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(Ars Technica)   First person to buy a trip to space buys a trip to the Moon   ( divider line
    More: Murica, International Space Station, entrepreneur Dennis Tito, Moon, Human spaceflight, Space Shuttle, SpaceX's Starship vehicle, personal timeframe, low Earth orbit  
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453 clicks; posted to STEM » on 12 Oct 2022 at 9:15 PM (16 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-10-12 6:31:19 PM  
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2022-10-12 7:31:45 PM  
A vanity space trip to the moon.

2022-10-12 9:31:29 PM  
Does the ticket say it will deliver you there alive? Or bring you back?
Starship landing compilation || SN8, SN9, SN10 ||
Youtube bAhhtRgIC-E
2022-10-12 9:33:31 PM  
Buy one, get one free.
2022-10-12 9:50:19 PM  
Acen - Trip II the Moon (Part 1)
Youtube E8v7dRXuzEw

/rave's first supertune
2022-10-12 10:18:02 PM  
I am not going to quip when I can quaaaaaake.

Soon enough, we will get to that stage of "exploration" when we stop shooting heroes and billionaires and token minorities (the first whatever of something!) into space and start sending gritty, grizzled losers and confused everymen who just chose the wrong career. That time can't come soon enough.

What I liked about The Expanse was that it spun its narratives away from Star Trekky, Right Stuffy, and even Fireflyish heroics and did not wind up in a Bradburyian Mars colonization or a PK Dickish slaveworld colony dystopia. People mostly went to work and looked for opportunities to make a buck. You got the sense that the drama shook the solar system, but there was plenty going on outside of the drama.

There is a lot of work to do... in space... so let's get some workers up there. Get some stuff built. Fix some stuff. Haul some stuff. Food? Free time? Family? Friends? Fun? Fans? Fame? Forget it!

Just for instance, if radiation is a problem, stop worrying about all that shielding. Just start sending up 65 year olds and give their family the hazard pay and cash instead of a return ticket. Cancer schmancer. After he becomes one more small step for mankind, the next guy coming up can eat his dead body, and so on, and so on. Do that a few times and you will have a huge pile of sustainable fertile biomass, de facto radiation shielding, and a lot of work done! And more methane than you can shake a "stick" at! And a lot of booster stages that can be made into living space and laboratories... with a little work.

And why be sad about it? LIke teenagers aren't getting marched to their deaths for a bridge over a creek these days?

Bah. Humanity has climbed to the top of the ladder. All we have to do is reach up and change a light bulb. But we won't. We will just send a tourist or two to look at the dim bulb and dream of a world without OSHA.
2022-10-13 3:12:58 AM  

Obscene_CNN: Does the ticket say it will deliver you there alive? Or bring you back?
[YouTube video: Starship landing compilation || SN8, SN9, SN10 ||]

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One way.
2022-10-13 1:53:15 PM  

Obscene_CNN: Does the ticket say it will deliver you there alive? Or bring you back?

I'm sure they will have to sign a bunch of documents to the effect that they and their estates recognize that spaceflight has an enormous risk of injury or death that they accept, that they know that newly created types of spaceflight are especially dangerous, and that SpaceX, its investors, and Employees as well as Musk are not liable.
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