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(Some Guy)   Internet Treasure Hunt: What's a good gift for people who have "too much money on their hands" to buy for themselves?   ( divider line
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217 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 17 Aug 2022 at 4:20 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-17 4:29:02 PM  
They can have my mortgage payments!!
2022-08-17 4:42:14 PM  
White elephant gifts.  Magic 8 Ball, kitschy cookie cannisters, a box of Wacky Wall Walkers.  At that point, you're looking at giving them a laugh than something useful.

Now, if they're Karen/Kevins, then you donate in their name to organizations they would never dare.
2022-08-17 4:56:09 PM  
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2022-08-17 4:56:50 PM  
Soap, to clean up after all that filthy lucre on their hands.
2022-08-17 4:57:54 PM  
For themselves?  I know some are suggesting make a significant but not outrageous donation in someone else's name to an organization they would hate.

BUT, If it were me in that position, I'd turn it around.  Say, I had an in-law who was otherwise nice, but hasn't fully evolved some, shall we say "antiquated" social opinions.  Make a house payment for them, and attribute it to a Pride Alliance group, or the NAACP.  Your diabetic Uncle who thinks the election was stolen?  Pay for a month's worth of his insulin, "Courtesy of the Obama Presidential Library Fund".

That way you can do something nice, and be a snarky asshat that makes nutjobs uncomfortable about it.
2022-08-17 5:17:30 PM  
A hot cocoa sampler box.
2022-08-17 5:45:29 PM  
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2022-08-17 6:12:36 PM  
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2022-08-17 6:43:05 PM  
2022-08-17 7:02:55 PM  
911 GT3
2022-08-17 9:17:32 PM  
A watch ?
2022-08-17 10:24:38 PM  
I hear subby's mom charges extra for butt stuff, so I'd start there...
2022-08-17 10:47:53 PM  
Used to be Cocaine.
/don't know now.
//out of touch
///get off my patch of dirt! (Californian)
2022-08-18 1:38:47 AM  
An anonymous potato.
2022-08-18 4:29:31 AM  

Grand_Theft_Audio: Now, if they're Karen/Kevins, then you donate in their name to organizations they would never dare.

Your solution for dealing with people you don't like is to give them nothing and then shame them when they aren't happy with the gift?

This is how I imagine your holidays to go:
"GTA, here is a normal and maybe even thoughtful gift."
"Well Karen, I don't like you so here is a certificate saying you donated to a cause you don't support so you basically get nothing."
"That's a bit of a dick move."
"How dare you not support [cause]? Are you some kind of an ist/phobe? Wharrgarble wharrgarble"

And then next thanksgiving you'll be all "I have to go there, but I hate [insert family member], (s)he's just so unreasonable and angry all the time and for some reason parts of the family even take her side!" despite having fostered and grown that dislike yourself.
2022-08-18 11:51:49 AM Full Size
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