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(YouTube)   Great example of "everything's an instrument." More like this, please   ( divider line
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353 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 17 Aug 2022 at 2:05 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-17 2:11:51 PM  
Dang! That was amazingly good!
2022-08-17 2:24:10 PM  
Handbells are "weird instruments"?  Jeez go to any public music performance in December and you're bound to hear them
2022-08-17 2:29:18 PM  

Billy Liar: Handbells are "weird instruments"?  Jeez go to any public music performance in December and you're bound to hear them

I thought that was a strange classification too - but I assumed they meant the plastic tubs and bowls full of pebbles.
2022-08-17 2:39:51 PM  
I have a question ...
i.ytimg.comView Full Size
2022-08-17 2:50:34 PM  
thumbs.gfycat.comView Full Size
2022-08-17 3:12:18 PM  
Thought it was a table full of small bongs
2022-08-17 3:38:10 PM  
Fark user imageView Full Size

Sheet metal, jet turbines, dried leaves, broken glass, raw meat, etc... You name it, they'll make music with it.
2022-08-17 3:38:31 PM  
Megalovania played on Mayonnaise
Youtube 6evO73HqvBQ
2022-08-17 4:04:53 PM  
Unusual instruments, you say?

Hertz Waltz Jamming 電電楽🏮
Youtube Gq3ICDT_R-0
2022-08-17 4:05:32 PM  
Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)
Youtube IvUU8joBb1Q
2022-08-17 4:10:54 PM  
Finally a use for all that leftover lab equipment.

The Hidden Funk Of The HP Word Generator 8006A
Youtube nUz7E9VvQQU
2022-08-17 4:13:43 PM  
A very normal and not at all nightmarish musical instrument.

Youtube GYLBjScgb7o
2022-08-17 4:43:01 PM  
After watching this a couple of times I STILL cannot figure out what is making the basso tone. It's not one of the bells. In fact, it sounds pretty much like a bass guitar that we can't see. Anyone else notice and, if so, do you hear what I'm hearing and can you explain it?
2022-08-17 5:10:32 PM  
Carol of the Bells on musical Tesla coils
Youtube i8Dp7irp4EI
2022-08-17 5:23:01 PM  

Cletus from Canuckistan: [Youtube-video]

Made me think of this
"Pipe Dream" -
Youtube hyCIpKAIFyo
2022-08-17 5:29:41 PM  

Billy Liar: Handbells are "weird instruments"?  Jeez go to any public music performance in December and you're bound to hear them

In the context of Lil Nas song covers?  Yeah, I'd say they are in that case usage.  Plus the random crap they're using to weave in percussion

/and yeah - that was an impressive performance right there
2022-08-17 5:46:39 PM  
It's hard to believe that they got it sounding that perfectly balanced and executed in a live situation.
It's hard to get bells to chime exactly in time by just swinging them.

I'm going to guess that this was studio recorded and then lip-synched to make the video.

The resonant bass tone is probably coming from the large bells - I think they have the ability to resonate like that, but again,
studio enhancement is also probably at play to make it sound more contemporary and groovy.
2022-08-17 6:30:38 PM  
Mosaune (Motorsäge - Posaune)
Youtube mP0Vqpz6F9k
2022-08-17 11:50:39 PM  
once on SNL I saw Beck and his band play a syncopated rhythm song as they stood around a dining table that was set with glasses, utensils et cetera. there were no instruments, the song was played with hands and the place settings. it was clever and entertaining.
2022-08-18 12:41:45 AM  
Needs more electric mushrooms.
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