some innocent flying to NY or something.
2002-02-28 03:13:50 PM  
ZOmega: On 911 they used their real names b/c they didn't have anything to worry about. Now that so many countries are on the "look out" for terrorists it may not be too wise to use your real name if planning to blow up a plane. derrr
2002-02-28 03:14:32 PM  
of course the pilots have been notified, they are in a secure cockpit, and being shadowed, not escorted by canadian fighters (add your own joke there) so that the people on boared are unable to view them.
My bets on that this is a "wrong guy"
2002-02-28 03:14:40 PM  
Thanks Thirdrail, I can go to lunch and be back in time for the action.
2002-02-28 03:15:50 PM  
Airline Air India
Flight Number 101
Departure City (Airport) London, England, Great Britain Departure Time 02/28/2002 08:39 PM
Arrival City (Airport) New York, NY (JFK)
Arrival Time 02/28/2002 04:40 PM
Remaining Flight Time 01:13
Aircraft Type Boeing 747-400
Current Altitude 100 feet
Current Groundspeed 745 mph
Flight Status: WTF ?!?!
2002-02-28 03:16:13 PM  
Matzug: On 9/11 airport security was a joke. Now it's a less funny joke.
2002-02-28 03:16:28 PM  
if you really believe it because of a name it's be shadowed your nuts, you don't call on Canadian fighter jet for nothing (he he)
2002-02-28 03:16:41 PM  

2002-02-28 03:17:51 PM  
Oh someone is going to get a cavity search.
2002-02-28 03:17:56 PM  
the Boner Stabone?
2002-02-28 03:18:05 PM  
Vegasj, that made me laugh now I'm going to hell if anything happens.

Then again I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell anyway, nevermind, proceed with the jokes.
2002-02-28 03:18:27 PM  
Flyinglemur: Even if the TV is taped, there are always the phones. "Abdul, look, at the news. Hassad's cover is blown....".
Is CNN taped on flights? I guess I never really thought that much about it as I'm usually reading, sleeping and/or boozing on international fights. I guess I don't know exactly how they would pick up live satellite broadcasts...it's not like they have a little dish up on top of the plane.
2002-02-28 03:19:30 PM  
from the article..."The jetliner was being shadowed from a distance, not escorted, so the passengers would not see the Canadian fighters, the officials said

I know...hence the phrase "totally oblivious". Amazingly, I read the articles before posting. Thanks for checking, though. :)
2002-02-28 03:20:19 PM  
How long has Fb- had such a list?
2002-02-28 03:22:45 PM  

You people act like a bunch of farking sheep. Oh no! A guy that may look like some guy that may be on a list? farking take a chill pill.

shiat like this is probably released by the government to keep you in fear so they can drop more bombs.
2002-02-28 03:23:37 PM  
Forgot aboot the phones. My bad.

I have been watching the flight on that web site (I knoe, like they will show a little explosion or something, right?) and the last time I refreshed it the plane was heading south instead of west and I almost had a heart attack. Then I refreshed it agian and it was all better.

Flight is scheduled to land at 430...gonna be in front of the TV for THAT one. God I love technology.
2002-02-28 03:24:57 PM  
Track them!

Air India
Flight Number 101
2002-02-28 03:26:13 PM  
The official said that a British screener at Heathrow finished his shift and then told his superior, "a guy on Air India looked like a guy from the video" shown by the FBI last month.

Does this guy not get the concept of SCREENER?

"Oh, yeah, by the way, a guy I let through a few hours ago looks like he might be a terrorist. Just FYI."
2002-02-28 03:26:23 PM  
First Bush gets blasted for not reacting quick enough to the Sept 11th issues now we shouldn't react so quick? Sorry...I for one am happy to be in a higher state of alert. Makes me feel safe.

PS-Being in the Military I don't mind the whole bomb-droppin. If I was doing the daily briefings from the PEntagon I would have a big glossy pictures of the Towers still smoking and every time a CNN or other Yellow Journalist asked me a question about bombing innocent people I would just hold up that picture and go to the next question.

Thats probably WHY I'm not doing the briefings, now that I think about it.
2002-02-28 03:26:35 PM  
Aren't there better ways to terrorize people than farking with airplanes. This is sooooo last years terroist stuff.
2002-02-28 03:26:50 PM  
The clock is ticking for anyone that wants to photoshop a couple jets behind the plane in the image.
2002-02-28 03:27:10 PM  
That website is pretty cool. I too am looking for the missiles chasing the plane than a nice explosion. Its doubtful it will happen but it kind of reminds me of Top Gun for NES (the original).
2002-02-28 03:27:46 PM  
Hartfrog: "Operation Stinky Bathroom" did not work.
2002-02-28 03:30:49 PM  
...reminds me of the MOnty Python sketch where one Mr. Hilter is on holiday in England with his two cronies
2002-02-28 03:31:28 PM  
Don't kid yourselves, my American friends. Our Airforce is right on par with yours in being some of the best trained pilots in the world.

It's just that most of our fighters and other equipment are antiquated, and we don't have much of it.
2002-02-28 03:32:33 PM  
stephenv: Speaking of which, I hope that this guys doesn't have to take a shiat the last half hour of the trip. If I remember correctly, its now a felony to get out of your seat the last half hour of the trip. I bet if this guy just has to releave himself, there is going to be some fist-a-cuffs on that flight.
2002-02-28 03:33:11 PM  

Being in the Military = brainwashed. How you answered just goes to show how you are just the perfect little killing machine now. Let's Roll!

Also, being in a higher state of alert makes you feel safe? WTF??? Never mind. Why don't you stop reading fark and go protect the country or something.
2002-02-28 03:33:25 PM  
Sticky bathroom?
2002-02-28 03:34:11 PM  
We know Banky...we kid...we kid because we care.
2002-02-28 03:34:37 PM  
ummm, questions... why are canadian fighters on it? are they just doing us a favor? why would any terrorist wanna hit canada?
2002-02-28 03:34:48 PM  
The U.S. official cited by NBC News said that a British screener at London's Heathrow Airport finished his shift and told his superior that "a guy on Air India looked like a guy from the video" released by the FBI to media outlets last month.
The video showed six men who talked about their desire to die as a martyr. The superior checked the flight manifest, and, after consulting with FBI officials, concluded that the name used by the passenger was not on any terrorist watch lists. He forwarded the information to the Federal Aviation Administration anyway.

They re-wrote the story just now. Same link.
2002-02-28 03:36:18 PM  
uh oh, that plane is going backwards......what the hell is going on?
2002-02-28 03:36:41 PM  
and why should we trust a guy named Omar.
2002-02-28 03:38:12 PM  
2002-02-28 03:40:07 PM  
"An Air India spokesperson told CNN that this situation is being blown out of proportion."

Sorry to all you farkers that wanted to see it blown out of the sky. Just like that Three's Company episode, this appears to be a big mis-understanding (that gets solved in under 30 minutes.)
2002-02-28 03:41:39 PM  
MrTuffPaws: Being in the Miliraty = brainwashed?

What about being from NorCal = Bleeding heart liberal left

I'm not from the military & the bomb droppin' is fine by me. I'm so glad we've got people like you in the country who share your infinite wisdom in threads with us lowly brainwashed individuals.
2002-02-28 03:41:40 PM  
I know you jest. Hadn't read the whole page, and was preparing for the barrage of Canadian Army jokes. ;-)

It is kind of our fault, though. We've been the laughing stock of the western world since Trudeau tried to dissolve our army back in the 70's.
2002-02-28 03:43:18 PM  
why does the arrival time look like its moving back?
2002-02-28 03:43:34 PM  
"Canadian fighters shadowed the jetliner..."

We have fighters? Go figure...
2002-02-28 03:44:20 PM  
'Departure City (Airport) London, England, Great Britain (EGLL)
Departure Time 02/28/2002 08:39 PM
Arrival City (Airport) New York, NY (JFK)
Arrival Time 02/28/2002 04:35 PM'

it appears to be going back in time.

I say it's about time we had grounds to execute Christopher Lloyd.

2002-02-28 03:45:35 PM  
"and why should we trust a guy named Omar."

Oh if harmonia was only here he'd have a field day. :) Anyways, I got this promo thingy for a company called Q9 Networks. In it it says "Q9 Networks CEO, Osama Arafat..."

Osama Arafat? There's a timely name.
2002-02-28 03:45:59 PM  
everybody is biatching about, "all they have is a name that similar", "why are they getting an escort", blah blah blah, what would happen if a week from now we have another attack and we find out he's the one who did it and we didn't stop him when we had the chance, because you know the media will find out the FBI was given this info and ignored it because they felt that a "similar" name was not enough to go on and so what if it turns out to be nothing I'd rather that then a horrible mistake be made they ignored one tip they got before and look what happened
2002-02-28 03:46:32 PM  
the departure time is in their time zone not eastern JACKASS
2002-02-28 03:47:38 PM  
but Banky[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-02-28 03:47:51 PM  
but Banky....Do you have one of these ??

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

2002-02-28 03:48:19 PM  
An Air India spokesperson told CNN that this situation is being blown out of proportion.

Yeah just a little.

Alos Air India planes have reinforced cockpits. When the hell are all the planes going to have reinforced cockpits?
2002-02-28 03:48:50 PM  
Hmmm...if we killed everyone with a similar name, this problem would be eliminated. Then no one would feel bad.
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