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(ESPN)   Group B finishes with Denmark taking on Spain in the 'win or go home' match in Brentford while Finland play Germany for pride at Stadium mk. Kickoff is at 3 pm EDT. This is your Women's Euro Thread   ( divider line
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147 clicks; posted to Discussion » and Sports » on 16 Jul 2022 at 2:30 PM (10 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-07-16 2:53:14 PM  
Adios guy on standby
2022-07-16 3:07:50 PM  
A big whiff on the scorpion kick... not sure what she was gojng for
2022-07-16 3:09:56 PM  
lots of Spanish possession as expected
2022-07-16 3:11:13 PM  
I don't think I have ever seen these kits for Spain before.
2022-07-16 3:12:46 PM  
Great run by the Dane, but there was nothing in the end.
2022-07-16 3:13:07 PM  

whither_apophis: lots of Spanish possession as expected

Spain is still refusing to use their width.
Danes are following the German model and clogging the middle up.
2022-07-16 3:14:29 PM  
Very dangerous by the Spanish keeper.  Juuuuust a little too high on the chip.
2022-07-16 3:14:45 PM  
Interesting no call.
2022-07-16 3:16:30 PM  
Great attack.  Too bad the finish did not challenge the keeper.
2022-07-16 3:19:43 PM  
That should be a PK for Denmark.  I cannot believe that no call.
2022-07-16 3:25:39 PM  
Big save for Denmark! surprised no scoring while making lunch
2022-07-16 3:25:52 PM  
Wow that was close.  Christiensen barely gets to it
2022-07-16 3:26:05 PM  
Almost for Spain.
Just couldn't get solid connection on the shot.
2022-07-16 3:27:25 PM  
PK check says no penalty.
2022-07-16 3:29:17 PM  
Final pass for Denmark is just off.
2022-07-16 3:31:47 PM  
Leila gets the first yellow card of the game.
2022-07-16 3:33:53 PM  
Good shot but the danish keeper saw it all the way
2022-07-16 3:34:15 PM  
Weak shot is easily saved by Christensen.
2022-07-16 3:37:07 PM  
Christiansen loses control of the ball near disaster
2022-07-16 3:37:21 PM  
Christensen spills the cross, but gets away with.
2022-07-16 3:38:52 PM  
Spain is getting much closer to scoring than Denmark.  It's going to take a counterattack and a good finish by Denmark to actually score right now.
2022-07-16 3:42:00 PM  
Great effort by Castillo but right to Christiensen.
2022-07-16 3:45:24 PM  
nice defensive header off the line
2022-07-16 3:45:45 PM  
ouch friendly fire
2022-07-16 3:46:19 PM  
That is why you put defenders on the post.
Danes head it off the line.
2022-07-16 3:46:44 PM  
Ouch.  Bad collision for the Dane, Sevecke
2022-07-16 3:46:47 PM  
and she's walking it off
2022-07-16 3:48:18 PM  
0-0 at the half
2022-07-16 3:49:38 PM  
Germany leads Finland 1-0 at the half.
No surprise there.
2022-07-16 3:54:02 PM  

Chimpy McSquirrel: Germany leads Finland 1-0 at the half.
No surprise there.

I'm surprised it took them so long to score.
2022-07-16 4:07:27 PM  
Spain have come out firing so far this half.
2022-07-16 4:07:44 PM  
Germany now leading 2-0
2022-07-16 4:08:19 PM  

harleyquinnical: Chimpy McSquirrel: Germany leads Finland 1-0 at the half.
No surprise there.

I'm surprised it took them so long to score.

Finnish women are known to be a bit reserved
2022-07-16 4:08:42 PM  
Denmark finally have a corner.
2022-07-16 4:08:42 PM  
Danish corner
2022-07-16 4:09:24 PM  
How was no one on that?
2022-07-16 4:10:08 PM  
Bit of a waste there.  Then again, it bounced right in the 6 yard box.  Spain was lucky it bounced all the way through.
2022-07-16 4:10:55 PM  
no call???
2022-07-16 4:11:09 PM  
Denmark almost look like they are running a 6-3-1
2022-07-16 4:11:38 PM  
There have been a few no calls.  That one should have been called, and maybe a yellow for the pull back.
2022-07-16 4:11:45 PM  
Very lenient ref today.
That should have been foul.
2022-07-16 4:12:02 PM  
That was definitely a foul.
2022-07-16 4:12:35 PM  
Side netting for Spain
2022-07-16 4:12:46 PM  
Oh that was very close for Spain.
2022-07-16 4:14:15 PM  
once again, there are no Danes in the box to accept those crosses.
2022-07-16 4:17:14 PM  
Lovely name.
2022-07-16 4:17:15 PM  
Denmark makes a change Troelsgaard on for Krül
2022-07-16 4:17:52 PM  
Now Spain doing the long ball
2022-07-16 4:22:42 PM  
Denmark just look desperate with their defending at this point.
2022-07-16 4:23:14 PM  
Corner ends up in the side netting.  Goal kick for Denmark.
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