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(Journal Star)   Bill (LB1306) proposed to re-create 5 mile buffer zone around reservation from alcohol retailers. Native Americans will have to drive or walk drunk 15 miles to nearest town to buy booze.   ( journalstar.com) divider line
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2002-02-26 07:09:51 PM  
You mean each day, or a total for the week divided by 7?
2002-02-26 07:10:52 PM  
Selling them whiskey
And taking their gold
Enslaving the young
And destroying the old

Run to the hills
Run for your lives
Run to the hills
Run for your lives

Strangelove: Actually, it's true. Indians are genetically prone. Most Indians apparently are missing a particular gene which in turn causes the liver to not produce a particular enzyme which processes alcohol. They can only get rid of it through other, much less efficient means, which means the alcohol stays in their system much longer. An Indian drinking one beer is basically like a white man drinking one beer every hour for 12 hours (or more, and gradually decreasing the amount per hour).

And Ramius's statement is true as well. As a cracker, I can attest to this. I can't jump, either.
2002-02-26 07:12:46 PM  
This is a great idea. Lets get the beer sales off the reservation and onto state land so it can be taxed. And when the Injuns try to drive off drunk with their beer, they can throw them and make them pay steep fines, that is, tax them again. At least we'll get some of our federal taxes that pays their "annuities" back, right?
2002-02-26 07:13:23 PM  
Doesn't this remind you of that Simpsons episode with Proposition 486 when they were going to send Apu (an Indian!) out the country?

The Simpsons: as true today as when they were written.
2002-02-26 07:13:31 PM  
Indigenous, good band.
2002-02-26 07:13:39 PM  
***should be "throw them in jail"
2002-02-26 07:18:41 PM  
'HOW' can they let this happen?
2002-02-26 07:20:08 PM  
Ouroborus thinks that 2¢ should watch more Simpsons. He also doesn't give a rat's ass about anything that happens in Nebraska unless it somehow pertains to Big XII athletics (with emphasis on football).
2002-02-26 07:30:52 PM  
Only 3 times? Amateurs. Be back later. Simpsons is on.
2002-02-26 07:31:26 PM  
So instead of falling down drunk Indians staggering around with thier welfare checks to buy booze, we have falling down drunk Indians going on long beer runs.

This will be great for the crack dealers, they can line the 5 mile 'booze road' and introduce the Indians to something they havent ruined themselves with yet.
2002-02-26 07:34:39 PM  
The simpsons episode I think of when is Homer becomes a missionary and shows the natives the joy of casino gambling. I hate Nebraska football sorry ouroborus
2002-02-26 07:39:14 PM  
Yawn. I'm getting off work and going for Happy Hour now. Me drinkum big fire water.
2002-02-26 07:49:04 PM  
Anybody here ever seen the Pine Ridge Reservation?
Think of absolute hell right in the middle of the U.S.
Whenever I met new age hippies on the east coast that wanted to "live" with the Native Americans and commune with nature and be one with the earth, I suggested they go to the Pine Ridge reservation.
It's your worst farking nightmare.
2002-02-26 07:58:38 PM  
Yeah,I've heard Pine Ridge is the poorest and worst part of the country to be in.Thank god some of my ancestors from the Dakotas came out west a while back.

Max Load-Hehe,good plan.Show those dumb hippies.

Most of the Native Americans dislike the hippies,and think they are cracker posers.
2002-02-26 08:00:25 PM  
I'm not a fan of Nebraska football, Pornosaur. But I do respect them. The Simpson's episode of which you speak is pretty good.
2002-02-26 08:03:47 PM  
Yeah. That is a good Simpsons episode. It's the one when Homer licks frogs.
2002-02-26 08:10:26 PM  
Or, the one where they go to the Indian casino and Bart has a vision quest.

The best line:

"You put an ad in my vision quest?"

"No, that's just crazy talk."

"No, really, that's just my cousin Crazy Talk... we're all a little worried about him."
2002-02-26 08:12:46 PM  
Should get a "racist" tag.
2002-02-26 08:22:53 PM  
fark that shiat, if indians didn't drink they would all become terrorist--they are probably the most oppressed race in the history of the world
2002-02-26 08:23:20 PM  
or i guess i should say "we are"

but i'm pretty much white
2002-02-26 08:23:35 PM  
I'm a fan of Michgan football, so by default I have to hate them.
2002-02-26 08:25:49 PM  

O.K., you'll have to help me out on that. Do Wolverines eat Indians or something?

Oh. You mean Nebraska. My bad.
2002-02-26 08:28:50 PM  
But it really has nothing to do with racism. The head of the Reservation said he would take the state of Nebraska to Federal court if they didn't re-create the 5 mile zone.
Ok, I submitted this and I tagged it stupid because it dosen't solve anything. When you have people that will drink the alcohol out of Lysol cans to get drunk, closing the nearest liquor stores won't help. They will just end up going to the next nearest town to buy booze and end up with thier cars wrapped around telephone poles, or hit other people.
2002-02-26 08:30:53 PM  
I hate cornhuskers. Indians I don't mind, I've actually met a couple cute ones out here in AZ. Of course I though they were Mexican at first. I don't know those minorities are all the same.
2002-02-26 08:33:02 PM  
both the whites and the indians in my family have a history of alcoholism, i don't think it is a matter of physiology at all, it is a matter of the conditions in which you live.

poor scottish immigrants living in alabama = drunk
poor chickasaw whose parents died marching to oklahoma = drunk
2002-02-26 08:38:19 PM  
Fark the white man, taking over and getting em hooked on liquor. Close those farkin stores down.
2002-02-26 09:06:14 PM  
Good luck attracting corporate interest with racist taglines to your links.
2002-02-26 09:14:08 PM  

I can think of at least two companies that like the racist tag lines. Didn't you read about the company that made the racist white pride video game and the company that made the racist arab game?

Uh... wait...
2002-02-26 09:14:44 PM  
How was that tagline racist?
2002-02-26 09:23:27 PM  

Because it was talking about walking or driving 15 miles... as in a race.

Hence, we get the term "racist."

Jeez. Pay attention.
2002-02-26 09:29:05 PM  
well ya know what? I think it farking stinks that the cherokee were forced to walk to oklahoma. you wanna see why so many native americans are so farking depressed and alcohol-prone, go to Cherokee North Carolina. It's, by far, one of the better ones and it STILL makes me depressed. stoopid.

about the article: I think it's a stupid idea because it *will* cause an increase in drinking and driving (people already said that).

if you want native americans to stop drinking themselves to death, give them something else besides casinos and "zoos" that have 2 bears in a cage the size of this website.

2002-02-26 09:30:49 PM  
This is very good because.....wait a minute, almost missed that one...shouldn'y of drinked....that is not good... I guess.
2002-02-26 09:46:02 PM  

Indians were genetically bred for alcoholism for more than 100 years. We (whitey) shot any injun smart enough to ride a horse, we killed all wise/elders/warriors, and we kept the deaf, dumb, and alcoholic ones because they were harmless and would not attack the white settlers. We (whitey) whittled the gene pool into the down syndrome society it is today. Injuns are therefore an inferior species of man.

Anyone who thinks differently doesn't know their history. Ok, I'm sure some Jonny Red-face is going to write to me and tell me how smart he is, but I assure you, it is ancedotal evidence and does not refute the facts of his shoddy genes.

I am all for equal rights, and I don't think that other ethnicities are better/worse than others. Injuns are the only exception to the rule of universal equality, though, because genetics belie their claims of competence.

Hey, a midget can try out for the NBA, and he should be given an equal chance, but I got good money that says he won't make the cut. The same holds true for an injun trying to live an educated life. His half-wit ancestors stack the odds against him.

My point is that we should give them all the alcohol they can drink. There is no hope for them. Just let them be drunk and happy.
2002-02-26 10:00:40 PM  
I don't feel so bad anymore.
2002-02-26 10:02:48 PM  
or maybe only the smart ones managed to stay alive...asshole
2002-02-26 10:11:10 PM  
Crazyeddie - ancedotal evidence is not "evidence"

Don't people take logic 101 any more? Or biology? You cannot destroy a gene pool in 100 years the way you describe.

Although the genetic propencity for alcoholism is well documented and further illustrates the link between 'native' Americans and Asians.

In any case, why aren't these native peoples distilling their own booze? It's not like it's that hard.
2002-02-26 10:15:49 PM  
"02-26-02 06:21:20 PM Drstrangelove88
Cracker...that's funny, I would be called a bigot, redneck, racist, or hater if I said attractive and successful African-Americans are genetically prone to violence and drugs, or if I said kikes are genetically prone to being social parasites...

Go ahead mods, delete this post...show us the doublestandard prevelant in society today...

Is cracker really all that bad? Don't guess I've ever heard it used as a mean epithet. My cat is named Cracker. :)
2002-02-26 10:32:43 PM  
Big Dave sorry, meant to type 300 years. (which is how long we have been trimming the fat of the injuns). That's about 15 generations. You also forget that we killed all intelligent injuns and dropped their total numbers by 3/4.

Are you saying that 15 generations of inbreeding with alcoholic, schizophrenic, retarded genes will not yield anything but variations on the same? Where have you been going to school?

I'm glad you like philosophy and logic, but that does not negate the evidence.
2002-02-26 10:39:47 PM  
Boy you people can really lay into anyone that you don't think is around to see what you have to say. I see a lot of jealously of our 'lovely' lifestyle here on the rezzes. I'd like to see any of you come live on one for 1 farking year. Maybe you'd stop seeing that we're not saying "SAVE US FROM OURSELVES!" If I had a choice I'd tatto it on your farkin heads. "Don't save us! Leave us the fark alone! Go home!"

We're getting used to the fact that you're like the bad relatives that won't ever go home. Using up all resources and complaining to your neighbours. Do we like the rez? fark no. If I had the choice I'd switch places with any of you. It's hard to see how white people can let themselves become white trash. Trailor living fatso's who have all the oppritunity in the world, but still refuse to get up and get out.

And when you do make it. You shoot yourselves in the head? Why? Holy shiat, seeing this from our eyes is like seeing the brat of the family complaining that he got exactly what he deserved.

Oh no! they got casinos! They don't pay taxes!

You farkin dickheads put us here. You say it wasn't you. It was your ancestors. Why so proud of the ones like Washington and Columbus? You were building a land for the free. Home of the brave. Aren't they your ancestors too?

Maybe I should shutup, I might anger the seme7's here. They'd really sit down and type. Oh no. Perish the though.

And it's different here in Canada for us. We're ALL proud of our boys bring home the gold. Oh yeah, the girls too. Who did we beat again? hehehehehe
2002-02-26 10:43:20 PM  
I seriously doubt it's possible to set a 'race' back that far by killing the individuals you mention. Hitler attempted much the same thing: doctors, professors, and intelectuals were some of the first to go, and yet the jewish 'race' certainly hasn't seen any degredation in 'quality'. Israel has what, 1%, 2% of the world's population, and 40% of the Nobel prizes?

In any case you are using anecdotes, and there are enough intellegent, well educated, and successful native Americans to negate your examples.

And really, you should know that traits like intellegence and personality are not directly inherited from parents. There are plenty of quite stupid children born to bright but unlucky parents, and there are plenty of bright children born to people in Arkansas.

Your ideas are from the mid-ninteenth century and need an update. A patch is availible, go to your local community collage and enrole in a biology/psychology/sociology course to download and install.
2002-02-26 10:43:34 PM  
Here's some info on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
It's just really farking sad.

2002-02-26 10:46:41 PM  

You're trolling, right? You have a right to your opinion, of course; I'd never say otherwise.

At least you're good for getting discussion going.
2002-02-26 11:08:34 PM  
Big Dave Save yourself from your Hume lectures, and go take a freshman class in bio or psych yourself. Go ask your prof what would happen if there were a group of schizophrenics (inherited trait), alcoholics (inherited trait), retards (sometimes inherited trait), and manic depressives (inherited trait) that lived in a closed society (with minimal cross marriage) for 10 generations or so. Ask what would happen then.

Your analogy of the Jews just reinforces your lack of understanding. This isn't like the Jews for several reasons. First (and most importantly), Jewish people are an ethnicity, not a race. I am embarrassed that I need to make this distinction to you. If you need the difference explained, just ask.

Second, the number of injuns left alive after our 'colonization' was minimal to the point of their near extinction. When you start with so few, and the fact that the only ones left alive were depressed, alcoholic, retarded, or crazy, I assure you the results will be skewed. That is a fact, and not 'ancedotal evidence.'

You are showing your ignorance by stating (incorrectly) that 300 years of genetic history is just 'ancedotal evidence.' My statements are FACTS. We need to be clear on this. It is the examples of smart injuns (which you claim to have but fail to produce) that are ancedotal evidence my humean friend.

Go research the FACTS before you throw ad hominem insults about my 'antiquated' ideas. Go look up the rates of alcoholism, depression, manic depression, mental retardation, schizophrenia, etc in Native Americans/Aleuts and compare them to any other race or demographic. Keep in mind that depression is a biological/physiological disorder, so try not to commit the post hoc ergo prompter hoc fallacy that living on a reservation must be so 'depressing.' Alcoholism, too is an inherited trait, as are schizophrenia and other mental disorders.

All the freshman logic classes in the world can't save you from the truth.
2002-02-26 11:16:50 PM  
fark you crazyeddie, I'm half cherokee and with your half assed ideas I already proved I'm smarter than you. Wtf, my dad has a Ph.D, and he's full blooded. There goes your argument right there, dipshiat.

Have you even MET an indian before? Probably not. Racist asshole.
2002-02-26 11:21:17 PM  
Ah, earlier than expected, Jonny Red-face comes to give his ancedotal evidence to the contrary.

Don't hate me, Fireblade, hate the white-face who killed all your non-simpleton ancestors.
2002-02-26 11:25:56 PM  
One of my law school classmates is going to Pine Ridge this summer to intern...looks like she got more than she bargained for.
2002-02-26 11:28:09 PM  
Yes, what I say may be anecdotal, as I can't directly prove that what you say is complete bullshiat, but your "evidence" is just as anecdotal without a valid link, isn't it?

Yeah, indians become alcoholics "easier" than whites, due to their asian background. But whites, blacks, asians, every race has geniouses and morons. You sir, are a moron.

Racism is so.. 19th century. farking redneck.
2002-02-26 11:45:23 PM  
CrazyEddie is right about most of what he says. Over in Rapid City you see them living under bridges in the summer. They camp out out in the tall grass behind Prairie Market next to the train track. On a nice day they come out and sit under the trees along East North St. Sit there all day and pass a bottle around. Then comes search for the money - where they get together in a big group and get enough change to get more alcohol. Then it's time to drag across Omaha St. to the mission and get a free meal. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at its finest. And if they break a law they haul ass back to Pine Ridge until the heat dies down. The ones in power love the present system. They get tons of federal money and do not account for most of it. At Wal-Mart, I have watched truckloads of them in new Dodge Rams with tribal gov't plates pull into the handicapped spots and run inside the store. President Steele is the first prez in a long time to try and actually help his people.

OK I'm done.
2002-02-26 11:59:04 PM  
the reservation, home to between 15,000 and 38,000 Oglala Lakota

Nice census they got there.
2002-02-27 12:20:30 AM  
people are PEOPLE. we are all people. no difference. we can all interbreed and produce viable offspring. WHO CARES WHAT WE LOOK LIKE OR BELIEVE? I have a friend who has two beautiful half Oglala Lakota girls. They have the same shot in life as my kids will. It doesn't matter. Get a life. I've seen people of all races act like idiots. I am bigoted against stupid people, regardless of color or religion.
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