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3088 clicks; posted to Politics » on 17 Aug 2022 at 9:01 AM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-17 7:57:27 AM  
Original Tweet:

2022-08-17 8:09:25 AM  
Manchin is given a reward commensurate with his contributions
2022-08-17 8:26:20 AM  
"Thanks for the absolute bare minimum you asshole."
2022-08-17 8:32:54 AM  
You know where to put this, Manchin.
2022-08-17 8:43:01 AM  
"This is my pen. I've named it Sean. Take good care of it."
2022-08-17 9:04:05 AM  
"Here, it just ran out of ink.  It's worthless, like you."
2022-08-17 9:08:30 AM  
"Take this pen and shove it up your ass."

I know Joe is classier than me on the outside, but on the inside... well, I read his mind.  You did too.
2022-08-17 9:08:41 AM  
"Fark you very much."
2022-08-17 9:09:19 AM  
This is the last time we share a stage, you craven douche. Go eat some anthracite.
2022-08-17 9:10:24 AM  
"That's all you're getting, bruh!"
2022-08-17 9:11:53 AM  
"Is that Yahtzee? I think I got Yahtzee."
"Joe, We're playing Uno!"
2022-08-17 9:12:02 AM  
2022-08-17 9:14:30 AM  
"Keep the change, ya filthy animal."
2022-08-17 9:15:45 AM  
Biden to Schumer: "Jill has Covid. Have Manchin stand next to her."
2022-08-17 9:19:09 AM  
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Are you brave enough, Manchin?
2022-08-17 9:20:01 AM  
"Now go and get your shine box."
2022-08-17 9:21:26 AM  
I can't believe you had the balls to show up. Here, have a pen.
2022-08-17 9:21:28 AM  
Biden gives Manchin the 'ol Lloyd Dobler.
2022-08-17 9:24:41 AM  
"Here, check this out. Does this pen smell funny to you?"
2022-08-17 9:25:25 AM  
'Here. I had Jill spit on it before I came out."
2022-08-17 9:26:58 AM  
My wife just got Covid but I'm not wearing a mask around a bunch of old people!
2022-08-17 9:27:43 AM  
Here you go Mr. President, I'm finished authorizing the bill you allowed.
2022-08-17 9:28:34 AM  
Joe Biden completes negotiation with Terrorist.
2022-08-17 9:33:31 AM  
Pull my finger
2022-08-17 9:33:44 AM  
"Sorry, Joe, but it's not a Sharpie."
2022-08-17 9:36:40 AM  
Why no funny thumb?
2022-08-17 9:49:19 AM  
"That's a $750 million dollar pen, jacka** -- remember where you got it from."

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2022-08-17 9:59:31 AM  
Hold still and look at this pen very closely
2022-08-17 10:07:15 AM  

PopcornJunky: "Take this pen and shove it up your ass."

I know Joe is classier than me on the outside, but on the inside... well, I read his mind.  You did too.

The look he gave him was unmistakable.  That's the look I give my kids and/or spouse sometimes.  It basically says "Thanks a pant load"
2022-08-17 10:13:05 AM  
Did you ever see that James Bond movie where James has a pen that if you click the requisite number of times, it blows up?  No? Good.  Here's your pen.  Go play with it over there.
2022-08-17 10:37:07 AM  
Kids In The Hall - My Pen
Youtube yQ1pO-tZbYA
2022-08-17 11:25:44 AM  
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2022-08-17 12:42:08 PM  
"This one ballpoint pen has more balls than you. Bigger, too"
2022-08-17 12:43:45 PM  
I feel like crying. He gave me a pen. I gave him my vote and he gave me a pen.
2022-08-17 12:51:01 PM  
You're even more of a Democrat than Bernie!
2022-08-17 1:07:29 PM  
Too bad I can't stab you with this pen.
2022-08-17 1:24:25 PM  
Here Manchin  take this pen. Later I'm going to come back for it and SHOVE IT IN YOUR NECK!
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