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(Yahoo)   Geico sues Google -- refuses to let it save 15 percent or more on on car insurance   ( divider line
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38244 clicks; posted to Main » and Business » on 14 Dec 2004 at 5:03 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-12-14 1:25:05 AM  
John McCutcheon, Geico's assistant vice president of marketing, testified Monday that most consumers visit just one Web site when shopping for auto insurance. If a consumer trying to find Geico is unknowingly steered to a competitor's site, "We've lost one opportunity."

So basically... you want to profit off of stupid people?
2004-12-14 5:06:36 AM  
my pee pee is long.
2004-12-14 5:08:04 AM  
Story farked for anybody else? after 159 links. I thought yahoo was better than this?
2004-12-14 5:10:10 AM  
Nevermind I just slammed F5 like 20 times and it loaded up. And after reading the article I have to say Geico is farking stupid. They also are a shiatty insurance company. Sure you save 15%, thats because Geico doesn't actually employ "real" people and you will be spending 20-30 minutes in touch tone based menus to get anything done.
2004-12-14 5:15:26 AM  
Interesting idea. So, could they complain if Google lists another insurance company in their normal lisitngs under Geico? That's a chance at a lost sale. Could Geico complain if they weren't number one when someone searched for them? Could they get pissed off if Google dropped them from the search engine or redirected all Geico links to midget porn sites?

Just asking. Seems to me that google is providing Geico a valuable free service as is.
2004-12-14 5:19:22 AM  
What the hell has all this got to do with talking lizards?
2004-12-14 5:21:05 AM  
The stupidity involved here is farking unbelievable.
2004-12-14 5:22:18 AM  
When does that 'newlyweds in a tiny house' show start. I wanna watch that one.
2004-12-14 5:23:01 AM  
This is stupid. It's like the first company named AAA (insert industry here) suing for all the other "AAA" named companies who are close to them in the front of the phonebook.

Geico cannot be suffering; they must be the only insurance company in history to successfully brand themselves using a very cute reptile.
2004-12-14 5:27:06 AM  
I wonder how this is illegal? If Google sold them advertising under a contract, the way the advertising system works should be clearly displayed on said contract and agreed upon before signing your name and handing over a check.

/Dropping Geico Jan 1 when my insurance policy is up because I have Google stock. I see no point in feeding the lawyers twice.
2004-12-14 5:28:21 AM  
Sure as shiat this judgement will get fouled up just like anything else pertaining to technology that the courts have to get involved in. A majority of the morons sitting bench around the country have a hard time logging into their AOL.. forget about them being able to understand the definition of a search engine and how revenue is produced from it and how that pertains to the rights of a listed website. All they know how to do well is finding dudes guilty of killing their cute pregnant wives.
2004-12-14 5:28:38 AM  
If you call 10 different insurance companies, you're gonna get 10 different prices.
Geico is by no means the cheapest. The quote I got from my last insurance co., was a full 40% less than Geico.
How can any company that spends that much on advertising be the cheapest? I hate those commercials, especially the dancing geko one.
2004-12-14 5:29:29 AM  
Hell yes to the blogger guy who bought some of Geico of his own.

In other news, how farking postmodern is it that this case is now the top result for "geico"?
2004-12-14 5:29:39 AM  
Searching for Geico on Google now gives an ad for this site
My brain asplode.
2004-12-14 5:35:45 AM  
I think this is a good analogy:

Caller: "Hello information? I'd like to know where the nearest McDonald's is"
Desk: "McDonald's? Please hold...*click**click*"

"Thinking of McDonald's? Think again. At Burger King right now we have a special $1.49 whopper deal, and we have that great charbroiled taste you love! Burger King, right at the corner of Denver Rd. and Main St. This ad has been brought ot you by Burger King: Home of the Whopper."

Desk: "*click* Yeah, the McDonald's is at 4th and Main"
Caller: "Never mind."
2004-12-14 5:38:33 AM  
I think the most amusing thing is that someone has bought an ad on there just because it's in the news. Heh.

/Why the heck can't I get html in here, even though it says it is enabled? Am I missing something?
2004-12-14 5:38:36 AM  
It's just the adwords, not the actual results, I don't see the problem.

You know what would give Geico even more trouble? If google made it so that none of's pages could show up.

That would show em.
2004-12-14 5:42:21 AM  

I hope you're not missing your A HREF tags.
2004-12-14 5:55:46 AM  
i hate that farking lizard
2004-12-14 5:56:13 AM  
I hate to be Captain Obvious, but wouldn't it be less combative and more productive for Geico to KEEP it's customers?

Why don't they just make sure they are the #1 sidebar ad by paying Google?
2004-12-14 5:59:36 AM  
If I were google I would just redirect any searches containing "geico" to a blank page, or just have it come up with completely random site listings.

/Saved over 60% by switching to Travelers on my car insurance.
//And now I can talk to a real person if I have questions.
2004-12-14 6:05:51 AM  

Whatever will they do?
2004-12-14 6:11:06 AM  
Geico, you're splashing in the pool. Get out.
2004-12-14 6:27:38 AM  
When searching for geico, I accidently did a search for geicos.

Hilarity ensued.
2004-12-14 6:38:47 AM  
Somebody already tried this BS. You can't sue your way out of competition (I hope).

You search for a car insurance company, and google displays ads for car insurance companies. No different than if you tried finding it in the phone book.
2004-12-14 6:41:21 AM  
Even funnier. I just get done saying Geico should buy the search word when THIS guy did it:

If some piss-ant BLOG can buy the word Geico, FREAKING GEICO CANNOT DO IT?

What, is it the principle of the thing? I'm sure a 1hr consult with their attorney cost more.
2004-12-14 6:47:01 AM  
2004-12-14 6:50:45 AM  
Google sued over ads (Jan '04)

Google sued by AXA over adwords (Apr '04)

Did we not settle this already? This lawsuit is old and busted, as are ones relating to their search algorithms, rankings, and use of linux.
2004-12-14 7:12:11 AM  
Type Gieco into this...As you type, Google will offer suggestions.

Man, that's really cool.

But mostly, I just wanted to mention that I'd much rather see that chick in the left-hand margin of this page (dollface_betty) as the new Geico spokesmodel than some animatronic amphibian. She's cute. And contortionist dancers are teh roxxors.
2004-12-14 7:24:32 AM  
If a consumer trying to find Geico is unknowingly steered to a competitor's site, "We've lost one opportunity."

Lost another one to DiTech!
2004-12-14 7:35:40 AM  
Screw Geico. You can't get Geico in Mass., but they still run those ads in the Metro Boston market all the time. Sonic too, they're ain't no Sonic burger joints anywhere around me.
2004-12-14 7:43:18 AM  
Holy shiat you get hit by those too Mr. Clarence Butterworth?? I'm in western mass and they play Sonic commercials every farking night, but the closest Sonic I've seen was in like Pennsylvania. What gives with that?? Why advertise to us if we cannot even buy their product??
2004-12-14 7:53:46 AM  

Drives me nuts. Maybe they have Sonic in Conn. or something.
2004-12-14 8:00:29 AM  
"When a consumers enters 'Geico' ... and goes to the sponsored link believing there's a connection, that is where the confusion arises," said Geico attorney Charles Ossola.

Fantastic grammar, counselor.
2004-12-14 8:00:37 AM  
Hey, Geico! Ever think that lost profits might be because your insurance company SUCKS?

I had a NASTY experience with them. They offered me storage insurance on my husband's car while he was deployed overseas. By their rules, although my husband is National Guard, because he was on federal orders, he qualified for a discount on his insurance for storing his vehicle while he was gone. Two months before my husband is due to come home, they come back on me and tell me I can't have the discount rate and that they changed their rules. They tried to stick me with the bill for full coverage on his vehicle for backdated for 10 months because they felt since I had full coverage on my car, then my husband's car needed to have it as well.

I told them to go fark themselves, talked to the military lawyers and switched insurance companies. Needless to say I never had to pay a dime. I've heard other horror stories of Geico trying to take advantage of its customers as well.

Since switching to my current insurance, I've paid at least $400 less per 6 months.... on TWO cars.. and I get more coverage.
2004-12-14 8:06:08 AM  
This is stupid. It is not like Google says the ads are part of the search on the side and top it mentions that they are sponsored ads.
2004-12-14 8:16:32 AM  
Here's the thing, Geico is a lousy insurance company, but they are fanatically protective of their name. Just check out who owns the domain

I've never had Geico but if you read Car and Driver magazine all sorts of people are in there complaining about how Geico cut them off after one measily speeding ticket, and how that if you ever have to file a claim you might have to get a lawyer to actually see any money.
2004-12-14 8:17:14 AM  
This kind of lawsuit proves the need for tort reform, but not in the medical malpractice arena.

Corporate to corporate lawsuits of this type do far more to clog up the court system than any 1000 medical suits.
2004-12-14 8:20:28 AM  
I just typed my name into Google and it came up with shiate. I must call my lawyer immediately.
2004-12-14 8:20:42 AM  

This kind of lawsuit proves the need for tort reform, but not in the medical malpractice arena.

Corporate to corporate lawsuits of this type do far more to clog up the court system than any 1000 medical suits.

Yeah, but in this type of lawsuit, normal people aren't a party, so it's hard to decide who to screw ;)
2004-12-14 8:23:44 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth and AgentPothead

The nearest Sonic is in Virginia I think. Not sure why they play those commercials here in Mass... but it frustrates me because I love Sonic and every time I see a commercial I get a hankering for it!!!
2004-12-14 8:23:56 AM  
that's it.

I just typed my name and got someone else's links.

I'm sueing Google next!

Geico sux.
2004-12-14 8:28:58 AM  
bigZ that thing sucks man.... it looks up Kwizatz Haderach but has no entries for Boobies

/sarcasm. pretty cool that it knows about the Kwizatz Haderach
2004-12-14 8:32:03 AM  
You know there's an easy way for Google to solve this. Make it so Geico does not come up under ANY searches. Then if Geico wants google to allow searches for their name, they'll have to sign a contract with google which specifically allows Google to use adwords. Or pay a hefty sum of cash to offset the losses from not being allowed to use adwords.
2004-12-14 8:35:35 AM  
Funny rush22, funny indeed!
2004-12-14 8:36:22 AM  
Hmm, when searching for Geico I get no sponsored links currently from Google... Hmm. the 1st regular link is Geico itself, and 4th is link to news story of Geico suing Google and Overture (the other big adword company).. interesting
2004-12-14 8:36:45 AM  
"The nearest Sonic is in Virginia I think. Not sure why they play those commercials here in Mass... but it frustrates me because I love Sonic and every time I see a commercial I get a hankering for it!!!"

You didn't hear it from me, but Sonic is in with the Oil and Auto industry - they're trying to get people to drive from Mass to VA to get a farkin' burger.

/looks for his tinfoil hat
//new farker
//hasn't coded html in years, needs to look up the fancy-dancy tags
2004-12-14 8:38:36 AM  
I'm thinking of marketing Geico Ass Lotion (pronounced "Gay-co". Do you think I'll get a cease & desist order? :)

Hey, we've got Delta faucets and Delta airlines.... hasn't this been settled?

Also, I'm not going to look it up, but competitors are allowed legally to name their competition in their ads. Different, but relevant. Best analogy so far was the Yellow Pages comparison... when I go looking for Progressive, I'm going to see Geico, State Farm, etc. DEAL WITH IT.
2004-12-14 8:43:50 AM  
my company spends about 10 grand a month on google advertising.

i have had many times in the past have words disqualified for 'copyright infringement'

these people must be paying out the ass to buy the geico word.
2004-12-14 8:44:18 AM  

This is stupid. It's like the first company named AAA (insert industry here) suing for all the other "AAA" named companies who are close to them in the front of the phonebook.

I thought that had to do with stopping people who weren't associated with AAA from tricking people into thinking they were. ie: calling the "AAA Tow Guy" in the phonebook, thinking AAA will cover the costs, but finding out they won't, then getting slammed with high fees. Or something like that. I saw some investigative report about it years ago. There might have been more to it than that.
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