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(Charleston Gazette)   Tyson-Lewis may be in... get this... West Virginia   ( wvgazette.com) divider line
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2002-02-27 10:51:35 AM  
Ain't that fitting?
2002-02-27 10:51:50 AM  
NPR announced this morning it would be June 8th in Washington DC.
2002-02-27 10:52:50 AM  
You can almost hear the banjo music now.
2002-02-27 10:53:50 AM  
imagine the ringside scramble when they knock each others teeth out
2002-02-27 10:55:12 AM  
I hope both citizens order it on PPV
2002-02-27 10:55:47 AM  
Tyson's Quote of "I'm not an animal" would change to.
"I'd like to fark an animal"
2002-02-27 10:56:48 AM  
Tyson is such a lisping, stupid farkwad.

I hope Lewis knocks the shiat out of him, at least before the asscrack can bite his ear.
2002-02-27 10:56:51 AM  
I think pick WV because when they get their teeth knocked out, they'll fit right in.
2002-02-27 10:58:40 AM  
Does this mean that if we want to see the fight we have to go to Greenland.

Damn Farkman
2002-02-27 10:59:31 AM  
Wow, I guess there weren't any "Bush forgets to order lemon with his diet coke, what an idiot" articles to post today, or something. We're now reduced to making fun of West Virginia for the hilarious fact that it's... get this... "West Virginia". HA HA HA ROTFLOL, man that is SO funny.
2002-02-27 10:59:58 AM  
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2002-02-27 11:01:43 AM  
Did anyone else read the start of this article as "Attention Deficit Disorder West Virginia . . ."?
2002-02-27 11:04:57 AM  
Boxing is worked. Wresling is more real that boxing. Oh, it's true.
2002-02-27 11:05:10 AM  
Y'all better gettum a coal miner's daughter to singem thar Natiernal Anthem.
[image from nashvillesongwriters.com too old to be available]
2002-02-27 11:06:25 AM  
w00t! west virginia. thats where i am! bring it on, those bug eyed river people up in chester will take care of that bastard, if he gets loose. Chester, WV= don't drink the water.
2002-02-27 11:09:44 AM  
Bug eyed river people?
2002-02-27 11:10:24 AM  
Lewis: You sure do got a purty mouth

Tyson: I'll fark you until you love me.
2002-02-27 11:13:37 AM  
I thought West Virginia was now Kentucky and WV is now relocated to Greenland...
2002-02-27 11:14:48 AM  
If West Virginia is now Kentucky, Drew better hope he's out of jail before Tyson arrives.
2002-02-27 11:19:08 AM  
Hey, be nice: Clutch are from WV
2002-02-27 11:32:10 AM  
All bovine, inbreed commentary and Ned Beatty references aside, at least WV now has something to offer the other 49 states now - other than white water rafting and sh.itty skiing. Small note: most hillbilly observations should be redirected at Arkansas and Mississippi (if they had soap in those states, you'd best not drop any....)
2002-02-27 11:36:27 AM  
Here in Texas You can buy a buy a handgun after pulling out of drive through liquor store on your way from the State Mental Hospital to your divorce hearing but you can't bite someone in the leg and then box with them.
2002-02-27 11:40:32 AM  
Sweeeet! Mountaineer Park is 30 minutes north of my hometown.

And northern WV isn't so bad as the hillbillies go, its the southerners you gotta watch out for.
2002-02-27 11:43:31 AM  
I thank my luck stars that I live in Texas. You can't imagine how convenient it is to buy a handgun after pulling out of drive through liquor store on your way from the State Mental Hospital to your divorce hearing. God bless Texas.
2002-02-27 11:51:25 AM  
Manhigh is correct. Having been through the entire state at one time or another, I can tell you that without a doubt its the area south of Charleston where you have to be careful. North of Charleston isn't all that bad.
2002-02-27 12:13:30 PM  
I live in southern, deep southern WV. I moved here about 2 years ago from Silver Spring, MD (DC metro area). Yes, there are some hill-billies, but which state do they not inhabit? I don't really socialize a lot with the people here but I must say that like any place, there is not just one type of person here. Some are cultured. Please don't lump me into the same category as your pre-concieved West Virginian.
2002-02-27 12:17:36 PM  
people in chester arn't "southern redneck", they are more like ohio white trash, only with less money. sweartagod...the funny looking kid in gummo, that's what chester locals REALLY look like. it's this dirty stretch of road in the tip of the northern panhandle that is nothing but chemical factories and boobie bars. extremly high rates of cancers, and other medical goodies and the locals look like ohio river carp...bug eyed. unbelievable.
2002-02-27 12:18:47 PM  
Dizzybunny:Clutch are from Maryland (Germantown).
2002-02-27 12:54:18 PM  
they are more like ohio white trash, only with less money


i'm from southern wv. i live in canaan valley now. you know the part of the state with all the shiatty skiing?
2002-02-27 01:00:29 PM  
As far as the hillbillies only being in the southern end of the state, try again. Living in the northern end, 6 miles south of Penna border I can tell you that hillbillies are alive and well and abundant around here. Drive 10 miles outside of town and the Deliverance theme starts up automatically.
2002-02-27 01:03:30 PM  
I just heard on the ESPN Radio that an even bigger fight is going to occur.

Ladies and gentlemen prepare yourself for the celebrity cat fight of all time. Tonya "Hubcap" Harding vs The Long Island Loletta, Amy Fischer.

Now there is a pay per view to watch.
2002-02-27 01:14:29 PM  
Mountaineer Park is the worst thoroughbred horse racing track on the East Coast, in terms of the quality of horses running there.

As for rednecks and Mountain Williams, they can be found all over the state.


The Northern Panhandle is like Pittsburgh and Ohio, whereas Charleston has a certain # of lawyers and other such creatures by virtue of the state capital being there.

Morgantown is home to WVU and as such is a typical university town. Sen. Byrd has gotten lots of federal government buildings out that way as well.

The Eastern Panhandle is a virtual suburb of Washington DC these days.

West Virginia is chock full of titty bars.

The WV-VA border is also full of stores (on the VA side) which sell cigarets by the cartonload to WV residents avoiding the cigaret tax.

As for the fight being in WV, I would only see that if DC falls through. But Arneault is gambling big-time here to put Mountaineer Park on the top of concert/sporting event/etc sites. It may just work out.

The fight will happen. Whether it's on US soil or in some Third World country with a government that won't be overthrown the day before the fight remains to be seen.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-02-27 01:24:31 PM  
West Virginia is chock full of titty bars.

indeed. see that's what i don't understand. how can you not give props to a state with soooooo maaaaany boobie bars? huh? huh? not to mention the amount of beer we drink. wv is like real life fark, only with less money.
2002-02-27 01:29:27 PM  
Tedneedles: The quality of titties also matters. I have heard stories of pregnant strippers and strippers with missing teeth in some of those titty bars.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-02-27 01:35:17 PM  
"I have heard stories of pregnant strippers and strippers with missing teeth in some of those titty bars."

Yeah, brag about the good ones but what about the really skanky ones?
2002-02-27 01:44:50 PM  
Hey by god I'm from Logan, West Virginia. Bring Tyson and Lewis down here to the Logan High School Gym. Thats where the tough man contest is every year. It's pretty sweet. Anyway, all you farks talkin shiat about my state, fark you you sorry ass farks. I will make you eat my shiat, then make you shiat then eat that shiat which is made out of my shiat in the first place. You are all gonna pay. You are all a bunch of ball lickers. Lick my balls. Sincerely
J. Altizer
2002-02-27 01:47:36 PM  
West Virginia is a BEAUTIFUL state!

Plus they got some BIG ASS DISHES!


I visited this place, it was cool! ;)
2002-02-27 01:48:17 PM  
What he said!
2002-02-27 01:50:37 PM  
Yeah I was just kidding about the southerners. We have hillbillies in the north, but far less concentrated :)

And bindsocket, you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, ergo you live in the south :)
2002-02-27 01:51:32 PM  
WVa has some of the best white water rafting in the world. The Upper Gulley river is simply outstanding.
2002-02-27 02:24:15 PM  
Blocked, you gotta realize these WV guys put bigger dishes than that on top of their double wides
2002-02-27 02:42:28 PM  
They should just have the fight in Manila, like they did with Ali back in the day.
2002-02-27 02:52:05 PM  

i was gonna say: yea and that dish is just to get CMT

anyway. yeah this area is beautiful. if you don't ski, (or shiatty shi :) it gets a bit desolate in the winter. and if you are single forget about it. unles you don't mind crossing over into bovine territory.
2002-02-27 03:52:12 PM  
When are people going to realize that Mike Tyson is a hack? They're actually trying to hype this as a great boxing match! Tyson should stick to the Peter McNeely's of the world. Or better yet: Tyson Vs. Butterbean. At least they're on the same level.
2002-02-27 04:29:29 PM  
regardless of how hillbilly people think it is, I love it. It could use a little culture here and there, but welcome to America - name one state that doesnt have a plethora of ignorant rednecks or hillbillies.

I prefer hillbillies to rednecks, but 'good ol boys' over hillbillies. :)
2002-02-27 04:55:39 PM  
im a good ol boy
2002-02-27 06:13:58 PM  
i'm a good old red billy
2002-02-27 08:28:42 PM  
"We're now reduced to making fun of West Virginia for the hilarious fact that it's... get this... "West Virginia". HA HA HA ROTFLOL, man that is SO funny."

Hey, I'm from Charleston, but it seems so ridiculous that I had to write that when I submitted the link. BTW. The place they are talking about holds fights for ESPN2's Friday Night Fights, but it can't hold more that 10,000 people. The owner would have to build an outdoor arena or something of the like for this kind of event.
2002-02-28 08:41:27 PM  
Nope. Not gonna happen.

2002-03-01 12:05:05 AM  
J. Altizer----- You know something my friend, I am also from WEST VIRGINIA! All of these stupid assholes wouldn`t be talking this shiat, if they were standing face to face with one of us (so called mountain men)! There are people in our state that would whip the shiat out of MIKE TYSON, but then again all of these out-of-staters wouldn`t know that considering how DUMB they are about WEST VIRGINIA!! Anyone that has any sense knows the fight will be held where the most money will be paid, so it probably won`t be WEST VIRGINIA, which is good in my book because we won`t have to put up with all of you stupid people coming here!!! YAW`LL DON`T COME BACK NOW, YA HEER!! HEE HAW HEE HAW
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