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(ABC News)   Guy and his friends park SUV on Sunset Beach. After high tide and a few beers, hilarity ensues (pic)   ( abclocal.go.com) divider line
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2004-12-06 07:36:16 PM  
[image from allposters.com too old to be available]

2004-12-06 07:43:47 PM  
2004-12-06 07:46:40 PM  
Look closely at the picture of the car rolling around in the tide.
Look closer.
Do you see it?
That my friends, is a picture of what happens when you mix stupidity, machismo, and alcohol!
2004-12-06 08:04:58 PM  
teh lose.
2004-12-06 08:16:15 PM  
Who goes to the beach, sits in their car the whole time and doesnt even put their windows down? My guess is he was doing doughnuts and powerslid right in to a rip-tide
wil [TotalFark]
2004-12-06 08:32:19 PM  
cheddy: a
img.fark.netView Full Size
, that's who.
2004-12-06 09:01:26 PM  
2004-12-06 09:04:29 PM  
bahh... t'was just a Ford.
2004-12-06 09:08:46 PM  
Ha! Those OC guys and their new SUV's. . . . . .

What I don't get is that's a heavy truck. Musta been a lot of water for it to start floating. How long did it take for them to get a clue?

2004-12-06 09:36:06 PM  
Did they steal it and then set fire to a model home?
2004-12-06 09:38:50 PM  

Who goes to the beach, sits in their car the whole time and doesnt even put their windows down?

i dunno, but in the video its clear that the water is rushing in and out of the truck through the open windows.
2004-12-06 09:39:51 PM  
Hell, that's a shame!

Not the loss of the SUV, you understand, but the oil slick was probably pretty nasty. Here comes the DEP fine.
2004-12-06 09:39:56 PM  
Think insurance will cover that? And the lost beer too?
2004-12-06 09:41:42 PM  
Pfft! Kalipornia!
2004-12-06 09:43:17 PM  
[image from img91.exs.cx too old to be available]

/had to be done
2004-12-06 09:45:32 PM  
Are Bush/Cheney bumper stickers water proof?
2004-12-06 09:46:59 PM  
Could someone explain to me where the "Get a brain! Morans" picture originated? I've seen it a bazillion times and I've always wondered that.
2004-12-06 09:47:03 PM  
People who drive are the beach are assclowns.
2004-12-06 09:47:07 PM  
Mother nature will get her revenge, one suv at at time.
2004-12-06 09:47:23 PM  
Back in the early eighties, and idiot from Marina High School drove his dad's 70 foot boat onto the same beach at low tide. It stuck fast and the rising tide bashed a multimillion dollar boat to pieces over the next three days.

I stole the Loran and the radio on night one...
2004-12-06 09:48:16 PM  
We need to integrate this with the Ted Kennedy thread.
2004-12-06 09:48:21 PM  
Sergeant Tux

By the looks of his shirt, I'd say St. Louis.

2004-12-06 09:48:53 PM  
hey mom Can I borrow the new truck?? Its such a nice day for a drive...
2004-12-06 09:52:07 PM  
Now watch this drive!
2004-12-06 09:54:00 PM  
Rowlf: By the looks of his shirt, I'd say St. Louis.

The kid behind him has a Mariners shirt...but its sunny, so its not Seattle.

//Lives in Vancouver BC 3/4 of the year.
2004-12-06 09:59:21 PM  
[image from losergeek.org too old to be available]
2004-12-06 10:01:24 PM  
What will be their excuse to the insurance company?
2004-12-06 10:03:21 PM  
if it was a chevy, the farkin thing would've exploded.
2004-12-06 10:05:47 PM  
whole scene (AVI):

lo-bw (1.9MB)

hi-bw (9.4MB)
2004-12-06 10:09:05 PM  
ABC news is preempting Monday Night Football for a story on a lame high rise fire in Chicago. 5 other channels have this story on too. Do football fans need to watch it as well?

You suck ABC.
2004-12-06 10:11:11 PM  
Wanna bet he was behind on payments. Insurance even pays for "stupidity".
2004-12-06 10:12:06 PM  
new cars are indestructible, you see
2004-12-06 10:14:06 PM  
Two Words.... Ree Tards
2004-12-06 10:15:48 PM  
My favorite part is the 'crunch' as the towed SUV flops over onto its roof..

You utter morans.
2004-12-06 10:17:12 PM  
re:You suck ABC.

word. cant believe my beloved sea chickens are still ahead.
2004-12-06 10:20:39 PM  
Guess I'm lucky. The Indianapolis ABC station has stuck with the Sea Chicken/Dullus game...go Seattle!
2004-12-06 10:22:58 PM  

Suck it nature!
2004-12-06 10:26:47 PM  
This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but you need a special kind of vehicle to escape.

[image from 4qd.co.uk too old to be available]
2004-12-06 10:29:45 PM  
a couple of years ago i was home before college visiting my friends at their lake house(rent is cheap outside of summer) and some stupid rich high school kid a couple of houses down was trying to show off his mom's new hummer by driving it into the lake. i laughed from about that point until well after the tractor that pulled him out had left.
2004-12-06 10:33:58 PM  
there is only one sunset beach

and it is in the 808 state

/that is all
2004-12-06 10:38:00 PM  
What? Noone has picked up on the typo in the article yet?!!

ExpiditionS??? what the hell is that S doing there?
2004-12-06 10:39:35 PM  
This morning I also saw an interview with the driver of said SUV. He was upset that the authorities didn't do more to save his vehicle. Quotes were along the lines of "I'm not rich and this car is a big loss to me." "I pay taxes just like everyone watching and they should have worked harder to save my car"
2004-12-06 10:42:28 PM  
ABC news is preempting Monday Night Football for a story on a lame high rise fire in Chicago. 5 other channels have this story on too. Do football fans need to watch it as well?

You suck ABC.

Not only can we see the crap on every other channel, ABC's primarily showing footage that was TAPED EARLIER! Jesus! Just show us after the game!
2004-12-06 10:43:05 PM  
And what kind of idiot tow driver wraps the cable around the door pillars?!!! grated the truck is flooded and totaled in that respect. It could have been salvaged. Now huge amounts of body repair must also be done to save it.
2004-12-06 10:46:41 PM  
lionfish -

Salvage? Are you kidding me?

After it had a salt water bath, it is a total loss, it will be a ball of rust in a week...
2004-12-06 10:47:12 PM  
I was hoping that it was Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. It would have been fun to see wave crashing over the top of the truck.
2004-12-06 10:50:18 PM  
Hahaha, Awesome. One less eyesore on the road.
2004-12-06 10:51:23 PM  
lionfishiathink it was beyond salvage. Think of the salt water in every crevice.
No amount of cleaning would get it all. A friend of mine had a similar experience. The insurance company had it cleaned and after a few months rust was everywhere.
2004-12-06 10:53:09 PM  
2004-12-06 10:53:49 PM  
Orange county sheriff's deputies and Orange County firefighters arrived at the scene and struggled to find a way to tow the vehicle out of the ocean waves.

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