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(Ars Technica)   It is the best of rockets. It is the worst of rockets. It is rocket of wisdom. It is a rocket of foolishness. It is a rocket going to the farking Moon. It is the rocket going straight down to Hell   ( divider line
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2022-08-23 10:40:10 PM  
SLS is crap, it was always crap, it will always BE crap. Even if we ignore its development cost and timeline, its $/Kg/LEO is WAY too high. I mean, ballparking it, 100 tons for $2 billion.

Block 1 is rated for 95 tons to LEO and "over $2 billion". Falcon Heavy is $100 million to put 62 tons in LEO. Yeah, I was a bit shocked when I checked that number, too. SLS has slightly better performance beyond LEO, in theory, due to hydrolox upper stage. But that's theory, someone needs to fly one, yes?

I won't quote Starship numbers until one flies.

SLS is literally pork. There's a reason it's derisively referred to as the "Senate Launch System". It exists to move money to donors. Boeing is involved, that should tell you LOTS about the program.
2022-08-23 10:47:35 PM  
It was the year the Great Rocket came upon us all.
It was a rocket of pain.
A rocket of sadness.
A rocket of rebirth.
It was a new rocket.
2022-08-23 10:59:40 PM  

Bondith: It was the year the Great Rocket came upon us all.
It was a rocket of pain.
A rocket of sadness.
A rocket of rebirth.
It was a new rocket.

It failed. But in the Third Year of the Plague, it became something greater: it spurred not only billionaires like Branson and Bezos and Musk, but and dozens of small companies on shoestring budgets to make their own best efforts to reduce the cost of lifting material to orbit. The year is 2022. The place is Fark.

Breaking Through (SLS Gets Fired Up With Rock Legends STYX's "Gone Gone Gone")
Youtube YD4qgxDB6SU

Light it up, let's get this show on the road.
2022-08-23 11:05:54 PM  
I attended a convention back in 2014 and one of the lectures was about the Senate Looting System by some poor sucker of an engineer.  People kept breaking out in laughter when he spoke about the first launch in 2016.

But, regardless of this launch being a success or it blowing up, SpaceX will get the go ahead for Starship.
2022-08-23 11:26:30 PM  
Kind of impressive that they managed to spend over $20 billion developing a parts-bin rocket.
2022-08-24 12:33:48 AM  
It's nothing but a modern Space Shuttle, without the actual Shuttle and they made it even worse actually because this time the SRBs aren't recovered at all. Literally the entire thing is disposed of except the capsule. Such backwards "progression"   This thing will actually end up costing more per flight than the shuttle and dollars to doughnuts this program won't last half as long as the shuttle program.
2022-08-24 12:59:44 AM  
Needs more thrusters, more struts, and even more thrusters.


2022-08-24 1:04:49 AM  
"a world with broadband Internet"

So, not the USA? Because I have been griping about terrible bandwidth only 100 miles away from Silicon Valley for, oh, twenty-five years!?

/ Holy fark, really. Wow. I just realized that.
2022-08-24 1:32:22 AM  
I remember reading a Heinlein book when I was a kid that, as part of the story, predicted private corporations would beat government agencies in the "regular flights to space" race.

Over its 30 year lifetime, the Shuttle flew 135 successful flights. In its 12 years of operation, the Falcon 9 alone has 147 successful flights.

The SLS was never going to be a winner and NASA has, in the last handful of years, finally come around to the concept of using OTS components, parts, and assemblies. They're also learning that maybe the eye wateringly expensive VxWorks isn't the only game in town thanks to Ingenuity and Linux.

I hope that in whatever remains of my lifetime, I'll get to see NASA go back to being a leader in space exploration and science instead of as just a funnel to Boeing and Lockheed.
2022-08-24 10:28:47 AM  
It's not just that SLS is a terrible design 6 years behind schedule and $20 billion over budget despite using spitshined 1970s technology. It's not that it does everything that it does in the least efficient way imaginable and has ZERO chance of being sustainable over any length of time.

It's the fact that NASA will still have to replace it with something when they're done with it.

SLS is the rocket we needed 15 years ago when Falcon 9 wasn't good enough for BEO and nobody wanted to man-rate a Falcon Heavy. As a NEW launch system, it's an embarrassing dead end.

Bury it next to the Ares I and then pave over the gravesite with a Starship launchpad.
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