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(MSNBC)   We've seen appeals to mob sentiment, appeals to authority, efforts to play on our personal insecurity, and many other techniques that I have forgotten the names of, as it has been so long since I studied the 7pm MSNBC thread   ( divider line
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2022-09-27 4:33:43 PM  
J6 hearing for tomorrow postponed due to Hurricane Ian:
2022-09-27 4:35:06 PM  
Haven't been online much in the past couple weeks.

Did anyone in here get raptured?

Speak up if you did
2022-09-27 4:38:03 PM  
WTF is a Try Guy and why is the internet so heavily invested in his marriage?
2022-09-27 4:50:41 PM  
Yeah, there's nothing left to kramkoob, yeah, we finally got free
How's that for manifesting our destiny?
P-A-R-A-D with me
2022-09-27 4:53:47 PM  
Tuesday perspective.
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2022-09-27 4:54:00 PM  

freddyV: Haven't been online much in the past couple weeks.

Did anyone in here get raptured?

Speak up if you did

I did not get raptured. I am VERY doubtful there is risk for me.
2022-09-27 4:56:09 PM  
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2022-09-27 5:08:33 PM  
To give y'all an idea of what we're up to in Chez Cheesus this week:

My sister arrives tomorrow at 13:50, local time.  My daughter and I have cleaned everything in the house, including the ceiling fans, the tables, the chairs, the sofa slipcovers, the walls, the floors, the ceilings, the bathrooms and we even swept and vacuumed the front porch rug.  I don't care if she says "I'm coming to see you guys, not the house", I know better.  Tomorrow will be the last passes with the broom, mop, vacuum and duster before I pick her up at the airport and take her to her hotel.

My husband, bless his soul, has been cooking up a storm between tasks at work.  He's been making a galette for lunch, cookies, cheesecake and a fruit tart.  Friday night is expected to be family dinner night - in addition to my sister, my husband and the youngest daughter - we're expecting my oldest daughter, her two daughters, the grandson-in-law, grandson and son-in-law.  I can seat 6 at the dining table, so I guess I'm going to have to whip out a kids' table as well.  The menu will be salad, manicotti, ravioli, chicken parmigiana, roasted summer squash and a dessert selection of cookies, fruit tart, cheesecake, peach ginger galette, and tiramisu.

Suffice to say, it's been a bit busy.
2022-09-27 5:11:16 PM  
Meanwhile in downtown Kramkoob
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2022-09-27 5:12:07 PM  
And one for FishCake
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2022-09-27 5:20:32 PM  

freddyV: Haven't been online much in the past couple weeks.

Did anyone in here get raptured?

Speak up if you did

I did! But l left when I wasn't allowed to bring my cat.
2022-09-27 5:28:58 PM

UCLA is expanding its campus as part of an effort to boost admissions.
2022-09-27 5:31:27 PM

Facebook parent company Meta announced Tuesday it had detected and shut down two separate networks of fake accounts engaged in covert influence operations run from China and Russia.
2022-09-27 5:31:59 PM

Vulnerable Tampa Bay braces for storm not seen in a century

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - It's been more than a century since a major storm like Hurricane Ian has struck the Tampa Bay area, which blossomed from a few hundred thousand people in 1921 to more than 3 million today.
2022-09-27 5:32:26 PM

In 2019, state Sen. Doug Mastriano sponsored legislation barring abortions at around six weeks. Asked if women who broke that law should be charged with murder, he said, "Yes."
2022-09-27 5:32:58 PM

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Tuesday he would support legislation that would make it harder to overturn a certified presidential election, an endorsement that will bolster its chances for passage in his chamber and puts him at sharp odds with former President Donald Trump, who has called on GOP senators to sink the plan.
2022-09-27 5:33:35 PM

Secret Service gave investigators phones of 24 agents involved in January 6

DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari asked for the phones around the time he launched a criminal probe into the Secret Service's missing text messages from Jan. 6, 2021.
2022-09-27 5:34:14 PM

Trump fan who assaulted Officer Fanone on Jan. 6 sentenced to more than seven years in prison

Kyle Young, who brought his son with him on Jan. 6, handed a stun gun to Danny Rodriguez, who electroshocked Fanone near the Capitol tunnel.
2022-09-27 5:34:41 PM

S&P 500 ends Tuesday down after notching a fresh bear market low

The move comes after five straight days of losses for stocks.
2022-09-27 5:35:03 PM

BREAKING: @Sen_JoeManchin throws in the towel. Asks Schumer to remove energy permitting from the spending bill. Doesn't have the votes
2022-09-27 5:39:34 PM  
The Washington Post

A lawsuit seeking to block President Biden's plan to cancel some student debt claims the policy is not only illegal but could inflict harm on borrowers in some states who would be forced to pay taxes on the forgiven amount.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on Tuesday, is the first significant legal action seeking to invalidate Biden's policy before it takes effect.

The Pacific Legal Foundation, the conservative public interest law firm in California that is backing the lawsuit, asserts that the executive branch lacks the authority to create a new forgiveness policy and is usurping Congress's power to make law. The suit was filed on behalf of Frank Garrison, an attorney who works for the foundation and lives in Indiana.

Republican state attorneys general and lawmakers have been exploring the possibility of a lawsuit against Biden's forgiveness plan, which critics have also assailed as fiscally irresponsible. The Job Creators Network pledged to sue the administration once the Education Department guidance has been released.

In its lawsuit, the foundation may have the one thing legal experts said was needed to make a legitimate case: a client with the standing to sue.

Garrison said he has been working toward having his federal student loans canceled through a program that erases the debt of public servants after 10 years of payments and service. Participants in that Public Service Loan Forgiveness program do not have to pay federal or state taxes.

However, Biden's plan could result in borrowers in several states, including Indiana, being required to pay local tax bills, although they would not be subject to federal taxes.
2022-09-27 5:41:16 PM

Mass exodus of draft-eligible men continues from Russia

Confusion over who will be called up to fight has led to mass protests across the country, violence at draft offices, sold-out flights and chaotic scenes at border crossings.
2022-09-27 5:41:40 PM

(Micro) NEWS w @michaelscherer: While all eyes are on Trump and DeSantis, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is quietly hosting a donor retreat as he and his team eye 2024:
2022-09-27 5:41:41 PM  
Kid is here. We're still getting into the homework team. Even Mom goofed and forgot a day.

But he's acing his tests, so, pretty much exactly his mom. LOL

Hopefully we get to swimming today. It's another hot one.
2022-09-27 5:42:01 PM  
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2022-09-27 5:44:30 PM  
Our team was asked to produce a "spooky" IT story to add to our October newsletter. My contribution:

The Mystery in the Service Department.

"The computer in the back doesn't have internet," said the technician. This seemed simple enough; check the cables, unplug it, plug it back in - the usual steps for resolution stirred in my head. I found the sad and dirty little computer in a neglected corner of the service center.

Ethernet cord? Plugged in both on the computer and into an unlabeled jack haphazardly laying near the wall. The cable itself tested fine, but the jack was not providing internet. Ok fine. I try a different port, and then another, and then yet another. I find a different set of possible ports and they all couldn't provide internet either. This just became a little more complicated. Where did these ethernet ports go? I used a special tool to get an idea - it couldn't tell me anything. I ran my fingers along various filthy and tangled cables in a futile attempt to see where they might be going. Into the ceiling? Into the wall? It wasn't at all clear. After a few phone calls and asking around, I was directed to a room with an unassuming closet. I opened the door to pure IT horror: power strips plugged into other power strips, a veritable rats nest of wires (and evidence of actual rats), random pieces of equipment plugged into one another with no real explanation of why, mystery stains, warped shelves, trash - and perhaps most importantly - no clear answer to how anything was getting internet in that entire office.

It took an extra IT technician, an afternoon of tracing and labeling, and lots of hand sanitizer to get to the bottom of it all.
2022-09-27 5:52:35 PM  
When I was
A yong boy
My father
Took me into the city
To see a Kramkoob band.
2022-09-27 5:57:15 PM

Rural climate skeptics are costing us time and money. Do we keep indulging them?
2022-09-27 5:57:21 PM  
hi kids
2022-09-27 5:58:03 PM

California spends billions rebuilding burned towns. The case for calling it quits

In a future ravaged by climate change, wildfires will strain resources. Bringing back every town will only put people in mortal danger once again.
2022-09-27 5:59:38 PM

State Bar announces probe into L.A. lawyers over Armenian genocide settlement

The State Bar of California has taken the unusual step of publicizing its investigation of lawyers Mark Geragos and Brian Kabateck.
2022-09-27 6:01:03 PM  


California spends billions rebuilding burned towns. The case for calling it quits

In a future ravaged by climate change, wildfires will strain resources. Bringing back every town will only put people in mortal danger once again.

Every bit of that could be said about Florida as well.
2022-09-27 6:02:12 PM  

andrewagill: [Fark user image 425x241]

2022-09-27 6:03:04 PM  

BDR459: JulieAzel626:

California spends billions rebuilding burned towns. The case for calling it quits

In a future ravaged by climate change, wildfires will strain resources. Bringing back every town will only put people in mortal danger once again.

Every bit of that could be said about Florida as well.

The problem isn't exactly where they are building, it's HOW they are building. There are some smarter ways to rebuild. It's rebuilding the same type of risky structures that's the waste of money.
2022-09-27 6:15:27 PM

An ally of President Vladimir Putin issued a stark new nuclear warning to Ukraine and the West on Tuesday as Russia began releasing results of referendums it bills as a prelude to it annexing four Ukrainian regions.
2022-09-27 6:15:33 PM

#BREAKING Four people have been shot at Roxborough High School in Philadelphia, police say. Tap for more on this developing story.
2022-09-27 6:15:55 PM

Europe investigates 'attacks' on Russian gas pipelines to Europe

Europe was investigating on Tuesday what Germany, Denmark and Sweden said were attacks which had caused major leaks into the Baltic Sea from two Russian gas pipelines at the centre of an energy standoff.
2022-09-27 6:15:57 PM  
Also, that was supposed to say "homework routine." Not sure why team got in there.
2022-09-27 6:16:24 PM

Donald Trump wins ruling in rape accuser Carroll's defamation lawsuit

A federal appeals court set aside a judge's ruling that Donald Trump could be sued for defamation by E. Jean Carroll after denying he raped her.
2022-09-27 6:16:55 PM

New orders for U.S.-manufactured capital goods increased more than expected in August, suggesting that businesses remained keen to invest in equipment despite higher interest rates, which could keep the economy on a moderate growth path.
2022-09-27 6:18:11 PM

After high profile sacking, UK civil servants fear for jobs under Truss

"Speaking truth unto power" has long been the motto of Britain's civil service, but now some government workers charged with offering ministers impartial advice whatever their party are fearful of their political bosses and are keeping quiet.
2022-09-27 6:18:39 PM

EU urges Italy to stick to programme as approves more funding

The European Commission urged the new Italian government to stick to reform plans as it cleared the way on Tuesday for the payment of an additional 21 billion euros ($20.2 billion) in post-COVID recovery funds.
2022-09-27 6:28:27 PM


A Venezuelan businessman can pursue defamation claims against Fox News and Lou Dobbs over Dominion-related conspiracy theories aired in broadcasts and on Twitter, a federal judge ruled.
2022-09-27 6:28:53 PM

BREAKING: Gavin Newsom has signed a bill to require California employers w/ 15+ workers to provide a salary range on all job postings & authorize the state to collect aggregate data broken down by race, ethnicity and sex, according to CA Legislative Women's Caucus.
2022-09-27 6:28:58 PM  
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2022-09-27 6:31:24 PM

Norway is raising the lever of security readiness at all its oil and gas installations, including the continental self. The explosions on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines (and sighting of drones in the Nord Sea) are prompting Europe to take very seriously the risk of sabotage.

"There has been close contact between the Norwegian government, the police, the Norwegian armed forces and the operators on the Norwegian continental shelf. On this basis, the government has decided to enact measures to heighten emergency preparedness"
2022-09-27 6:32:52 PM

JUST IN: Trump attorney Boris EPSHTEYN says he's scheduled to testify to the Fulton County grand jury on Sept. 29 and that he anticipates asserting attorney-client privilege of significant aspects of his testimony.
2022-09-27 6:35:40 PM  
Earlier today:

Crowds of students have begun to walk out of Northern Virginia schools in protest of Gov. Youngkin's proposed restrictions on transgender students' rights.
2022-09-27 6:38:31 PM

In a 14-1 vote, the Senate Rules Committee approves reforms to the Electoral Count Act. The bill was proposed in response to 1/6 and would make it harder to overturn a presidential election.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the lone "no" vote.
2022-09-27 6:40:47 PM  
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I haven't had caffeine in long enough that a cup of coffee has me feeling really off and twitchy. Anyways, onward.
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