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(Fark Fiction Anthology)   "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time" Leo Tolstoy. This is your Fark Writer's Thread, having patience because I'm short on time edition   ( divider line
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367 clicks; posted to Main » and Discussion » on 21 Sep 2022 at 4:00 PM (19 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-09-21 3:15:08 PM  
Unfortunately, I won't be able to do my customary poorly-researched tips for writers this week, mostly due to a shortage of the aforementioned time. In an even briefer search than normal, I did find this gem, apparently from Tolstoy's memoirs:

"Write 1) in black, without considering the places and correctness of the expression of thoughts; 2) rewrite, excluding everything superfluous and giving the real place to every thought, and 3) rewrite, correcting the incorrectness of the expressions."

Unfortunately, "Just do it" is a Nike slogan and not all particularly useful in the particulars. Anyway!

Writer's Thread Question of the Week:

How useful would the community here find a weekly focused chance to read a piece and give feedback?

This idea came to me while coming up with writer's feedback for this year's Fark Fiction Anthology (seen below!) and what I'm thinking is, if other people think it's a good idea, is that anyone who wants to could send me a short fiction piece and I'll link it at the top of weekly writer's thread. Over the course of the week, anyone interested could read it, and give feedback in that thread (or in the next weeks' thread.) This would be an opportunity for writers to solicit feedback, anonymously if they prefer. Is this something that you all would find useful or interesting?

Fark Fiction Anthology Update!

I've finished sending out notices to everyone who submitted for this year's anthology! If you sent anything in, you should have received either a notice that we've accepted your submission for this year's anthology, or some feedback explaining why we made the decisions we made and potentially suggestions for your story. If you haven't heard from me, check your spam folders, and if I'm not hiding in there drop me a line here or at e­d­ito­rs­[nospam-﹫-backwards]noit­cifkraf­*net and I'll sort out what went wrong. Thanks!
2022-09-21 4:15:49 PM  
I like the idea.

A quote in the same vein as yours: "
The river carves the canyon not through strength, but through perseverance."
2022-09-21 4:28:11 PM  
Critiquing works if you do a couple of things. First, make sure we have a reason to give as well as receive: you can't post a piece unless you've critiqued a piece. Second, put a limit on length. It's not fair to post a novel in return for reading a flash. Alternatively, establish weight classes, so you get a novel-length read for giving one.

If contributors don't have skin in the game, they get discouraged, and before long nobody will have a reason to read. I've seen it happen too many times.

There's some bookkeeping involved, but there are probably systems out there to track these things. The honor system won't work. Trust me.

This is a great idea, I only regret I didn't think of it myself.
2022-09-21 5:01:22 PM  
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2022-09-21 5:04:50 PM  
A weekly writing critique would be useful. As Russell_Secord said, it could be difficult to implement. Some people might abuse the submission queue. And if it's strictly a "give and take" thing where you have to provide one critique for every submission, the critiques might suffer for it.

Great idea, but I think maybe tough to put in place without some digital infrastructure or a team.
2022-09-21 5:07:13 PM  

Spice Must Flow: [Fark user image 425x414]

That roommate should have read what I read. This book's lessons have been making me so much money the authorities have been ringing me non-stop to find out how I did it!

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2022-09-21 5:24:05 PM  
patience and time

Andy Dufresne approves.
2022-09-21 5:24:20 PM  

Man. Goatman.: Spice Must Flow: [Fark user image 425x414]

That roommate should have read what I read. This book's lessons have been making me so much money the authorities have been ringing me non-stop to find out how I did it!

[Fark user image 182x277]

Alternative sub-title: "Why I should have only worn bow-ties when I mugged someone, and not all the time."
2022-09-21 5:47:07 PM  
Maybe that should be a separate fark writing thread.  A critique thread.

I started on my next mish mash of a novel this week. Cosmic horror meets multi level marketing with found footage.
I'm taking a workshop with Jessica Brody (Save The Cat Writes a Novel) and using the workshop to plot the novel.
2022-09-21 6:56:17 PM  

Spice Must Flow: [Fark user image 425x414]

Step 1. Write a book titled "How to get money"
Step 2. Ask people to fund your book's publication
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