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(Some DidYouKnow it-all)   Have you ever lost your best friend? Or are you lucky enough to still have one?   ( divider line
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2022-08-13 5:46:51 PM  
Mine was killed by a hit and run driver while she was jogging in 2019. I miss her every day.
2022-08-13 6:00:14 PM  
Heart problems exposed by his reaction to the Covid vaccine. He never regained consciousness after open heart surgery. August 3, 2021

/best friend for 40ish years
2022-08-13 6:33:58 PM  
He got a visit from the fentanyl fairy about 10 years back, when my oldest was a baby. Miss him dearly.

Still have friends, good friends at that. Just nobody I grew up with.
FNG [TotalFark]
2022-08-13 6:39:51 PM  
When I was in my late 20s to mid-30s, as a bachelor, I was a barfly at a place in Arlington, VA.  Made a lot of good friends there, very much a Cheers atmosphere.

I became best friends with a guy who was big in to boating.  He always worked remotely and was pretty loaded.  He bragged about his wealth, which was a negative character trait.

After about 10 years he decided to sell his pad in Arlington, buy a boat, and go back to his home in Knoxville, where his mom lived.  Bought it, got it ready, and took the thing all the way down the Atlantic coast and up the ICW.

We emailed a few times but he said he wanted to leave that part of his life behind him.  I wondered if something went bad with one of his "relationships" - he never dated because of a betrayal early in his life, just used escorts.

So a few weeks ago I saw a news article about boat races in Knoxville.  I figured he could be involved, since that was his thing (and escorts), so I searched his name and Knoxville.

First hit was his obituary.  He had died just a couple years after he left Arlington.  They found him floating in a marina, and the official report he "fell off a dock and drowned".

LOL.  Dude was an expert swimmer and had very meticulous rules about alcohol, the water, and especially his boat.  He was 53.  I have no doubt one or a combination of the following happened:

He pissed off someone's pimp
He bragged about his money and someone decided to take some of it.  He always had a lot of cash on hand.

He certainly didn't fall off a dock and just drown.

It was late when I found out, and MrsFNG was asleep.  I was in shock and I went in the bedroom and said "Just found out (redacted) has been dead for 8 years."  She's like "Holy shiat."

I said they found him drowned in a marina, said he had fallen off a dock.  She's said "Do you suspect foul play?"  I said "Hell yeah."

Sad.  His mother outlived for many years, but died in 2021, so I can't even send late condolences.
2022-08-13 6:40:16 PM  
I only have about 3 friends at a time. They come and go every 8 or so years. It's okay. It's all I have energy for.

I'm okay with people coming and going.

I used to really miss my good friends. But fb has made that less painful, I guess.

I do miss my dad, though.
2022-08-13 6:52:59 PM  
Lost a group of work friends when I lost the sailboat in the divorce... apparently weren't really friends.

Lost a group of childhood friends due to my abusive spouse demanding I quit them.  Then she ditched me, then when my resulting depression kicked in, I didn't think I was worthy of them, for having treated them so shabbily.  My fault, but I was broken.

Lost a friend, when he drank himself to death.  Best he could do in life.  He always said he knew he'd be dead by age 50, he made it to 35.

Well, isn't this a cheery little thread.
2022-08-13 8:33:17 PM  
My best friend of 40 years died last year of a brain tumor.
He was the brilliantly creative person I will ever know and I will always miss him.
Two other childhood friends also passed last year, too soon.
2022-08-13 8:50:03 PM  
I lost touch with my college friends after I moved to AZ.  I suppose that sorta thing happens to plenty of people.  If any of them showed up at my doorstep, they'd be welcome to crash at my place for however long they could put up with my fat ass though.

The current crowd I hang out with tolerate me far more than I've ever expected of anyone.  I spend most of my leisure hours in my room but I'm always invited out with them, even though I usually say no.  And on the roughly annual occasion where I put together an outing, everyone always shows up.

I gotta remember to not take that for granted.
2022-08-13 9:30:09 PM  
Had a best friend in HS and he was killed when he went with a drunk dude, who had ID and was old enough to purchase alcohol, to get more beer. As a soberish person he was supposed to keep the driver alert. What  dumbasses we were back then.

The car was going over 100 mph on a two-lane curvy road, drifted into a station wagon with mom, pop and kids. The station wagon folks were hurt but both my friend and the driver died on impact.  So stupid.
2022-08-13 10:42:34 PM  
Not best. But that friend that held a group together, and was the link to multiple other groups.

Died at 23 (meningitis). It was the anniversary of his death on Thursday
2022-08-13 10:54:09 PM  
Best friend from law school died about 13 years ago. He missed a number of meetings one weekend and wasn't answering his phone or emails.  Police did a wellness check and found him dead in his home with his dog and cat going bonkers.

He was weird, kooky, and taught me a shiatload about how to be a decent human being to other people. I was admittedly not an open-minded person when it came to gay/trans/queer people when I first met him. He had the grace, patience, and willingness to smack me around to set me on the right path.

I still miss him every day.
2022-08-13 11:02:16 PM  
Guess I'm one of lucky ones. My best friend whom I've known for almost 40 years and will celebrate our 40th birthdays within a month of each other early next year. Despite living two provinces apart we've already decided to celebrate together a little early over the holidays. He's the kind of friend that if we were in the same room for two hours and didn't say a word it would still be great conversation if that makes any sense.

I do have a couple other really good friends including an uncle 20 years older than me. We share a lot of interests, and he's one of my only relatives that I go out of my way to spend time with.

I did lose my brother and dad last year, both of whom I had been fairly close with.  They're still alive, but I called them out on their right wing ideologies and lack of respect for Covid restrictions and they stopped talking to me. I went through what i now realize was a brief mourning period, but I've come to understand I'm better off without that poison in my life.
2022-08-13 11:03:35 PM  
No one died afaik, but as a kid I had four close friends I'd make during the year move, one year after another, from K through 3rd grade. Lost touch with all of them. It bummed me out a lot as a kid.
One of them I learned years later actually prevented a school shooting by getting the police involved. On the heels of Thurston and Columbine.

My uncle wasn't a best friend but he was closer than my parents, he died way too young. That's the closest loss I guess.
2022-08-13 11:05:46 PM  
The best friend I ever had became a Republican. Last I heard he was running for a local office, county council or something. He won't talk to liberals, even moderate ones.

The second best was divorced, moved to a different state, came down with a neurological condition, had a stroke, and got his plug pulled. I had no idea until a third party tracked me down.

Other friends from those days got creamed by a car running a red light, overdose, and cancer.

Life is weird. Odds are I should be dead too, I guess.
2022-08-13 11:06:32 PM  
Best friend since second grade. We still chat daily (lots of inside jokes and news updates). Some other close friends, we haven't hung out with since COVID started.

But my buddy and I are still close friends after all these years (25, holy crap)
2022-08-13 11:24:12 PM  
I had a best friend once.  I hated it.  Then stopped being friends for a little bit.  Then we became more casual friends and it was much better.
2022-08-13 11:34:00 PM  
Only figuratively.

They are alive. But I guess when you get married and have a kid, you stop existing.

So maybe literally. If you don't see someone more than once a year for a decade, i think you would have to be stretching that definition of "best".
2022-08-13 11:35:07 PM  
What is Facecrack for?
2022-08-13 11:43:03 PM  
My wife was my best friend.  She left.
2022-08-13 11:59:52 PM  
I was power of attorney for one of my best friends and had to make the call to terminate his life support. I've lost lots of close friends but this was the loss that still hurts the most.
2022-08-14 12:00:58 AM  
Had a best friend as a teenager that I expected to spend a large part of my life with, until the drunk driver killed her at 16.  Might have just been hormones, but she and I understood each other on what felt like an amazing level.

My current best friend?  Was just out with her today.  As much as I'd love if we became more than that, she made it clear when I asked her out a couple years ago that she knew she wasn't the person to be my romantic partner.  But, she's still my best friend, she was my first houseguest in the first place I ever owned, and hopefully she'll be my best friend for a long time, excepting the hopefully romantic partner I meet (and soon would be nice, not getting any younger)
2022-08-14 12:02:19 AM  
A friend wrote a graphic novel about his friend...
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2022-08-14 12:13:57 AM  
I'm 35, I have several lifelong friends, including one Filipina woman who helped save my life. I text her every day even though we live in different countries, just jokes and dating shiat.

I have two friends from high school, still close. Texted this week. Another dude who is a writer on Hollywood also like that. Like we have the kind of understanding that if he killed a dude, I know he would have a good reason.

This thread makes me appreciate that a lot. I teach English as a foreign language. Talking about/describing friends is a common topic. I routinely say, "My best friend is ________. We've been friends since high school. That's more than twenty years."

That shiat's dope. If you're a person with estranged friends in this thread. Just farking send them a message, they'll respond if there's no bad blood. What's there to lose?
2022-08-14 12:20:43 AM  
i live with mine.
2022-08-14 12:36:12 AM  
Does it matter if we are both terminal but neither one dead yet? LOL

My buddy is 61 and has had osteogenesis imperfecta since he was little. I haven't talked to him about it in a while but drives a power chair these days. He get get around the house ok, but it wears him out pretty quick. He has broken over 250 bones in his life (I've known him for about 37 years).  don't know which type he is, there are 8, and not all of them are fatal. He wears one of those life-alerts.

Fark user imageView Full Size

I had a major stroke in 2010. This pix is from the bottom, so all that empty space over there is the left side of my brain. Left side is where the speech center is. I had aphasia pretty bad for about  6 months, did about 4 weeks speech therapy in the hospital and another 3 months in their office. Lots of my coworkers say they can't tell, I talk just fine.

I went back to the hospital early in March of this year with stroke symptoms. Having had a big one and a couple little ones, I know what stroke symptoms feel like and don't f*** around.  They ran a CT scan and a MRI without contrast. I was feeling better in a few days and was discharged. So I got picked up by a Neurologist, he wanted another MRI with contrast (dunno why the ER dudes didn't order this) and had an appointment right after that. He said there was some disagreement between he and the three docs that ran each of the scans, and we could do two things, one was to monitor the thing for a couple weeks, and see if it got bigger. Or, if we wanted to know right now, we could drill into my head and do a biopsy and then we would know if it was a tumor or just some lower level brain injury from the stroke and since i was feeling better we could write it off as a minor stroke.
I made it almost 2 weeks then went in to work one morning on my day off, and my boss and his boss both said I was "acting oddly".  I heard the stories later, and while I was non-violent, I must have been not right, I didn't believe the stories at first. I lived about 10 minutes walk from home, so my boss called my brother, who thought my dad could get to me faster, so they called Dad ...(I had meanwhile left and headed home) .. and Dad found me at home. He said later that I had a couple pretty deep bruises on my arms, so it looks like I took a couple falls either at or on the way home. So he got me to the ER, they got me an MRI and the thing on the right side of my head was about twice as big. So they scheduled the craniotomy for the day after.  They opened me up, identified the tumor as being a glioblastoma, and 2.5 vhours later, they had removed 98% of the tumor. It was pretty tightly attached to 2 major blood vessels in my head so they couldn't get all of it. So I was in the ICU for a few more days, then got sent to a private room for a little less than a week, then went to a rehab hospital (Cardinal Hill for all you folks what live within spittin distance of the Fark servers). Worked with the rehab nurses for a couple weeks then got to go home.

I remeber going through the literature they gave me and one was like "Coping with Brain Cancer" and I remember remarking to my mom and sister that I hadn't quite got my head around that fact just yet. Well I got my chemo pills shipped to me (brain = pills) and went in for a custom fitting on the mask that I had to wear for every treatment. Picture a hockey mask made of fairly thick plastic mesh and you have the jist of it. So I had to do 30 radiation treatment M-F and take 42 chemo pills Sa-Su so 6 weeks.  I just finished up last week on the 8th.

Next up for me is a 30 day break from the chemo. Am done with the chemo unless things get bad. The main defense from this point is the chemo. the dosage goes up but I only have to take it 5 days in a row out of 28 days. After a certain amount of months, the dosage goes up again (5 out of 28) and see how things go. If the tumor comes back, or comes back somewhere else (ack!) then i go to a different brand of chemo (Avastin) which is apparantly pretty badass but also apparently why i've got 5 refills on this Zofran anti-nausea drug. My first scan is an MRI w/wo contrast then go right to Dr. Villelli's office to get the real time feedback and readout of the scan

You guys come see me, I hang out late night in the Ukraine war threads kinda late night. And if there is anyone from there just taking a break in this thread ... go find me some "booms" and turret tosses
2022-08-14 12:55:37 AM  
Reading this thread, I see I'm lucky. Love to all of y'all.

I met mine in junior high school. We worked the same after-school jobs in high school, planned where to go to college together and were college roomies until she got married during our senior year.

I had gotten married the summer before senior year. Turned out to be a baaaad decision, yet she and her husband were there for me. We're heading into our late 50s, although she never lets me forget I'm the oldest.

The three of us leave for a vacation together in 15 days.
2022-08-14 1:15:05 AM  
I have. RIP Sweet Jenny.

Fark user imageView Full Size
2022-08-14 1:21:23 AM  
Back in 2015, I still lived in the same suburb as my then-best friend.  I knew that we were on different life trajectories, though, and moving helped sever our bond.  The ending was weird, though - a telephone call that the friend ended abruptly.  I never called that person again, and that person has never called me.  It hurt for a long time, but I knew that eventually, we would have drifted apart anyway.

I've devolved as a person since the move, and I don't even try to make friends anymore; my life's boring and my outlook on life and the future is just too bleak to sustain friendships. One found me anyway, through my church, and I nurture it as best I can.
2022-08-14 1:32:46 AM  
Teddy sniffing glue he was twelve years old;
Fell from the roof on East Two-nine....

Cathy was eleven when she pulled the plug
On twenty six reds and a bottle of wine.

Bobby got leukemia, fourteen years old;
He looked like sixty five when he died -
He was a friend of mine...

But seriously, my best friend from college was gay and afraid to come out to me, for fear of losing me as friend. Dude was my Best Man at my wedding, so it hurt that he thought that info would change my friendship. Worse, though, he caught AIDS and didn;t tell me that either. he called me a couple of times near the end, asking me to drive out to the coast to hang out, but i was a young dad by then with little kids and a shiat job, couldn't afford to just walk away for a week to party... and I told him so, but he still wouldn't cop to the reality. He passed a few weeks after and I got to find it all out at his wake.

A second guy in my wedding party was then my best living friend; he was out at dinner one night with friends and got sick, he thought, from food poisoning. Went into the hospital and was kept under observation until tests could be run in the morning. It wasn't food poisoning, it was a massive undiagnosed cardiac issue from childhood and he died in the hospital that night.

A very very good and close work friend was very obese and went in for bariatric surgery. On the table, he went into massive organ failure and died on the table before they could finish the procedure. I'd just been messaging him with cheer-up texts before he went under anesthesia.
2022-08-14 1:46:08 AM  

puffy999: No one died afaik, but as a kid I had four close friends I'd make during the year move, one year after another, from K through 3rd grade. Lost touch with all of them. It bummed me out a lot as a kid.
One of them I learned years later actually prevented a school shooting by getting the police involved. On the heels of Thurston and Columbine.

My uncle wasn't a best friend but he was closer than my parents, he died way too young. That's the closest loss I guess.

I'm not going to go into details, but it turns out that one of those individuals became... uh... well, a VERY high level executive in the entertainment industry. Currently a VP at a very famous studio.

I ... Well I remember where he lived when he was in town in first grade... but man. I want to send him a congratulations, but also sarcastically remind him of the times he got me in trouble.
2022-08-14 1:53:39 AM  
She asked me to help her daughter cheat on her 9th grade math midterm. When I said I wouldn't do that because math is important and the teacher should know what her daughter does and doesn't understand, she called me judgemental and then went on a rant because I hadn't cared enough when her 8th grade son got hit by the ball during a baseball game. I realized she was full Mother of a Boy and cut off all non-email communication.
2022-08-14 2:00:52 AM  
I lost all my friends when I ended up in the Psych ward. Oh they're all still around and we talk but I really lost myself and only on occasionally do I reconnect long enough to have any meaningful relationships.
2022-08-14 2:12:41 AM  
I sort of stopped trying to make friends when I was 7 or 8. We moved too often and it hurt to lose friends once or twice a year. I was really good at being invisible around adults, great skill when you spend a lot of time with them, you learn some interesting things when the Grups overlook you. Of course, I heard many things that went over my head at the time and didn't understand until later. I basically just started hanging out with my brother and his friends and as I was a devout Tomboy I always passed all the tests. "I" wasn't losing friends, they were Jeff's friends. I'm a wallflower.
2022-08-14 3:09:01 AM  
I have lost several.  Suicide.  Cancer.  Kidney failure.
2022-08-14 3:32:59 AM  
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2022-08-14 4:35:38 AM  
I lost people that I thought of as friends and family as I became liberal.  I live in the deep South and have learned that being called a Nibong lover isn't fatal.  It's not that I have actually had a sexual or even mildly flirtatious relationship with anyone that might even vaguely fit the term, it's how rednecks classify jazz music aficionados.

I'm the neighborhood pariah because my new neighbors are not white, and yet I don't shun them.  They are quiet, keep their pets cared for, and their fence line tidy, which is the opposite of the rest of my neighbors.  I've lived in my home 20 years and since 2016, have stopped speaking to all but one person whose kid grew up with mine in this neighborhood.

My best friends these days are the ones that will call me when they need a set of hands and I return the favor.  We all look radically different from one another, live at least 40 minutes apart, have wildly different life experiences, and all agree that mean people suck.  We see each other at odd, usually unplanned places, turn those chance encounters into spur of the moment little parties, and then spend weeks chatting via texts and emails, until it happens again.

When a name from the past comes up, I usually have a moment of an odd feeling, like recognizing an off odor in the fridge.  I identify the name and dismiss it as casually as I toss that old stray leftover hiding behind the milk.

I know the people I think of as dear friends will drift in and out, but my best friends are literally just moments away.  It's dark o'clock right now, and I could text either of them and they would respond.  Same for them contacting me, instant response.  We've all been known to drop everything at a moment's notice to care for each other, via calls, car trips, cash, cards, whatever.

Getting old means realizing how blessed we are to be still able to get around, get jammed up, and still get help from each other.  When I go to a protest, I write their phone numbers on my arms, so if my phone gets taken/broken, they can bail me out.  They can call me from the side of the road or the side of the ER cart and I'm on my way.  My house is a cluttered hot mess, and they never fail to need to use the bathroom when they are here, but never bat an eye.

We're all about getting through the tough times in one piece.  The ones looking at us from the outside think we're weird, but we know the truth.
2022-08-14 6:12:04 AM  
A good friend of mine was t-boned by a red light runner. His left side got messed up.

I took him to his doctor's appointment once. It was basically a pill mill. The room was full of people there only to get their scrip refilled. I was disgusted at his doctor, his lawyer, and his insurance company taking forever to settle his claim so he could get proper rehab.

He got hooked on pain meds and started having seizures. He had one in his bathtub and drown.
2022-08-14 6:20:52 AM  
lost my wife of 42 yrs almost 2 yrs ago. it sucks. 
Into the Mystic | Van Morrison | Lyrics ☾☀
Youtube PZ59spYH9mk
2022-08-14 7:30:06 AM  
I lost my best friend to New York City and my brother's ex.
2022-08-14 8:13:10 AM  
Not yet, but nearly did when I was about seven. I watched my best friend get hit by a car going an estimated 50 mph, ten feet in front of my face. The only reason he lived was because it was an MG and he rolled up on the hood and was punted close to 100 feet. He was in a coma for weeks and really was never quite the same.

We moved away a few years later and I lost track of him. I do know he is still alive and lives locally, apparently married. I think aboot him from time to time.

/ I had nightmares about that incident all the way into college
// can't imagine what he went thru
2022-08-14 8:30:59 AM  
Car accident
Car Accident
Heart attack
Trying not to have any more friends.
2022-08-14 8:33:11 AM  
My "best friend" of over 15 years ghosted me a year ago over $20.  I had previously loaned her enough money to buy a CAR, BTW, but apparently when I told her how much the thing I bought for her at the store was and asked for the money, I was revealed as a money grubbing greedy biatch. In the past we had often bought things for each other (I'm going to the store, need anything?) and paid back with no problem. She had been acting weird toward me for a few months. She went off on me in a group chat over nothing and the other people on the chat were like, is this what you were talking about?
I used to text her but she would either not reply or a month later she would give an answer like "whatever" or something that showed she doesn't give a shiat.
I miss her but I could also never trust her again.
2022-08-14 10:12:00 AM  
I see mine every couple of years but then again I'm one of those rare persons that don't own mirrors... I like a lot of people.
2022-08-14 10:50:15 AM  
I consider myself a very lucky one.  Met my best friend in high school 32 years ago and most of my other friends back then too.  Even though they've all moved and some also have families, the group of friends we made back then still get together whenever possible. We've continued to play our video games, now online instead of lan, and our D&D game has moved to Discord thanks to covid.
2022-08-14 1:18:57 PM  
Rather fitting thread for Obon season, subby.

I moved too much to ever have a best friend, though I've had a few close friends. One had a heart attack about 10 years ago, but I was 7000 miles away when I got the email and couldn't attend the funeral. Another (probably the person I've spent the most time with in my youth/early adulthood, and the closest thing to a best friend) had a stroke, at home by himself, and wasn't found for a few days. He was half paralyzed for a long time, but his personality completely changed and he became a recluse who didn't want any visitors. I was living in the US at the time, so I tried to visit often, and he was happy to see me at first, but gradually got more and more angry and belligerent as time went on. I'm told he got quite a bit of function back (his parents are stupid wealthy, and his dad is the president of a large multi-state hospital system), though I haven't heard from him or his family in 5+ years.

Losing my dog after 13 years was the biggest kick in the gut I've ever experienced. It's been over a year and I still find myself crying when I pass places we used to walk, or when I think about the empty spaces in our apartment where he should be sleeping/laying.  I know there will come a time when thinking about him won't make me tear up, but in some ways, I hope that day never comes. I want to keep him close to my heart and if thinking of him doesn't make me cry, it'll mean that I'm losing what pieces of him I'm still carrying in me.
2022-08-14 2:19:42 PM  
Lost a friend to cocaine
Couple friends to smack
Troubled hearts map deserts
And they rarely do come back
Lost a friend to oceans
Lost a friend to hills
Lost a friend to suicide
Lost a friend to pills
Lost a friend to monsters
Lost a friend to shame
Lost a friend to marriage
Lost a friend to blame
Lost a friend to worry
And lost a friend to wealth
Lost a friend to stubborn pride
And then I lost myself
God Bless Our Dead Marines - Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band
Youtube sD2cPL5rDM8

Just because this thread brought it to mind.
2022-08-14 2:22:03 PM  

Any Pie Left: But seriously, my best friend from college was gay

I had a female friend in college who was in the closet, who seemed to very much like and be intrigued by me at first. I developed feelings for her. She wouldn't tell me. Just went stonefaced and avoided/ignored me. Even after she had graduated and moved away to another city, she wouldn't tell me. Eventually told me to f off, "I never opened up to you" being about as close as she came to saying anything. Added in a lot of, "And everyone laughed at you behind your back" stuff for good measure.

You might say it had an effect on me.
2022-08-14 4:48:55 PM  
This topic reminded me of this...

Everybody's Going to Die
Youtube vaMH-ha3Lbc
2022-08-14 10:55:57 PM  
I have never had a lot of close friends. My vision of close requires too much commitment to share with more than a few folks. My best was met in 7th grade. I don't remember most of the folks in my small high school class. I never felt close to much of my family because of the culture of disrespecting anyone in the other category.

My best friend was sitting next to me in the backseat of the car when I got high the first time.

He turned me into the Dead.

We missed the various weddings, birthday and funerals of each other's lives. We spent three years as roomies. We will text every day for weeks and then nothing for a month.

But I know who he is down to his core, and he knows me. If I couldn't trust him, I could never trust anyone.

He went through the psychopharmacutical roulette wheel about a decade ago, and it was 3 years before he got past the worst of the paranoia, conspiracy theories and anger. He lost something during that time. It has been impossible to define and probably couldn't be metriced. Friendship became a challenge. But being his friend is baked into my identity.

I am proud to be his friend. I am proud he finds value in talking about the same old stories for over 44 years. I am proud somebody as good as him wants to be my friend.

I am bi but he never felt like a romantic interest or a crush. But I do love him.

He held my hair when I threw up and I held his hand walking downtown when he was so hi I thought he might float. We have been broke together, stranded together, hassled by bullies and cops at the same time.

We are very different, but there is a continuity between us.

I have always been fortunate to some extent, and he is a shining example of my luck. He has been there when luck ran low and he made things better.
2022-08-15 3:16:12 AM  
My best friend of thirty years took off with my brother's girlfriend and subsequently became an  anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory idiot. For the last seven years I have continued to work at the same place as he does and see him at least a couple times a week. We haven't said hello.
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