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(NewsMax)   From the 'It couldn't happen to a nicer guy' department: Israelis wrap pigskin around the bodies of dead Palestinean terrorists to deprive them of paradise   ( newsmax.com) divider line
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2002-02-28 01:48:30 AM  
I have heard of this being done... but I never believed people did it for real :)
2002-02-28 01:49:43 AM  
Why the hell is the COOL tag on for this
2002-02-28 01:49:44 AM  
damn, thats harsh. gotta love mankind's ingenuity.
2002-02-28 01:50:24 AM  
And the war goes on....

Pointless, utterly pointless. Not cool. It's shiat.
2002-02-28 01:51:33 AM  
This is such bullshiat. Drew is really whoring the company line with tags like this.
2002-02-28 01:52:12 AM  
Hmm mmm,I can forsee the consequences already:
1.Palestinians retaliate with their typical suicide bomb attack
2.Israelis retaliate on a settlement
3.World outcry.
4."Permanent" ceasefire/peace accord reached.
5.One side or both break ceasefire,go to 1,repeat ad naseaum.

It's pretty tiring.
2002-02-28 01:52:20 AM  
"Israeli settlers " => JEWISH OCCUPIERS

2002-02-28 01:52:47 AM  
It has gotta be pretty rough on the family to have a funeral with the deceased body crammed into a pig.
2002-02-28 01:53:21 AM  
Worst use of cool tag. Ever.

Question: by purchasing and using these pork products are the Israelis defiling themselves too?
2002-02-28 01:54:20 AM  
Were they kosher? ? ?
2002-02-28 01:54:42 AM  
Ouroborus: Come to think of it, this sort of makes this story less and less likely. This has urban myth stamped all over it.
2002-02-28 01:55:05 AM  
I've seen eight-year-old Pokemon traders go about their business with more tact and maturity than these two ASSCLOWNS of "nations"...
2002-02-28 01:55:31 AM  
Palestinians, however, insisted that the killers went to heaven anyway. "The keys to heaven are not in the hands of settlers," Hamas member Sheik Hassan Youssef told the newspaper.
There's something humorously childish about that statement.It's like two kids playing with GI Joes,and when one kid says he's killed and blown away the other kid's figures,the kid doesn't admit defeat and responds that his figures aren't dead,they're just very wounded.
"We defiled your dead so they aren't going to paradise!"
"Umm umm,they've gone to heaven anyway!"
2002-02-28 01:57:22 AM  
ya, someone willing to commit suicide and take out their "enemy" as much as possible will really change his mind once he finds out their body parts will be covered my pigskin...
2002-02-28 01:57:33 AM  
Sounds like two kids playing cowboys and indians.

They're not going to heaven.
They are to going to heaven.
No they're not.
Yes they are......
2002-02-28 01:58:25 AM  
It's the person who submits the article who chooses the tag, not Drew or a moderator.
2002-02-28 01:59:02 AM  
Anyhow,probably the best solution to the whole mess is to let both sides duke it out.If other Middle Eastern nations are so truly concerned about their Palestinian brothers,they can officially join in on the Palestinian side.

Israel would probably still win.
2002-02-28 02:00:19 AM  
Kthulhu, I think they call that a World War.
2002-02-28 02:00:19 AM  
Sadly the Sheik Hassan Youssef is correct, according to the koran when a muslim martyrs himself in a fatwah he immediately goes to heaven. No ammount of bacon slapped on one of these guys would keep them from going to heaven... all it will do is piss off the Palestinians a little more.
2002-02-28 02:00:27 AM  
Kanonball: Yeah, except that palestine has never been a nation. Ever. Not even for a short time. The Romans named the region palestine.
2002-02-28 02:00:30 AM  
Yeah, desecration of the dead is always cool. Hey, raise your hand if you posted this, I'd like to find your grandma's grave and hump her carcass. Thanks.
2002-02-28 02:00:41 AM  
fark THEM ALL.
drunk. bored. nukes. whatever
2002-02-28 02:02:28 AM  
Well duh!
2002-02-28 02:02:48 AM  
Lord - But who chooses the articles?
2002-02-28 02:02:50 AM  
This type of shiat reminds me why I'm an atheist. When two peoples, both with an absolute mandate on The Truth come into conflict, the absurdities are endless. The jews also walled up one of the gates of old jerusalem because in the koran, the messiah will enter through those gates to save the muslim people. Completely wacko.
2002-02-28 02:03:25 AM  
Kthulhu: Israel has won that war 5 times.
2002-02-28 02:03:47 AM  
I'd wrap them up in used lambskins, as in used condoms.
2002-02-28 02:08:06 AM  
Acemv-If they're hyper religious and willing to commit suicide to get heavenly favor and all them virgins,and touching pork will keep them from that,it might stop them.More secular Palestinians would probably do it for the same reasons as Thich Quang Duc did during the Vietnam War,namely to be martyred or draw attention in a way for the cause.Being wrapped in pork after death probably wouldn't bother them.But who knows...
2002-02-28 02:08:43 AM  
Charon: "Yeah, desecration of the dead is always cool."

Actually, Charon, the desecration of dead suicide bombers is ALWAYS cool. fark 'em.
2002-02-28 02:09:12 AM  
So a man wearing a pig skin can walk around anywhere in Israel without suspicion? Uh Oh....

Israeli Soldier:
Is that a scud missile under that bag of pork rinds?

Anonymous Person:

Israeli Soldier:
OK, move along.
2002-02-28 02:09:45 AM  
Bildo-I know they've done it once,but five times?Wow.Just proves my 02-28-02 01:59:02 AM post then.
2002-02-28 02:10:03 AM  
I hope someone wraps me in pork when I die. That or a nice juicy steak - I mean cow.
2002-02-28 02:10:52 AM  



According to a number of recent reports in the Israeli Media, the Israeli security forces have been increasingly troubled by an upsurge in hostile actions on the part of Jewish settlers. There are reports of acts against the Palestinian population, possible attempts to target high-ranking Israeli officials and the potential inception of a new Jewish underground.
2002-02-28 02:10:59 AM  

"all it will do is piss off the Palestinians a little more."

They can get pissed off more? Yeah, killing themselves isn't pissed off enough, now they'll have a more stern look on their face when they blow themselves up in a shopping mall full of women and children.
2002-02-28 02:12:25 AM  
Damn Yahoo, pic is here.
2002-02-28 02:13:04 AM  
Dammit, people, accept that palestinians have one religion, and Isreal has theirs! Honestly, I dont mind Muslims, Atheists or Buddhists (I know at least one person in each of the above) and im Christian. Were all seeking the truth to life, i believe ive found, they belive they have it, so were both happy. i dont blow them up and say "Your Wrong!" because i dont know that. In fact, I, myself may be wrong about the origins of life, but i picked the choice that made the most sense to me, just as they did. Dont fight for a few thousand years over it.
2002-02-28 02:14:42 AM  
I myself would like to see a renaissance of old fashioned siege machines like catapults and trebuchets. Can you imagine the Israelis with their tanks, jets, and choppers launching pigs (preferably whole, the sight is much funnier) out of settlements? Of course, they will have to buy their medieval siege weapons from the United States.
2002-02-28 02:15:19 AM  
I thought you went to heaven or hell based on what was in your heart, not what was wrapped around your body after the fact.

Guess I'm out of the loop.
2002-02-28 02:15:41 AM  
Hey , you got your PORK on my Palestinean !

Hey, you got your Palestinean on my pork !

two great tastes that taste great together !
2002-02-28 02:15:57 AM  
Awww how cute.
[image from us.news2.yimg.com too old to be available]
2002-02-28 02:16:33 AM  

Best post I've seen in ages. Kudos!
2002-02-28 02:18:59 AM  
Oh yeah, defiling the dead really "cool".

And so are Israeli human rights abuses in palenstine, why don't we have a story about that.
2002-02-28 02:20:02 AM  
thank you , thank you very much
12 hour shift at work , makes ones mind very twisted
2002-02-28 02:21:48 AM  
Religion causing war is a very tired, overused, simplistic and primary school argument. It's always the acquisition and possession of land that causes war. Always.
2002-02-28 02:23:00 AM  
Mask: there are non muslim palestinians, you know.
2002-02-28 02:24:11 AM  
LordWatson: I have had articles which I submitted posted with a different tag. Apparently you can't call President Bush a
img.fark.netView Full Size
but defiling corpses is unarguably
img.fark.netView Full Size
. Very unprofessional. If I were an advertiser my opinion might matter..
2002-02-28 02:24:27 AM  
*deep breath, I can't believe I'm doing this, but..*

Hoosier Nature vs nurture. Just because that kid has parents who find it suitable to pose him for a pic holding a gun doesn't mean he should be blown to bits.

I doubt he even knows how to fire it.
However, (before you respond) yes, he will know how to, soon enough. I'm just at a loss these days, when does it end? And how? We don't dare nuke them, so what next?

I cannot believe I sound like a pacifist right now.
2002-02-28 02:24:51 AM  
Problem solved. Send in the crematorium guy from Georgia to "care" for the bodies. 331 and counting last I heard! Is that slack or what?
2002-02-28 02:25:53 AM  
I think it's talk like this that gives "the other white meat" a bad name.
2002-02-28 02:27:21 AM  
Hell with all that wastefull airport security. Just make the door to the cockpit out of porkchops. Problem soved.
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