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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Flame grilled - "Hippie" firewalkers were KFC managers.   ( divider line
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2979 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2002 at 8:48 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-02-27 08:50:54 PM  
YOu'd think they'd know a little better, no? no? Of course not, it's just KFC for cryin out loud. Not like they own a five-star resort restaraunt or something.
2002-02-27 08:52:04 PM  
Maybe they can sell fried sole...
2002-02-27 08:52:25 PM  
Original..or extra crispy????
....*runs screaming
2002-02-27 08:52:38 PM  
Shouldn't the tag be "Follow-up"?
2002-02-27 08:55:30 PM  
'Kentucky Fried Colonel'

Seriously, this looks like an object lesson in how to motivate your employees to do things that are not necessarily in their own best interest.
2002-02-27 08:55:54 PM  
I was thinking about it, but I figured Ironic kinda fit the bill better...
2002-02-27 08:57:02 PM  
Serves em right for serving oversized rats bred in Puerto Rico and calling it chicken
2002-02-27 08:57:42 PM  
methinks 'Horizons golf resort at Salamander Bay' did not want another conference of fast food farks. Burn them all I say.
2002-02-27 08:59:27 PM  
Were they wearing chicken costumes?
2002-02-27 09:01:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-27 09:06:25 PM  
Australian Kentucky Fried Chicken food sucks. The chicken looks like itty bitty fried baby ducklings and is even more greasy than the USA version. They actually charge you for ketchup packets too. What a ream. These guys had it coming.
2002-02-27 09:07:32 PM  
Well, I'm sure they were all hippie Col. Sanders managers. Right?
2002-02-27 09:07:57 PM  
I dont see how they could burn themselves. Firewalking is fairly safe if you keep moving and dont run through flaming broken glass or something. Or library floors.
2002-02-27 09:14:39 PM  
Firewalking injuries are usually due to not following the instructor's instructions, or sometimes if the coals aren't the right tempature. It's not an exact science either.

God, i'm bored.
2002-02-27 09:15:11 PM  
I'm sorry they got hurt but the chickens get cooked a lot longer.
2002-02-27 09:15:21 PM  
Ironic follow-up
2002-02-27 09:18:16 PM  
I want to send my managers to this corporate teamwork motivational foot broiling thing. Where can I sign them up?
2002-02-27 09:29:29 PM  
Hang on - didn't the same thing happen to a bunch of Burger King managers too? Don't these people learn? Or is this an urban myth getting out of control?
2002-02-27 09:30:42 PM  
GIS for fried chicken (?)

[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-27 09:34:01 PM  
I fail to see the irony. Wouldn't it be ironic if it were people who specialize in burn treatment?
2002-02-27 09:46:45 PM  
Scaryduck: I was just about to say the same thing. I remember a similar article being posted like a year ago on FARK. Some people never learn.

*Heaves a great big sigh at the increasing stupidity of the world*
2002-02-27 09:52:50 PM  
Who cares where they worked? Hippies are losers.
2002-02-27 09:58:51 PM  
What's so ironic about this? What, they can't be both hippies and fast food restaurant managers? The only people who manage fast food are hippie losers and kids, and I'm guessing the article would have mentioned it if they were kids.
2002-02-27 10:03:27 PM  
Are you telling me that Dave Thomas was a hippie loser? Get the hell out of here.
2002-02-27 10:07:34 PM  
"What's so ironic about this?"

They cook chickens. They themselves got cooked. Irony.

I blame Anthony Robbins, myself...
2002-02-27 10:17:03 PM  
that makes since henchman, but the headline reads like it is suppose to be ironic because they aren't hippies, but KFC managers.

"Kentucky Fried Chicken managers have Kentucky Fried Feet"
2002-02-27 10:20:16 PM  
At least they weren't bobbing for wings.

"Go on, stick your head into the fryer and get one for the team. Oh, and if you see Fred's ear in there, could you get that for him."
2002-02-27 10:25:12 PM  
Holy hell, people. Did anyone else notice the ad in the article was a giant farking flash movie? It's disturbing that ads are keeping up with the rest of the internet while at the same time being complete failures...

On a side note, I thought that the irony was that "hippies" would be working at KFC.

2002-02-27 10:29:58 PM  
so what, that's two burned KFC manager incidents?

OK, PLEASE tell me those dimwits were NOT doing the firewalk as pictured. What's wrong with that picture?

SOCKS! With dry cotton, which burns rather handily. No Leidenfrost effect there, buddy.

Lesson to be learned: if you've heard that something works, find out WHY it works before you try it at home.

I wonder if they manage their KFC's in the same way?
2002-02-27 10:50:10 PM  
Ishidan : OK, PLEASE tell me those dimwits were NOT doing the firewalk as pictured. What's wrong with that picture?

SOCKS! With dry cotton, which burns rather handily. No Leidenfrost effect there, buddy.

I think the pic is actually showing their bandaged feet.
2002-02-27 10:54:44 PM  
Why did more people keep walking across after the first guy got burned?
2002-02-27 11:13:22 PM  
Oh well. Wonder what the employees from the nearby "Maryland Fried Chicken" restaurant would do? And yes, there is a place called that. Everybody need's a little MFC.
2002-02-27 11:14:19 PM  
I love the typical corporate response... we'll be looking closely at the type of exercises we engage in in the future, blah blah blah.

Just once I'd like to see the truth released to the press, "We never looked closely at any of this because frankly, we don't really care. We were only trying to give these people a sense of team strength so that they could push even more poorly prepared chicken to the masses. Luckily even with these injuries, there are enough unemployed people with Bahelor's degrees in English, History or Political Science to fill all of the voids created."
2002-02-27 11:18:23 PM  
I have nothing to say.
2002-02-27 11:29:35 PM  
OK where are you all now? Where are all the drooling farkwit rednecks and little pretty boy punks like Fb- who went on about the hippies in the first article, eh? You little shiat gobbling suck holes you ain't saying much now are you. All y'all need to go home and suck off your dog, and you salad tossers know who the fark you are, you poster children for farking late term abortion.
2002-02-27 11:31:42 PM  
I think the pic is actually showing their bandaged feet.

I just took a REAL close look at that...and I think you're right. Good grief...
2002-02-27 11:46:45 PM  
So what corporations really want is more sheep? I guess these guys don't want to get labelled as not a team player. What they just don't get is that the ones with the balls to swim against the tide rise to the top.

If peer pressure's what it's going to be all about, then how about beer chugging followed by the drunken cash drawer count, and finishing off the evening with a little coed grabass? For all the indignity of this shiat, at least make sure your management team gets drunk and laid.
2002-02-28 12:24:02 AM  
This story is at least a year old.
2002-02-28 12:25:18 AM  
if you sneak a piss on the coals when nobody's watching, it makes it a helluva lot easier
2002-02-28 12:30:08 AM  
Young_Fart -
Holy shiat. Beer chugging, drunken cash drawer counting and coed grabass? I think we must have worked at some of the same places.
2002-02-28 12:33:12 AM  
that monkey ad scares me.
2002-02-28 01:03:53 AM  
No, Jmc, this one is new, but it has happened before...often.

You'd think they'd give it away.

And yes, that "team player" stuff is out of date.
2002-02-28 03:12:19 AM  
Why do you say this story is a year old?
I has been reported by numerous reliable news outlets in Australia as happening on Wednesday.
Are you refering to another incident? Maybe there are ambitious executives all over the world with burnt feet!
2002-02-28 03:56:22 AM  
"Do you want fries with that?"
2002-02-28 07:44:20 AM  
RoadApple: funniest post so far... lmao
2002-02-28 01:28:18 PM  
funny hippies getting baked.
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