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(Discovery)   The City of Gold "El Dorado" was found back in the 16th century   ( divider line
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2002-02-26 06:38:48 PM  
So that means that it was 'lost' in the 15th century.
2002-02-26 06:39:47 PM  
I think that is a repeat from a long time ago
2002-02-26 06:40:18 PM  
Like, five centuries ago
2002-02-26 06:41:02 PM  
I have an "El Dorado" that I found back in 1984. Mine's a convertable!
2002-02-26 06:41:41 PM  
He might have more luck looking under four leaf clovers for leprachauns to lead him to their hidden pot of gold.
2002-02-26 06:43:41 PM  
I used to watch a cartoon on Nickelodeon about the seven cities of gold.
2002-02-26 06:45:03 PM  
I remember that cartoon. Something about a kid named johann and his strange friends...
2002-02-26 06:45:13 PM  
Do the houses there have golden showers?
2002-02-26 06:46:15 PM  
Eldorado. The worst TV soap ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Missed it? Lucky you.
2002-02-26 06:46:34 PM  
Johnz16: It can't be cooler than my Gran Tourino with Landau Roof and power steering.
2002-02-26 06:47:18 PM  
Voltarie would be glad that someone read his book.
2002-02-26 06:47:20 PM  
Man that was a good Disney cartoon!
2002-02-26 06:48:11 PM  
"terminus.. terminus el dorado"

[image from too old to be available]
Also, Ted says PETA sucks.
2002-02-26 06:48:20 PM  
Does that mean that the pope knows where it's at?
2002-02-26 06:48:55 PM  
Didn't Johnny Quest and Race find it? I remember something about their monkey saving it or something like that...

2002-02-26 06:49:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Anyone else remember the Inspector Gadget episode where they hunt for the city of gold?
2002-02-26 06:50:25 PM  
El Dorado is real? Are there any other Superfriends that are real?
2002-02-26 06:51:04 PM  
If there are any superfriends that are real, I hope that its Wonderwoman.

Hubba hubba.
2002-02-26 06:51:24 PM  
Oh, I thought it was talking about the El Dorado that's just north of Wichita on I-35.
2002-02-26 06:54:18 PM  
I found an El camino... Man that was a cool car...
2002-02-26 06:54:59 PM  
*cue "Lowrider"*
2002-02-26 06:58:02 PM  
El Dorado es en mis pantalones
2002-02-26 07:03:02 PM  
Cortez: "Hey, you. Believe in Christ. Now."
Montezuma: "We believe in the Leopard God."
Cortez: "Me and my buddies and these here boom sticks say you believe in Christ Our Lord."
Montezuma: "Praise Jesus!"
Cortez: "Good. Now that we're all brothers in Christ, gimme all your gold. Oh, yeah, gimme all your women, take our disease, commit suicide, and never darken the King's territory again. Okay?"
2002-02-26 07:03:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Eldorado Country Club
2002-02-26 07:03:42 PM  
Forget it, it's all been tithed away to the Vatican by now.
2002-02-26 07:03:46 PM  
I remember the alan quatermaine movie where he finds El Dorado. Talk about a classic, James earl jones runs around in a leopard skin toga and pretends he doesn't want to have sharon stone wrestle the mighty black constrictor. And I'm not sure, but the high priest was like Ronny James Dio or something.
2002-02-26 07:04:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 07:04:30 PM  
A city...made of gold?!?

I will find this place...then, then I'll be richer than you guys! SO THERE!
2002-02-26 07:06:29 PM  
of course el dorado is real, its about 35 miles from me.
2002-02-26 07:06:49 PM  
That's the one, Lordargent
2002-02-26 07:07:00 PM  
Unfortuntately, El Dorado was one of the lamer Superfriends.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-02-26 07:22:44 PM  
I heard that "El Dorado" was actually mistranslated as "Golden City" when it actually meant "Golden Man" and had something to do with a guy who would roll around in gold dust until he was all shiny-like and then conduct some kind of religious ritual.

So, which line of BS should I go with, golden dude or golden city?
2002-02-26 07:22:56 PM  
Could someone please give me reference to another picture host, not listed in the FarQ, Please? Photoisland won't work for me.
2002-02-26 07:32:27 PM  
Did you ever notice that when lost treasure from a shipwreck is talked about, it's almost referred to as "Spanish" gold? It was only "theirs" because they stole it from the native peoples.
2002-02-26 07:36:59 PM  
Gold dust in your crack must be annoying as hell.
2002-02-26 07:37:36 PM  
I went to El Dorado High School. Made of gold was it? No. Made of meanie jocks and skater punks who were mean to me and would beat me up and stuff me into trash cans? Yes *tear drop*
2002-02-26 07:42:51 PM  
if its gold dust then Dustin Rhodes is the man.
2002-02-26 07:54:46 PM  
02-26-02 06:43:41 PM Ouroborus
I used to watch a cartoon on Nickelodeon about the seven cities of gold.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --

I remember that show! Heh, and the main character was Sebastian. Not Johann.
2002-02-26 07:58:05 PM

Or was it Estaban? AYE!
2002-02-26 08:04:47 PM  
It was Esteban. He always had that clay jor on a stick.
2002-02-26 08:23:41 PM  
I always thought it was Sebastian...but that website set me straight. :) Silly me.
2002-02-26 08:27:07 PM  
It WAS Esteban...That's right. My life is complete. i can die in peace.
2002-02-26 09:23:09 PM  
Wow that's funny - they discovered the city of El Dorado, but I thought there had actually been people living in it the whole time.

Silly me.
2002-02-26 09:27:28 PM  
The "real source of the amazon river" is a watershed over a million square miles in area.

The rest of that article is barking shiat.
2002-02-26 10:05:27 PM  
"El Dorado has lured many explorer over the past five centuries: among them famed British army surveyor Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, who left in search of Paititi in 1925, and more recently, a 1972 Franco- American expedition led by Bob Nichols, and the 1997 exploration of Norwegian anthropologist Lars Hafksjold. "

I hate to be like my old high school english teacher, but I think they were way off in 1997 when they searched for the city in a Norwegian anthropolgist. It was in SOUTH AMERICA...duh

I used to find El Dorado all the time back in 1987...
2002-02-26 10:50:34 PM  
The Mysterious Cities of Gold was originally a joint venture between American and FRENCH production houses. It's France's one success.

Ahhhhh...oh ah oh ah, someday we will find...the Ci-ities of Gooooohoohoold...
2002-02-26 11:40:35 PM  
El Dorado?

I thought they said "Dil" Dorado... whelllll then, what is that?
2002-02-27 09:05:31 AM  
Ahh, fond childhood memories.....
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