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(NewsMax)   From the 'It couldn't happen to a nicer guy' department: Israelis wrap pigskin around the bodies of dead Palestinean terrorists to deprive them of paradise   ( divider line
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2002-02-28 05:25:39 AM  
Erm... Jaze? Not all the Palestinians are terrorists.

Survey of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

A lot of the Palestinians, perhaps most, are willing to settle for a state in the West Bank and Gaza, even though their ancestors come from the entire region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Many still want the right to return to their ancestors' lands in Israel, but there are also those willing to settle down, as long as Israel pulls its military out and stops trying to colonize the West Bank and Gaza.

This is not a denial of the existence of hardcore militants that will take nothing less than the complete elimination of Israel, whether that mean the establishment of a secular state, or just killing all the Jews (the former of which smells like a cover for the latter, though not always). However, like Israelis, Palestinians are not all a faceless, monolithic group that all think the same thing. Not all Israelis are hardcore settlers looking to occupy all the land up to the Jordan and kill Arabs, and not all Palestinians are anti-Judaic mujihadeen looking to martyr themselves.
2002-02-28 05:31:24 AM  
Jazel149 And by the way, you don't see groups of jews hijacking jets and suicide bombing

no there were never any fanatical terrorists of jewish origin in palestine....
2002-02-28 05:35:43 AM  
that cool tag can get f¨³cked.
2002-02-28 05:36:55 AM  
Why the hell would you nuke a country that has fark all to do with you? I don't give a shiat about them. I don't give a shiat about any of the countries that fight. I don't give a shiat about Catholics and Protestants in N. Ireland.

This is how we get the reputation of being a bunch of bossy pricks, who stick their noses in other people's business.
2002-02-28 05:44:33 AM  
2002-02-28 05:46:22 AM  
Its also bollocks, as someone pointed out Jewish people have just as great a taboo about pork as Muslims (because one religion is decended from the other)
2002-02-28 05:59:56 AM  
Christian crusaders were the first to do this against the Muslims way back when, and it did scare the hell out of them.

Right now, I'm tired of everyone. Half the Jews and Muslims here at school want peace and all that, but the other half who have actually lived in the area all say "They won't stop until we're all dead, so we have the moral right and responsibility to kill them first." Literally. Both sides. It's HOPELESS.

Use nukes to make a canal around Israel/Palestine and turn it into an island, and airdrop millions of make-up kits/condoms/kegs/porn, and millions of guns. If on the inside they're regular civilized folk, they'll use the first set of stuff. If they decide to use the second, we cover our ears, turn around, and don't let any of them spread their war over here.
2002-02-28 06:04:57 AM  
can't pass up a Homerism:

2002-02-28 06:06:04 AM  

You see, some people believe that it's great for the American arms industry to supply weapons to Izrael, even thought the American government pays for them with taxpayer dollars as military aid. The big question is, why the fark should you pay for their war.
2002-02-28 06:17:43 AM  
"Not all the Palestinians are terrorists."

True, but a surprisingly high number of suicide bombers ARE terrorists.

A lot of you people seem to be in such a hurry to be outraged that you're overlooking the fact that these were terrorists of the same ilk that flew into the WTC and brutally murdered a journalist. Do you really care how their bodies are treated?

I think Israel is just as bad if not worse than any of the countries we currently view as hostile, and it sickens me that we take their side. However, I see nothing noble about killing innocent people with suicide bombings. If you're so farking brave, do it like a man and fight with other soldiers.
2002-02-28 06:22:54 AM  
I sort of thought that the body of a suicide bomber would be pretty difficult to recover. I have this mental image of horsdouvres (sp?). Little bits of towel head wrapped in bacon with a toothpick through it. :-)
2002-02-28 06:28:05 AM  

Do you really care how their bodies are treated? .. I see nothing noble about killing innocent people with suicide bombings. If you're so farking brave, do it like a man and fight with other soldiers.

I see nothing brave or good about messing around with a dead body.
2002-02-28 06:31:20 AM  
Enemy Frank:
a surprisingly high number of suicide bombers ARE terrorists

How very insightful!
2002-02-28 06:31:26 AM  
EnemyFrank: I posted that in reply to Jaze's post which came dangerously close to calling all Palestinians terrorists, which is not true. I don't see anything brave about attacking civilians, either.

Defending against military incursions, on the other hand, is something I have no problem with, and the military forces should be pulled, pronto. The Israeli settlements, while illegal under UN resolutions and Oslo, shouldn't be attacked by gunmen and bombers; I've heard of nonviolent protests against bulldozing of land wanted by the settlers, so it's not as if there are no other options. Israel had no problem forcing settlers out of the Sinai after coming to an agreement with Egypt after the 1967 (I think) war, though I doubt the settlers would like it very much, and I know Sharon is hell-bent on expanding settlements instead of dismantling them.

Can we just revive Yitzhak Rabin in exchange for Sharon? Or Yigal Amir, the guy who killed Rabin? Oh, and can we package up the leaders of the militant movements and drop them in a cold place somewhere? Arafat may have a huge problem with trying to make everyone happy at the same time, but remove one major influence on him (ie; the hardline militants who won't stop until every last Israeli is swimming back somewhere), and he'll play peace very quickly. He's a survivor, and I think at this point he'll take any conclusion, as long as he's left alive. Best to offer him a peaceful way out that will marginalize the hardline elements (pull out the military, get the settlers out and call his bluff), rather than leave him little option but to support further attacks on civilians (keep right on doing what Sharon's doing now)
2002-02-28 06:37:05 AM  

Apparently I'll have to use humor tags when you're in the house.


Anything that might deter the next suicide bomber is ok with me.

Are you people actually sympathizing with these savages?
2002-02-28 06:41:30 AM  
Enemy Frank:
Sorry mate, a little early in the day to recognise sarcasm. I'll go and buy a double expresso before I make any more comments.
2002-02-28 06:42:16 AM  
Anything that might deter the next suicide bomber is ok with me.

Great .. you really believe that is going to work? Why don't you just get a voodoo doll and start sticking pins in it??
2002-02-28 06:42:42 AM  
The ones who decide civilians are legitimate targets, no.

The ones who whip rocks at oncoming Israeli tanks, or just try to live under military occupation and obstruction, hell yes.

And the children... they are the ones I sympathize for most of all. Israeli and Palestinian, since they're the ones who will have to undergo programming from their opponent-hating parents - or just watch their peace-wanting parents live in despair of a bright future. Those children will either decide to work for a lasting peace, or join the IDF to kill Palestinians/Hamas or Islamic Jihad to kill Israelis.

If you don't stop looking at them all as savages, they'll never stop looking at you as an oppressive force, because that's all you'll ever treat them as - and them, you. Someone needs to take the first step away from complete antagonism, even if only to fail and inspire others.

Idealistic, perhaps - but I have my own dreams and hopes, some of which may involve going over there to do what I can, if anything. I'll see.
2002-02-28 06:48:19 AM  

No prob - sorry if I sounded a bit harsh.


I've tried that. It doesn't seem to be working. Seriously though, whether it works or not, why does everyone care so much? These were bad, defective humans (and I use that term loosely). We're better of without them, and I just can't see a downside to any bad treatment of their bodies.

I believe it was Suicidal Tendencies who said: "Two wrongs don't make a right - but they make me feel a whole lot better."
2002-02-28 06:51:10 AM  

I only referred to the terrorists as savages, not all Palestinians. I stand by that statement.
2002-02-28 06:54:50 AM  
Threr is a Palistinian state, part of the Balfor declaration
declared that jordan was also TO be part of the Jewish state, but the jews gave it up for peace. Jordon is the Palistinian state.
2002-02-28 06:56:41 AM  

To be honest EF I do not understand how you can get enjoyment out of messing around with a dead body. I think it is a question of morals.
2002-02-28 07:00:11 AM  

The real enjoyment starts with the deboning processs. First you take a large, I mean, what are you implying? That I mess around with bodies? Who told you that? What do you know about the beans?

Good day sir!
2002-02-28 07:03:09 AM  
A lot of you people seem to be in such a hurry to be outraged that you're overlooking the fact that these were terrorists of the same ilk that flew into the WTC and brutally murdered a journalist.

By ilk, do you mean the same Ethnic type? If so then most Israelis are pretty much arabs as well. Does this mean that white people are responsible for everything any white person does?
2002-02-28 07:03:23 AM  
Well, with the possible exception of Kazamak if you take the implication of his statements, I haven't seen any support of the terrorist operations, only criticism of Israel's treatment of its Palestinian subjects, and support for resistance within the West Bank and Gaza, so I'm trying to figure out who that "Are you people actually sympathizing with these savages?" was aimed at.
2002-02-28 07:08:21 AM  
I dont think anyone could argue that the Palestinians do not have a legitimate grievence and a legitimate right to fight back against occupation.

At the same time I dont think anyone agrees with Suicide bombings against civilain targets.

Do we agree, or this being fark does saying that nake me some sort of terrorist myself?
2002-02-28 07:13:12 AM  

Wrongo, boyo. The Balfour Declaration originally included the Transjordan as part of the future Jewish state. However, that was later disregarded, and Jordan was changed to a Hashemite monarchy-ruled state, not a Palestinian Arab state. The region between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean was to be split between the Jews and Arabs, 55% and 45% respectively.

The years leading up to 1948 were just a spectacular mess, with atrocities by both sides, that would take pages to explain. However, there were Arabs living in the Palestine before 1948, before 1917 for that matter, and their descendants are the Palestinian refugees living within the Occupied Territories, in parts of the surrounding Arab nations, and around the world.

If I recall, the West Bank Palestinians tried to knock over the Hashemite monarchy in Jordan when that nation controlled the West Bank, and lost. Miserably.

Suffice it to say, the Israelis aren't going into the sea, and the Palestinians aren't going into the desert.

The peace plan advanced by Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah is effectively the same concept that's been advanced fifty times before by people serious about peace in Israel and Palestine. It's only special because this time a powerful Arab leader is advocating the plan, rather than an Israeli civilian or Palestinian. I think the collective cry you hear all over the joint these days is "About freaking time an Arab leader said it and meant it - OK, ball's in your court Arik!"

I really hope Sharon won't be stubborn on this one, but I hold little hope, and I also hope one of the hardline factions won't try to be martyrs and completely destabilize this chance, but I'm not holding much hope for either set of warhawks to suppress their baser urges.
2002-02-28 07:13:30 AM  
Next use of the 'cool' tag:
"Palestinians decide Israels are kosher, eat them to preserve resources"

You, sirs, are utter dumbasses.
2002-02-28 07:15:23 AM  
Sharon has opposed every single peace deal for the last 20 years.

I dont have much hope he will go for this one, his govt contains a lot of extremists who believe in a greater Israel and wish to expell all the arabs in the west bank and gaza.
2002-02-28 07:17:16 AM  
It has already been established that you are a terrorist.
2002-02-28 07:17:29 AM  
To be a bit more precise about the two-state solution advocated up until 1948... I shouldn't have referred to one side as 'Jews', as there was a small Arab Jewish population in the area. I refer to the settlers arriving from around the world to build Israel. 'Zionists' might have been a better term, though unless one is very careful with the language it can easily be misinterpreted as an anti-Judaic euphemism. Suffice it to say, one state would have gone to the new arrivals, and one would have gone to the current residents. I doubt even that would have worked very well, as the two populations were still intermingled, and bureaucrats drawing arbitrary lines on maps has rarely worked (see: Pakistan, India, and Kashmir)
2002-02-28 07:30:04 AM  
If the only thing that deters suicide bombers is forbidden access to Heaven. I say let the pigs blood flood the street!

Too bad the Jews don't like pig parts either.

Mmmmm pulled pork sammich
2002-02-28 07:34:34 AM  
Thats nonsense Brisvegas

say that again and I will have to blow you up!

2002-02-28 07:43:10 AM  
Latest news:

Israel denies its soldiers trapped in school

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinian gunmen say they have trapped up to 14 Israeli soldiers at a school in the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank during fierce fighting following an Israeli raid, but the Israeli army denied it.

One gunman, contacted by mobile telephone at the camp near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, said the fighters had surrounded the troops and were refusing Palestinian Authority appeals to release them.

Another fighter, from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade force affiliated to President Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction, hinted that the trapped soldiers might not get out alive.

"We will not accept any kind of negotiations," the fighter said.

An Israeli army statement said troops had taken over the school as part of an operation to crush what it called a "terrorist infrastructure" at the teeming refugee camp, the biggest in the West Bank.

"There is no siege on the soldiers in the building. Palestinian claims in this regard are baseless," it said.

Other Palestinian sources said an Israeli Apache helicopter had fired on the fighters blocking the soldiers, wounding one gunman. They said the troops were wearing black, indicating they were special forces.

At least nine Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were killed on Thursday when Israeli forces raided Balata and another refugee camp in the northern West Bank town of Jenin.

The Palestinian Authority accused Israel of mounting the assaults to scupper a Saudi initiative to end 17 months of Israeli-Palestinian violence.
2002-02-28 07:43:53 AM  
NewsMax, what a shiatrag.......
2002-02-28 07:44:54 AM  
Wow, a whole lot of people are in an uproar over what some religious fanatics are doing to the corpses of some other religious fanatics on the other side of the world.

I'm trying really hard to care. Really, I am. I want to be hip and cool and all up on current events and play sensitive about this whole Israel Palestine Jewish thing so maybe chicks will dig me and my goatee when I'm sitting in the campus Starbucks, but it's just not happening.
2002-02-28 07:46:09 AM  
Maybe the Palestinians and the Israelis will annihilate each other, then we can level and grade the region and put up a Wal-Mart.
2002-02-28 07:48:18 AM  
Damn, wish I'd kept my goatee. I'm glad there's no Starbucks on my campus, as I avoid the joint anyway - the coffee is disgusting.

If only being conscious would get me da chickz... if that were true, I would have started getting aware about this shiat years ago!

Does get me a lot of concerned looks, though.
2002-02-28 07:50:07 AM  
Oh, what a load of horseshiat.

What idiots. Arguing over whether or not someone is going to heaven or not.

Any god that might actually exist is either a psychotic tormentor who orgasms over misery, or doesn't give a FlyenFuque about anything that's going on.

You sure can't prove otherwise from the conditions on earth. The christian/jew/muslim thing is nothing but condensed misery.

Fools. Live now as best you can, because you're only so much rotting meat when you die. The only afterlife you get is in someone's memory.

Heaven... shiat, how gullible can you get?
2002-02-28 07:51:14 AM  
I was the one who picked this tag.

I stand by it. It couldn't happen to nicer people. It may be a bit much to deprive them of paradise in that manner since they are going to hell anyways.

I'd say that Suicide Bombers already defiled their corpses by blowing them up. Some pigskin isn't gonna cause that much defiling by comparison. :)

I'd say that while alot of Palestineans want just the West Bank and Gaza, the majority want all of Israel. Not surprising that the majority of a Muslim area is making a moronic choice, since the majority of the Muslim world is still in denial over the 19 hijackers being Arab, the US bombing Afghanistan and so on.

Screw the Palestineans and the Suicide bombers.

2002-02-28 07:56:21 AM  
Is there a tag for

2002-02-28 07:57:05 AM  
Actually I would change sick to sad.
2002-02-28 08:01:48 AM  

If Palestine liked their land so much, they shouldn't have teamed up with 6 other countries to try to push the Jews into the ocean in 1967. I'm disappointed Israel gave back any of the land when they whipped their arab asses in 7 days. They should have rolled into Cairo and kept it all.
2002-02-28 08:06:52 AM  
The Palestinians' problems stem not from the Jews, but from Palestinian leaders who collectively have shiat for brains. All the leadership wants to do is pick a fight with someone - race or nationality be damned. They picked a fight with Jordan several years ago and got their asses kicked out of Jordan. They picked a fight with Israel and got 'em kicked again. The leadership is the problem.
2002-02-28 08:09:11 AM  
Did you hear the Saudi proposed peace plan a few days back? It is in their best intrest to be a peacemaker in the region. (They know they are getting in bad graces since 9/11).

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (CNN) -- Crown Prince Abdullah and European Union Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana discussed the prince's proposal for Middle East peace Wednesday, Saudi sources said.

Solana, who met Tuesday with Ariel Sharon, said the Israeli prime minister was interested in the plan and was willing to talk with Saudi officials, publicly or privately.

Solana cut short his visit to Israel to fly to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with Crown Prince Abdullah.

The Saudi prince has said that he has been considering a proposal for the Arab world to normalize relations with Israel -- providing the country with assurances of security -- in return for Israel withdrawing from the Palestinian territories, going back to borders which existed before the 1967 Six Day War.

After meeting with Abdullah, Solana boarded a flight to Cairo, where he was expected to talk with Amr Moussa, the Arab League secretary general, as well as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He will then go to the Jordanian capital of Amman for talks with King Abdullah, his spokeswoman said..

Israel Radio quoted a Saudi official Wednesday as saying Saudi Arabia does not intend to get directly involved in peace negotiations. The diplomat said the proposal is intended to send a signal to Israelis that peace is possible.

President Bush called Abdullah on Tuesday to express his appreciation for the initiative. Saudi officials have said that peace in the region must involve direct talks between Israel, the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer called the Saudi proposal a "vision" for settling the conflict. He said the United States would continue to pressure Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to curb violence in the region so that the two parties can start implementing a series of proposals from a commission headed by former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell.

The Mitchell plan calls for a cease-fire, a cooling-off period during which confidence-building measures would be put in place and the resumption of peace talks.

One senior U.S. official said the Saudi initiative was significant but "isn't doable" until Israeli-Palestinian violence subsides. "The short term needs to be about what we can all do to help the sides climb down," the official said. (Full story)

Israel has occupied the West Bank and Gaza since the Six Day War but began granting Palestinians limited self-rule in 1993 under the Oslo accords. The territory controlled by Arafat's Palestinian Authority remains dispersed and intersected by Israeli civilian and military installations.

Egypt and Jordan are the only Arab states that formally recognize Israel.
2002-02-28 08:09:26 AM  
Some people are all for the idea of just nuking the whole lot of them, while others violently protest this sort of violent protest. I don't see anyone pointing out the REAL solution here.

Yes, we nuke it. We turn this so-called "Holy Land" into so much irradiated glass, unfit for even microbial life. But we don't harm any innocent people - we chase everybody out of the area first, then start dropping bombs.

It's like when the kids are in the back seat fighting over the Ninja Turtles action figure, and Daddy takes the toy away and throws it out the window. No toy, no fight.
2002-02-28 08:13:06 AM  
i read just enough of these comments to realise you guys are blind and stupid. it must be nice to sit about and accuse whoever did the bad thing at the time. i'm laughing at this article, and anyone who sat around saying this isn't cool, fark this, fark that, defiled corpses.. who gives a flying crap what you do to the body of some worthless pile of crap that thought so little of human life to blow up theirs and other peoples.. you guys are sick, grow up, their is no utopia, it's impossible, the only way to reach absolute peace is for everyone to die. so give up on it and learn that there will always be bad people. including yourself.
2002-02-28 08:13:33 AM  

I think I've made my point.
2002-02-28 08:13:36 AM  
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2002-02-28 08:18:01 AM  
You're right Jester. Everything is black and white, so simple. We shouldn't even try to think since it's futile. We should just masturbate and play GTA3 all day. (Thank God I'm in America!)
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