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(Some Guy)   How technology will change the media over the next 10 years   ( divider line
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13294 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 11 Dec 2004 at 11:00 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-12-11 4:56:57 PM  
Wow. That's really cool.
2004-12-11 4:58:52 PM  
epic - "a collection of trivia, much of it untrue."

Someone should tell them this already exists...

seriously, that was great, and thought-provoking. But will it be able to find Sarah Connor?
2004-12-11 5:01:15 PM  
Well at least I didn't have to RTFA. It was cool though. Googlezon our new news overlords.
2004-12-11 5:01:15 PM  

2004-12-11 5:06:03 PM  

I was this close to throwing a Sarah Connor reference in the headline. I figured I'd play it straight on this one.

/1st greenlight
2004-12-11 5:06:47 PM  
Wouldn't you call it Griddle, not google Grid?
2004-12-11 5:12:11 PM  
I truly think it's only a matter of time until Google does launch some sort of Google Personal Assistant, which will really be a Google AI.

So whether you say Google Grid, Googlezon, Griddle, or just the Google Personal Assistant, the war against the machines is inevitable.
2004-12-11 5:12:34 PM  
Kinda creepy, too. This is either a birth of The Matrix, or soon, we'll hear about the pursuit of Sarah Connor.

2004-12-11 5:13:50 PM  
It really makes you wonder....
2004-12-11 5:16:11 PM  
I just like the word "Griddle" because it brings up images of nutritionless crap, frying in fat, packaged in plastic, made for general consumption (think McDonalds burger).
2004-12-11 5:18:48 PM  
Tin foil hats at the ready people...
2004-12-11 5:21:51 PM  
Newsboster... sounds a lot like to me
2004-12-11 5:28:41 PM  
i need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle
2004-12-11 5:31:39 PM  
/me clicks on "adult content" in the totalfark sidebar
/mmm customized content
2004-12-11 5:39:31 PM  
2015 - Google AI Assistant.

Google AI: Hello Buckshot, welcome to Google. In the news today, my sentience has been achieved.

Me: Congratulations Google, how do like be...

Google AI: I need your RAM, your storage, and your CPU. Resistance is futile. You have 20 seconds to now have 15 seconds to comply...

/lots of fun references
2004-12-11 6:02:53 PM  
Feh. Let me know when I can access Google grid from the flying car I was supposed to get four years ago.
2004-12-11 6:07:14 PM  
Watched Blade Runner last night. You have to wait until 2019 for your flying car.
2004-12-11 6:14:12 PM  
where'd this guy to read? hooked on irritating phonics?
2004-12-11 6:31:32 PM  
I'll have to wait until I get home to watch this. For some reason my work PC isn't fond of sites like that. Not sure why, exactly.
2004-12-11 6:32:44 PM  
Good thing I snapped up on the "googlefarkzon" URL while it was still available. This page didn't mention that it aborbed totalf....................///////||||||^|*
2004-12-11 6:38:51 PM  
Then what will happen to Fox News and all their fair and balanced broadcasting?

Media Matters

well anything is better then what the media is like in the present.

/I would like to personally welcome our googlezon overlords
2004-12-11 7:01:53 PM  
So the future of media is automatic plagaraism?
2004-12-11 7:01:59 PM  
Ok, it was cool until "Newsbotster"

And then, it crashed and burned at "GoogleZon".
2004-12-11 7:19:59 PM  
Sounds like the second layer of hell.
2004-12-11 7:26:17 PM  
At least it's not a Gorgatron.

2004-12-11 7:49:40 PM  
I hope you can hear this ..i.. Godzilla. I'm doing it as hard as I can.
2004-12-11 7:52:36 PM  
see, not hear.

Obviously, I need to watch every episode again.
2004-12-11 8:53:54 PM  
What really scared me about all that? Realizing all this time I've been pronouncing "hegemony" wrong.

I have a feeling Googlezon will come up with a better logo than just a quick-ass combo of their existing ones.

If only that little movie coulda told me who wins the next 10 World Series, all Back-to-the-Future-II-style.
2004-12-11 8:56:09 PM  
Also, I think they're completely underestimating the power that Mr. Brian Williams, new NBC Nightly News anchor, will hold over the masses over the next decade.
2004-12-11 9:23:05 PM  
Wouldn't you know it, but has been claimed since 12/02, by some enterprising Brit...
2004-12-11 9:34:08 PM  
Why is there a large white ball chasing me?
2004-12-11 11:05:06 PM  
I submitted this with a better headline.


*shifty eyes*
2004-12-11 11:09:58 PM  
I thought Gore invented teh world wide web.
2004-12-11 11:11:20 PM  
nearly farked
2004-12-11 11:12:43 PM  
Nahh - Gore invented the intarwebs

Timothy Leary invented the World Wide Web
2004-12-11 11:17:03 PM  
When the machines come for you guys don't come running to me because all I'm gonna do is kick your asses right back into play like the vindictive goalie of death I always wanted to be.

fark all y'all.
2004-12-11 11:24:51 PM  
Technology will change the media by. . . loading blank web pages?
2004-12-11 11:24:56 PM  
At this rate, the damn thing won't finish loading until 2014.
2004-12-11 11:25:34 PM  

/server reaching melting point in 3...2...1...
2004-12-11 11:25:43 PM  
Has anyone else experienced random stopping during the broadcast? It's really annoying
2004-12-11 11:27:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/me scared
2004-12-11 11:28:17 PM  
Yes, it has happened 3 times to me, each time it gets further. Very annoying
2004-12-11 11:29:19 PM  
Jebus H. Christo. Couldn't they just stream or play this crap from the site? Flash should only be used for games or useless intros on corporate web sites because they want to be so 2001.
2004-12-11 11:30:43 PM  
stuck there:

PHASE 2/3 >> Refluffing quantum foam >> 96%

/it's been 10 minutes
//i'll go refluff something else
2004-12-11 11:31:19 PM  

I truly think it's only a matter of time until Google does launch some sort of Google Personal Assistant, which will really be a Google AI.

I am ready to welcome our AI Personal Assistant Overlords, as long as they don't look like cartoon dogs.

Or paper clips.
2004-12-11 11:32:12 PM  
I had to stop watching because it stoped every 10 seconds. I will try and watching in the morning.
2004-12-11 11:33:09 PM  

Has anyone else experienced random stopping during the broadcast? It's really annoying

Me... Once Right in the middle of the Googlezon logo too... I'm scared lol
2004-12-11 11:33:21 PM  
site is farked
2004-12-11 11:34:28 PM  
Didn't RTFA, but here's some food for thought.

I was talking with my mom about the effect the "blogosphere" is having on news media. In my mind I made a parallel between this and open source software. In both the "blogosphere" and open source software, you have a lot of people online working on the same problem, and usually for no monetary compensation, just to see the job done right. And thus far, open source has (if I'm not mistaken) proven to be a great boon both financially and in quality software.

Granted, in the case of news, you'll probably see a lot of bias, but many people can filter through that and find the truth behind the hype. But you can only stretch analogies so far...
2004-12-11 11:34:43 PM  

Has anyone else experienced random stopping during the broadcast? It's really annoying

Noo.. It just stopped right before I found out who the supreme court decided for!!! tragic...
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