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(YouTube)   I never thought I would see the words "Siberian Folk Pop" together in the same sentence but here we are   ( divider line
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479 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 10 Aug 2022 at 5:50 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-08-10 4:54:06 PM  
That did not suck!

Nice one, Subs!

//may the storm not cover you with snow!
2022-08-10 4:57:38 PM  
I thought the link would be them:

DakhaBrakha - Yanky
Youtube gGW7lLbx8kE

How about a "Good music transcends language" thread?
2022-08-10 6:03:14 PM  
Anyone else think they were doing a cover of 'Black Betty' the first time the keyboard was heard from?

/Thanks Subby
2022-08-10 6:09:06 PM  
And here's an ancient Siberian (husky) melody.

The Kiffness x Haiku the Husky - Ancient Husky Melody (FULL VERSION)
Youtube MpEbpSrNdXE
2022-08-10 6:17:26 PM  
While I can appreciate the work and artistry, they are a bit too shrill for me. I enjoy The Hu, both their "traditional" work and songs adapted to English/American lyrics and style.

/I was just thinking about The Hu the other day when the story broke of the Dermatologist poisoning her husband. Her name was something like Yuwei Yu and Yuve Yuve Yu came to mind.
2022-08-10 6:40:38 PM  
Siberian cotton eyed joe vibes.
2022-08-10 6:43:49 PM  
I just heard these folks a couple days ago.  I really like it.
2022-08-10 6:48:35 PM  
Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE
Youtube QRg_8NNPTD8

Fake shamans, but still cool
2022-08-10 6:49:35 PM  
Sybian Folk Pop?
2022-08-10 6:50:03 PM  
How about some Siberian Rock and Roll?

Prism - Vladivostok (Live 1978)
Youtube 0D8gv6ZAFFE
2022-08-10 6:53:03 PM  
It was like Bjork's long lost cousin. I kind of dug it.
2022-08-10 7:56:02 PM  

Devolving_Spud: I thought the link would be them:


How about a "Good music transcends language" thread?

Yep, I was expecting those guys
DakhaBrakha: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
Youtube hsNKSbTNd5I

/hey that's Carol of the Bells!
2022-08-10 8:14:29 PM  
Stumbled across them a few weeks ago. I like this one too.

OTYKEN - LEGEND (Official Music Video)
Youtube tXLoP9iSU5Y
2022-08-10 8:46:04 PM  
The Chulym language is nearly extinct; this is a good way to keep it going. And maybe it'll give the remaining self-identified Chulym people a chance to hang on to a bit of self-determination. If Putin doesn't send them all off to die in Ukraine, as he's doing with a lot of Russian minority folks.
2022-08-10 9:07:22 PM  
Boogie On The Beach video from movie SIX STRING SAMURAI
Youtube dwUJUuefjoE
2022-08-10 9:16:12 PM  
A-WA - "Habib Galbi" (Official Video)
Youtube g3bjZlmsb4A
2022-08-11 4:30:41 AM  
L'ONE - Якутяночка (feat. Варвара Визбор)
Youtube mdRaS5mZkjk
2022-08-11 4:31:39 AM  
Күннэй - Чээкэ / ELLO WORLD /
Youtube OukWgmOyGiA
2022-08-11 4:35:29 AM  
Күннэй - Тоҥнуҥ даа / ELLO World /
Youtube F2utHG1dAAs
2022-08-11 8:51:12 AM  
Leaving next week to become Otyken roadie. Selling everything.
2022-08-11 12:33:51 PM  
I prefer The Hu by a bit, but she's certainly nicer to look at. I suppose it's a job requirement to be a Pop Princess.

Screams prettily, too.
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