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(Journal Star)   Bill (LB1306) proposed to re-create 5 mile buffer zone around reservation from alcohol retailers. Native Americans will have to drive or walk drunk 15 miles to nearest town to buy booze.   ( journalstar.com) divider line
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2002-02-26 05:50:19 PM  
but indians don't drink
2002-02-26 05:51:00 PM  
Him no likey.
2002-02-26 05:51:11 PM  
Hmmm, now where did I leave my flamebait hat?????
2002-02-26 05:51:19 PM  
Prolly uphill both ways and in two feet of snow.
2002-02-26 05:51:48 PM  
The tribe is *requesting* the buffer zone. Where's the problem?
2002-02-26 05:52:27 PM  
Sounds like college to me.

This is a place "where anything goes," said John Yellowbird Steele, president of the Oglala Lakota. Beer is bartered for sex, and stolen property is used to pay for booze. People urinate on the streets."
2002-02-26 05:52:30 PM  
Oh well, guess they will have to make do with Peyote and Canabis.
Fugg that firewater honest injun !
2002-02-26 05:53:23 PM  
those farkin asholes
2002-02-26 05:53:34 PM  
And now I know why they requested it.

four small stores in Whiteclay, a town of 14 people, sell about 4.1 million bottles of beer a year

Jebus, that's a lotta beer for 14 people!
2002-02-26 05:53:38 PM  
white whiskey peddlers?

now they have to worry about Indian beer peddlers from India selling beer to Native American Indians.
2002-02-26 05:54:01 PM  
So where's the part about the e-mail tax?
2002-02-26 05:55:21 PM  

Funny thing is, the reseverations around here are known for their casinos.
2002-02-26 05:55:58 PM  
Looks like the closest taxi company is gonna be making some money.
2002-02-26 05:56:17 PM  
"white whiskey peddlers"

Great, glad to see the natives have found someone to blame for their alcoholism. Would be shame if they had to take responsibility and admit that they are genetically prone to the disease.
2002-02-26 05:57:26 PM  
[image from mahuffer.com too old to be available]
2002-02-26 05:57:49 PM  
Oh, now thats freekin' smart! US666 near the four corners area is the the deadliest highway in the US. Why you may ask? Because alcohol is banned on the reservations so they are basically encouraged to drink and drive.
2002-02-26 06:00:17 PM  
Crackers are genetically prone to bad dancing and corny jokes.
2002-02-26 06:00:33 PM  
The U.S. government tries to go to the source of its drug problem: where it is grown in South America, Steele said. "The source of a very great problem on the Pine Ridge Reservation is Whiteclay," he told the committee. "Your jurisdiction is causing it."
In my estimation, this is a problem of "border control". What happens if they push stores back 15 miles, and some of the people from the reservation decide to either camp out or actually live at the edge of the new border?
2002-02-26 06:00:58 PM  
This is funny. They always come into the Circle K down the street from me to do there grocery shopping. They buy a bunch of shiat while I have to wait for them. There always seems to be a 8 year-old kid wearing just a diaper too. Also they always get a 30 pack cube of Bud Light.
2002-02-26 06:00:59 PM  
Next up: 5-mile wide gun store-free buffer zones around predominately black-occupied housing to reduce the rate of homicide by firearms.

And the moral of the story is, if at first you fail at enforcing the laws, you need more laws.
2002-02-26 06:03:02 PM  
Pornosaur - Anyone in front of you in line at Circle K will cause you to wait. Why single out Indians?
2002-02-26 06:06:15 PM  
Why the hell does anyone use the term 'Native American'? One, most tribes and nations were on this continent before Amerigo Vespucci was born. Two, there are hundreds of different nations that would object to collective labels grouping various other tribes.
2002-02-26 06:06:47 PM  
The alcoholism rate of Native Americans is off the charts.
2002-02-26 06:06:49 PM  
"People urinate on the streets."

Geez, that place is turning into freaking library.
2002-02-26 06:08:50 PM  
DrDave - Not in comparison to Native Bush Daughters.
2002-02-26 06:12:46 PM  
Mytwocents - It is singling out when 'Us vs. Them' rhetoric is employed. If the United States is supposed to be this great land of inclusion, how the fark does anyone get off on bashing indigenous nations? It's like complaining about Jewish citizens holding up the grocery line with their Kosher food. Is that right?
2002-02-26 06:17:04 PM  
This is like Georgias "No alchohol sales on Sunday" law, where its unlawful to sell alchohol on Sunday to take home, but you can still go to any bar and buy as muchh as you please. Oh yea, by God you won't buy any alchohol from stores to take home, but you can go get hammered at your local pub andf drive home..... WTF is this horseshiat about?
2002-02-26 06:17:07 PM  
This is like Georgias "No alchohol sales on Sunday" law, where its unlawful to sell alchohol on Sunday to take home, but you can still go to any bar and buy as muchh as you please. Oh yea, by God you won't buy any alchohol from stores to take home, but you can go get hammered at your local pub andf drive home..... WTF is this horseshiat about?
2002-02-26 06:18:17 PM  
sorry about the double post, was an accident.
2002-02-26 06:19:49 PM  
I hear ya, and AMEN.
Been a while MTC
2002-02-26 06:21:20 PM  
Cracker...that's funny, I would be called a bigot, redneck, racist, or hater if I said attractive and successful African-Americans are genetically prone to violence and drugs, or if I said kikes are genetically prone to being social parasites...

Go ahead mods, delete this post...show us the doublestandard prevelant in society today...
2002-02-26 06:22:19 PM  
What next? The Irish will have to jump the puddle for a pint?
2002-02-26 06:23:30 PM  
Man, first we give them the firewater, now we try to take it away. Oh well, their solid gold mansions and rocket cars should suffice (casino money).
2002-02-26 06:24:23 PM  
There's always Sterno.
2002-02-26 06:24:29 PM  
Good one mods...
Let's see does this work?
2002-02-26 06:24:57 PM  
INDIGENOUS PEOPLE...NATIVE AMERICANS...I was born here, doesn't that make me NATIVE and INDIGENOUS? Didn't the so called "INDIGENOUS" people once come across a land bridge? Exactly how long does ones heritage have to go back to be called "INDIGENOUS"?
2002-02-26 06:24:57 PM  
2002-02-26 06:29:23 PM  
BlissKitchen - I believe the standard definition relates to any inhabitant of an area before an official recognition of statehood, but the terms vary depending on who you talk to.
2002-02-26 06:31:39 PM  
Very good Ramius....I've asked that question for a long time and yours was the first answer that made a lick of sense.
2002-02-26 06:32:08 PM  
Many native americans have fallen into alcoholism, partly because of the poverty on the reservations, and all the sober indians want to stop them. Don't see why not.
2002-02-26 06:32:50 PM  
aww, i thought this article would flame up better than this. i'd go back to the PETA war, but they are posting novels over there!
2002-02-26 06:34:57 PM  
Drstrangelove88: Yes, it is fun playing with the auto-filters, huh?
2002-02-26 06:42:46 PM  
Ramius I had to wait because they would buy 35 things like a grocery store check out at a Circle K. I dont care if your Indian or not. That's bullshiat.
2002-02-26 06:47:11 PM  
Pornosaur....and your purchase of Gay porn and Tuck's medicated wipes is more important than their groceries????
2002-02-26 06:54:25 PM  
That don't have gay porn there, I get that on the internet. My alcohol is more important though. I know I'm a selfish bastard.
2002-02-26 06:54:25 PM  
Mytwocents...sorry, an extremely good arguement. I live in NM (spare the comments). So I also get sick of seeing double standards. To take government handouts, operate casinos where they are otherwise illegal etc. and then try to act as a victim is so annoying. I dunno about that contract thing you mentioned though
2002-02-26 06:59:18 PM  
Do you happen to know the basis for that loophole? Ooooh to be indigenous!
2002-02-26 07:03:02 PM  
Buncha of stupid drunks. "Save us from ourselves! Stop selling us the evil firewater!"
2002-02-26 07:06:18 PM  
I just wish Indian Casino's were like Vegas. They're more like game parlors for the living dead.
2002-02-26 07:07:13 PM  
That's not that many beers. I did the math and it comes out to around 273 beers a year for each person. Thats less than one beer a day. how many of you drink more than one beer a day
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