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(AZCentral)   Dead, famous show up on woman's caller ID   ( divider line
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12218 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2002 at 7:47 PM (21 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-02-26 7:01:46 PM  
The woman really should check the call that came in before each of these. IIRC, a fake Caller ID signal can be sent in after someone picks up the phone. Maybe RBCP can tell me if I'm remembering correctly or not once this gets to the front page.
2002-02-26 7:49:58 PM  
Nancy Crocker gets calls from famous dead people.

Any calls from her late cousin, Betty?
2002-02-26 7:50:39 PM  
slow news day?
2002-02-26 7:51:17 PM  
Red Box Chili Pepper,,, hellz yeah!
2002-02-26 7:51:50 PM  
That woman brings all new meaning to the term "media whore"

2002-02-26 7:51:51 PM  
Does she ever get crank calls from non-famous dead people?
2002-02-26 7:52:36 PM  
2002-02-26 7:54:45 PM  
IIRC, a fake Caller ID signal can be sent in after someone picks up the phone.

Caller ID spoofing, while it exists, seems to be pretty rare. Or at least thats the impression I got when I knew some phreakers a few years ago. Most people just op divert, especially when they're doing lame prank phone calls like RBCP (sorry, but PhoneLoser cranks were rarely funny, though the zine was.)
2002-02-26 7:57:23 PM  
Phrickin phone phreaks.
2002-02-26 8:03:20 PM  
I'm not suprised that Ronald Regan supposedly called her...

'Mommy? Mommy? I need my pancakes, mommy.'
2002-02-26 8:05:12 PM  
I wonder if she can call them back?
I would like to know how the 'other' side is.
2002-02-26 8:06:03 PM  
Sounds like an inside job to me. If all of the numbers associated with the "famous people" were bogus, that points to someone with access to a database of disconnected numbers.
2002-02-26 8:07:14 PM  
Hmm... Miss Cleo must be wondering why her phone isn't ringing...
2002-02-26 8:07:24 PM  
Will the caller ID have an online multiplayer mode?
2002-02-26 8:08:23 PM  
oh please. can we say "phrack"? yes, we can. spiffy trick, though. love to learn it.
2002-02-26 8:09:09 PM  
That reminds me of a Dukes of Hazzard episode...

Oh wait, no it doesnt.
2002-02-26 8:17:12 PM  
Hey, I liked that episode.
2002-02-26 8:20:03 PM  
Now! That's What I Call News!
2002-02-26 8:21:20 PM  
Maybe it's the inventor of voicemail - making his first calls from the grave?
2002-02-26 8:30:52 PM  
I have heard of methods to change what your information appears as on someone's caller ID, but I've never heard anything about how to do them.... Hmm.... Google Friends! Assemble!!
2002-02-26 8:34:54 PM  
I saw this link in the story about the guy who said he got a mickey.
I almost submitted it but after reading it I thought,
"Dumb, no way will FARK post it."
Am surprised...
2002-02-26 8:35:29 PM  
That's mildly amusing, but not Fark-worthy.
2002-02-26 8:36:49 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 8:37:21 PM  
What's next...

A call from TVs Wil Wheaton?

2002-02-26 8:59:04 PM  
Who's poop is that?

Also, if famous dead people can't call living women, then the terrorists have already won.
2002-02-26 9:03:48 PM  
Is arizona that boring that they have to do a story about some annoying woman that lives up here by Rochester NY?

Heh....I bet it was just some wackey RIT guys having a wild night with their tech toys ^_^
2002-02-26 9:05:53 PM  
The same thing happened to me. What a wiener-lady. I should be on that site, because I'm cooler than her.
2002-02-26 9:31:27 PM  
A customer service representative told her the names are either old or made up as part of a testing system. The phone company thinks that a power failure or old equipment could have caused the famous names to show up on Crocker's caller ID box.

A POWER failure?! What are the odds of that happening? (When my power fails all I get is flashing 12:00's)Gawd! It must take no intelligence at all to be a customer service rep!
2002-02-26 9:38:33 PM  
Last power failure I had in my house the microwave started defrosting the TV dinners of famous dead people!
2002-02-26 9:46:18 PM  
Yep, there is a caller ID spoofing program and it works well. I was just going through my links so I could post a link to the program for everyone to check out but I can't seem to find it anywhere. But I've got a copy of it on my laptop.

The way it works though, you wouldn't be able to spoof your own caller ID if you were initially calling someone. The only way to do that would be if you're directly connection to their phone line. So like someone said previously, that would indicate it's an inside job.

But another nice feature of the program is that it will spoof call waiting caller ID. So assuming that this lady has that service with her phone company, someone could have been on the phone with her while blasting all these bogus names and numbers into her caller ID box. Thing is though, she would hear a beep and some silence as the data came through. And that would make it kind of obvious that it's happening. I've been on the phone with people before and I've blasted weird names and numbers through my phone to their caller ID boxes. Always freaks them out at first, it's kinda fun.

Another way that it may have happened (this is a guess) is that someone could have called her while she's not home, gotten her answering machine and while the OGM was playing they could blast the call waiting caller ID into her box. Only problem with that, though, is that it seems unlikely that her machine would be set up to release the line for a half-second while the caller ID data comes in.

And one final thing that I can think of, someone could have hooked up their own phone to the outside of her house or at a telco cross box, gotten on her line and blasted the information into her box. They wouldn't even need a computer to do it, they could just record the blast onto a portable tape player or mp3 player and blast it into the phone.

Just a few thoughts, I'll shut up now.
2002-02-26 9:50:15 PM  
A customer service representative told her the names are either old or made up as part of a testing system. The phone company thinks that a power failure or old equipment could have caused the famous names to show up on Crocker's caller ID box.

You know, I just thought of something else...back around 1996 when caller ID was a relatively new thing I was in an electronics store looking at the caller ID boxes. And one of the ones on display let you scroll through names on the box. And the names were all a bunch of famous dead people. So I bet her box is either resetting or the batteries are going dead, causing the demo/test names to show up in there. What a stupid lady to call the newspaper for something like this.
2002-02-26 9:54:50 PM  
"Names are either old..."

Old? Ya think? How old, 19th centuty? Do I hear 17th century? We all knwo that Ben Franklin first used caller ID to see if it was his drinking buddies. Yeesh, everyone knows that.
2002-02-26 10:02:57 PM  
old equiptment? as in 1770's ?
2002-02-26 10:10:10 PM  
my god that was lame
2002-02-26 10:10:11 PM  
OK, Lately I've been getting a bunch of "(123) 456-7890" calls on my caller ID. I assume that they are telemarketers who are trying to bypass the "Unknown Caller" message.

So far I haven't been home when one comes in.

Freakin' Spammers!
2002-02-26 10:12:30 PM  
That happened to me once! We got names like Albert Einstein, King of Switzerland, Edgar Allen Poe, and Ben Franklin, among others. Really strange.
2002-02-26 10:13:13 PM  
I hear dead people.
2002-02-26 10:21:17 PM  
the world is really lame for us to find this remotly interesting
2002-02-26 10:30:20 PM  
Who was on the phone when she picked up?
2002-02-26 10:35:02 PM  
A good joke would be to set your ID to "Alexander Graham Bell" and then call up random people with Caller ID and shout: "Watson! Come here! I need you!" But that kind of levity might go unappreciated in this day and age...
2002-02-26 10:38:45 PM did I know you were an engineer before looking at your profile Shuh... thats something my dad would say
2002-02-26 10:43:19 PM  
I just called Nancy and grilled her about her problems. Couldn't help myself. The call is here if you want to hear it. Kinda interesting to hear her tell me how it's a human interest story, an escape from all the bad news. She'll feel kinda dumb if she ever realises that all those names are just the demo feature of her box.
2002-02-26 11:06:35 PM  

That call was pretty amusing. I'm taking my comments about PhoneLosers that I made earlier in the thread back; I think I was in a pissy mood. I suck that way. I mean, if anything, the Big Larry saga was one of the things that made me get a scanner, so... ;)
2002-02-26 11:26:44 PM  



2002-02-26 11:27:58 PM  

I don't know how to describe PLA (Phone Losers of America.) Maybe RBCP (Red Box Chilli Pepper) can do it better than I can. I guess a short summary is: Fairly legendary phone phreak + prankster collective known for informative and amusing e-zines. has most of their stuff, although I thought someone else took that site over (other than RBCP/ElJefe/who ever else.) Haven't really followed the whole phreaking/prank scene in a long time.
2002-02-26 11:28:54 PM  
Could be phone techs testing internally from a central office switch using a database of fake names to test call trunking from one switch location to another and they somehow got her number. If it was a prank you would think they would send better names, like the kind Bart Simpson uses.
2002-02-26 11:32:46 PM  
Speaking of Enron, does anyone have any of the numbers of their CEOs/VPs/other people who brought ruin to so many people? Better yet, has anyone took a shot at Enron's PBX or VMBs? I mean, a few free phone calls wouldn't hurt. (I'm just kidding, don't do that, that would be unethical and illegal, and will make someone lose a lot of money...)
2002-02-26 11:34:12 PM  

Perhaps like the jerkey boys + phone phreakers combined, in a way. But also so much more ;) Check out
2002-02-26 11:43:27 PM  
That's crazy, except for Ronald Reagan. He might have just tried to call someone and forgot their number.
2002-02-26 11:49:18 PM  
I searched for a damn long time for the program. I have found an old DOS one on my HD, so if you want it, email me at d­igital­_sha­d­0­w­[nospam-﹫-backwards]liam­to­h*c­om.

There was a better program out there, a nice little GUI and everything. Here's what I remember about it. It was referred to as an orange box (The program's name was "Software Orange Box"). I am pretty sure that it was also developed by a canadian phreaking group. That's about all I can tell 'ya.

If anyone finds it, E-mail me. Thanks.

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