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(   Haunted attractions in New Jersey are scaring the bejesus out of visitors. These hilarious candid photos capture the moments   ( divider line
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2022-10-21 7:28:05 AM  
The flash would add an extra level of disorientation, enhancing the fright.

That's pretty brilliant.

I mean

Ha ha picture funny
2022-10-21 8:51:11 AM  
CSB: Was working a haunted house for the JayCees. It was a 'toxic waste room' - UV light on fluorescent paint, some half-melted styrofoam dummies in torn clothes, a few stuffed clothes stapled to the wall... and me, in a fluorescent rubber mask and rubber gloves, posed against the wall like another prop. When they got close, I'd move. Worked pretty well.

This group of teenagers came in; I was waiting for them all to get more to the center of the room before springing into action. One came close... and decided to show off for his buddies. He punched me right in the stomach.

Pissed me off, but he shrieked and bolted away to the next room while I was catching my breath. His friends were apologetic to me, and laughed at him through the rest of the haunted house, by reports.

/ some football player freaked out and knocked a wall over when a loud alarm bell rang near him...
2022-10-21 9:24:52 AM  
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2022-10-21 9:26:03 AM  
Meh.  Just like any day ending in a y in New Jersey.
2022-10-21 9:27:44 AM  
In '93, I went to Spooky World with my then girlfriend, her college roommate and her roommate's meathead boyfriend.  We were nipping off of a bottle of Jägermeister on the bus and had the giggles during the haunted hayride except for meathead who polished off the last third of the bottle to prove he was a tough guy.  He threw up on the guy with the phony chainsaw and had to be escorted outside the park to wait until the bus was ready to go back to the college.

Elvira was there the year before, but we got Bobby "Boris" Pickett as celebrity guest and got to hear The Monster Mash twice while waiting in line for the hayride.
2022-10-21 9:32:57 AM  
Neither my wife nor I are adrenaline junkies, so full pass.

But, better a haunted house than people getting their jollies pushing their sporty car past its performance envelope.
2022-10-21 9:34:54 AM  
They look terrified:
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2022-10-21 9:36:29 AM  
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This looks like the kind of thing I saw when I was last nightclubbing tbh.
2022-10-21 9:43:53 AM  
What could you possibly do to terrorize someone at a jersey haunted house? I mean, they're already in New Jersey.
2022-10-21 9:55:42 AM  
2022-10-21 9:56:58 AM  

GhostOfSavageHenry: What could you possibly do to terrorize someone at a jersey haunted house? I mean, they're already in New Jersey.

Open the pizza box to reveal....pineapple!!!
2022-10-21 10:18:11 AM  
Me and a buddy were not impressed with a haunted house many years ago.  so the following year we built one in his back yard and enlisted family and friends.  about 200 people showed up in the three days we did it.  the following year, we took a week off to build everything.  people were driving up to see if we were doing it again.  that year we had people lined up around the block and a local news channel did a spot on it.  since we did it for fun, we only took donations at the end.  made enough to buy pizza for everyone those two days.

2022-10-21 10:19:28 AM  
Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins) - SNL
Youtube rS00xWnqwvI
2022-10-21 10:44:25 AM  
I look like that every time I have to change planes in Newark
2022-10-21 10:50:24 AM  

cwheelie: I look like that every time I have to change planes in Newark

Supposedly the smell of shiat means demonic activity.  The bathrooms in Newark Airport must be the gateway to Hell.
2022-10-21 11:08:46 AM  
You're not doing Halloween right if your kids don't suffer long lasting traumatic stress.
2022-10-21 11:23:55 AM  
Back in my late teens there was a haunted house attraction that was in depth enough that it had a dedicated building year round, though it was only open for the Halloween season. They'd have fairly long lines outside and they had a really large guy dressed up in a suit of black armor and a skull helmet. When asked about his height he'd reply five foot eighteen. 

The haunted house doesn't appear to be there anymore, though there is another one of the same name, Castle Blood, in another town not too far away. Not sure if it's the same people or just Castle Blood being a fairly generic type of name.
2022-10-21 11:54:46 AM  
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2022-10-21 12:20:15 PM  

steklo: [Fark user image 594x396]

The diarrhea is running down her leg now
2022-10-21 12:40:35 PM  
There's a few reddit threads from haunted house workers and actors that say lots of people shiat themselves.  The most common group that shiats their pants are tough guy college kids that get drunk before they go through the house.
2022-10-21 3:06:46 PM  
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2022-10-21 9:44:10 PM  
 No fair scaring black youths. You don't need make-up or costumes for that. You can just use evangelicals and politicians on a closed TV loop. A white guy discussing the economy will do.

A Youtube clip will do in a pinch.
2022-10-21 9:45:21 PM  

steklo: [Fark user image 594x396]

Karen sees the Tump Halloween House.
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