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(Twitter)   Take the "Beat Doctor Oz at Weird Crudites" challenge by listing the last 3 items you purchased from the grocery store   ( divider line
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530 clicks; posted to Food » on 16 Aug 2022 at 9:04 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-16 5:51:14 PM  
Original Tweet:

2022-08-16 6:00:53 PM  
Dried lily flower, dried black fungus, and milk. (It was a Japanese grocery store.)
2022-08-16 6:02:21 PM  
Falafel, a gyro kit and bell peppers.
2022-08-16 6:02:50 PM  
Diet pepsi, V8 juice, bread. My life is very exciting.
2022-08-16 6:02:56 PM  
Oz, you're not running against Joe Biden.
2022-08-16 6:04:11 PM  
melon, cabbage, wheat thins
2022-08-16 6:04:42 PM  
Diet Mt dew, gallon skim milk, tillamook extra sharp cheddar
2022-08-16 6:08:40 PM  
Sliced cheddar cheese, eggs, whole milk.
2022-08-16 6:14:59 PM  
Bok choy, pita crisps, a pound of frozen ground turkey.
2022-08-16 6:15:25 PM  
grapefruit, zucchini, baby oil
the good kind made from fresh babies
2022-08-16 6:16:53 PM  
2022-08-16 6:19:17 PM  
milk, beer, and cheese.
2022-08-16 6:21:05 PM  
Taco Sauce, Nacho Cheez in a squeez bottle, and shredded cheddar.

It was for burrito night.
2022-08-16 6:24:30 PM  
Romaine lettuce, celery, honeycrisp apples.
2022-08-16 6:34:59 PM  
Mangoes, breakfast sausage and bread.
2022-08-16 6:36:39 PM  
Aromat seasoning, uncooked corned beef and Moxie.
2022-08-16 6:40:46 PM  
Low sodium V-8, salmon and bananas

//really bad crudité or really awesome smoothie?
2022-08-16 6:50:26 PM  
Bottle of red wine, some pepperoni, and KY jelly.

Don't judge me.
2022-08-16 6:58:01 PM  
1. Cleaning solution for my contacts.
2. Bottled water.
3. Hand sanitizer.
2022-08-16 7:00:35 PM  
Milk, focaccia, ice cream.
2022-08-16 7:10:39 PM  

cretinbob: grapefruit, zucchini, baby oil
the good kind made from fresh babies

The pomade is stored in small glas jars as baby food and the pits are ground into baby powder.

//Coke 0 Sugar
///ramen noodles
2022-08-16 7:12:02 PM  
Bananas, blueberries, and a toothbrush
2022-08-16 7:13:54 PM  
A shovel, extra large garbage bags and lye.
2022-08-16 7:19:28 PM  

dildo tontine: A shovel, extra large garbage bags and lye.

Are you Rand Paul's neighbor?   Just asking.
2022-08-16 7:21:01 PM  

dildo tontine: A shovel, extra large garbage bags and lye.

you could go next door to home depot and get lime, too
2022-08-16 7:28:19 PM  
Shrimp, lemons, and garlic.
2022-08-16 7:34:17 PM  
I only had $10 so I just bought a banana
2022-08-16 7:36:45 PM  
Preparation H
Gifilte Fish
Aqua Velva

/Hey, it's a Tuesday
2022-08-16 7:51:19 PM  

dildo tontine: A shovel, extra large garbage bags and lye.

You don't buy it all in one trip. Raises flags. Rookie mistake.
2022-08-16 7:52:49 PM  
French bread roll, cheese, pepperoni.

Mine to very well together
2022-08-16 8:09:45 PM  
milk, apples, peaches
2022-08-16 9:08:52 PM  

NateAsbestos: Oz, you're not running against Joe Biden.

Actually he kind of is, and with Biden kicking so much ass lately, that might explain why 538 currently has the Dems with a 62% chance to hold the Senate...up from 42% when they opened the model on June 1st.
2022-08-16 9:13:37 PM  
Red plums
Raw beef sirloin
Toilet paper
2022-08-16 9:15:15 PM  
Strawberry poptarts, anchovies, avocados
2022-08-16 9:15:38 PM  
2022-08-16 9:23:05 PM  
2 pounds raw sunflower seeds
organic strained tomato puree
imported pistachio gelato
2022-08-16 9:24:50 PM  
Champagne, chocolates and a box of magnums,

Your mom says hi


Last three things I probably bought was a gallon of milk, some frozen vegetables and 2 pounds of pork shoulder.
2022-08-16 9:33:46 PM  
2 HVAC filters and I forget.
2022-08-16 9:34:38 PM  
Totino's Pizza Rolls, strawberry yogurt, and vanilla ice cream. I think this could actually be a hit.

(There were other, healthier things in my basket but those were the last three that went in.)
2022-08-16 9:35:53 PM  
Yesterday's shopping trip actually was three items exactly.

Because I had gone in to get some Mountain Dew before a short road trip, but it wasn't my regular grocery store, so I couldn't find all of what I was looking for, then I realized that because I had gotten lost trying to find the service center to drop off my generator, I needed to get back on the road to get to the doctor's office.

So my total purchase was:

6 pack of Mountain Dew
Two cans of green beans
A can of refried beans.

... and the reusable bag, because I hadn't planned on going to the store, so didn't have any in my car that trip,

Mind you, I had carrots at home, so I could probably make a decent bean dip if I thinned out the refried beans, maybe with some like juice, hot sauce, or salsa, all of which I already had at home.

/would never put asparagus in a veggie platter
2022-08-16 9:36:02 PM  
5 lb chicken breast, 8 loose carrots and three heads of broccoli.  Needed to make my dinners for the last few days...
2022-08-16 9:37:56 PM  
Child's wig, handcuffs, "Mulan" DVD
Box of pool cleaner tablets, 5 gallon drum of bleach, Zorb ball
Leeks, Saran Wrap, water-based personal lubricant
Cooler, Purina Monkey Chow, claw hammer
Coveralls, hockey mask, "Brokeback Mountain" DVD on sale
2022-08-16 9:39:39 PM  
Crisco Eggplants and popcorn
2022-08-16 9:41:19 PM  

Devolving_Spud: dildo tontine: A shovel, extra large garbage bags and lye.

Are you Rand Paul's neighbor?   Just asking.

And did you need help?
2022-08-16 9:47:09 PM  
Beer, ice cream, cigarettes.

Earlier in the day-gizzards, Mountain Dew, and jalapeño chips. Healthy lunch
2022-08-16 9:51:23 PM  
Orange, Sriracha, garlic (for my orange chicken).
2022-08-16 9:55:04 PM  
Blackberry yogurt, extra sharp cheddar cheese, and a cheap Shiraz.
2022-08-16 10:01:26 PM  
ahi tuna steak, yogurt, bbq potato chips.
2022-08-16 10:03:04 PM  
Pizza dough, black rock fungus, tea
2022-08-16 10:04:41 PM  
Bouquet of yellow roses, dried apple chips, and whole wheat tortillas. Roses for mom's grave, probably don't taste great.
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