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(BBC-US)   McDonald's plans to reopen "restaurants" in Kyiv and western Ukraine. Haven't those poor people suffered enough?   ( divider line
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344 clicks; posted to Business » and Food » on 11 Aug 2022 at 4:35 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-11 5:29:19 PM  
McDonald's / Men's Underwear
Youtube X4u9dv-YPzA
2022-08-11 5:39:08 PM  
its called taunting russia subby
2022-08-11 5:41:47 PM  
Russia to make efforts to capture warehouses, to supply food stuffs to Uncle Ivan's (Or whatever it was they named their knock-off).
2022-08-11 6:23:31 PM  
McButt is become such a beloved fixture of the daily war threads, that, I shiate you even not, stuff like this happens spontaneously

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- garçon! another serving of extra-wide purrito, s'il vous plait!

-- waiter: 'ere, take two m'ssieur, zey are verra small!

- ??!?

-- waiter: *laughs evilly, twirls mustache*

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2022-08-11 6:35:19 PM  
If I was running Home Depot or Lowes or even Ikea, I'd have freight trains and tractor trailers full of stuff sitting just across the border in Poland, ready to invade Ukraine the second a cease-fire or armistice or (hopefully) Russian surrender is signed.
2022-08-11 7:51:29 PM  
Well there ya go. Final nail in the Russian invasion. fark with someone, threaten America and our government while calling all our shiat propaganda as much as you want.

But start getting American corporations to double down on a side?

You're farked. Don't even need lobbyists saying "smoke" or "fat causes beetus not sugar!" Cause not our government.

You've just created a lot of places now for American institutions to invest in much like Disney did in Florida.

Ukraine starts offering corporation tax breaks and you're doubly farked.
2022-08-11 8:50:34 PM  
2022-08-11 8:51:32 PM  
Frankly, I wouldn't mind starting a hard day of fighting Russians with an Egg McMuffin.
2022-08-11 8:56:15 PM  
In another vein, this is suspicious.

McD's has lawyers that wipe the rear ends of more senior lawyers after they've digested an Egga Muffin combo.

What kind of exposure are they facing if their workers wind up getting their shiat blown up?
2022-08-11 9:45:19 PM  
2022-08-12 9:31:12 AM  
Fun fact: Mcdonalds actually has the third-largest private army, rivalling the strength of any cartel with a 10,000-strong army of red-wigged henchmen....

2022-08-12 11:52:41 AM Full Size
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