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(Lifehacker)   Depends. Either "I've been called worse by better people" or "something something, your momma, something something"   ( divider line
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305 clicks; posted to Discussion » on 06 Jul 2022 at 7:50 AM (5 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-07-06 9:09:43 AM  
That's the best you can come up with? How sad.
2022-07-06 9:22:06 AM  
I usually just fire off a witty and biting response...12 to 18 hours later, when I'm alone.
2022-07-06 9:49:47 AM  
When the neighborhood 'roided out Nazi tried to pick a fight with me over the egregious crime of having my dog off leash, he insulted my hair and my glasses. Dude is bald and has a terrible beard, like most Nazis these days, so my first instinct was to respond with, "at least I have hair."

But instead, I just thanked him for his comments, and it completely flustered him to the point he threw his arms up and left.
2022-07-06 10:01:36 AM  
I usually plot a long and drawn out revenge scheme that involves me becoming a wealthy and titled nobleman of a small European principality.
2022-07-06 10:23:43 AM  
I laugh and say "That's a good one!" and walk away.  It throws people off completely.  And it really pisses people off that are trying to offend you.
2022-07-06 10:37:02 AM  
Roxanne-- epic joke scene
Youtube Z1nYEH6EDwM
2022-07-06 11:10:09 AM  

Slypork: [YouTube video: Roxanne-- epic joke scene]

I believe he actually does 24-25 better insults, instead of the required 20.:)

/really knows what she's doing
2022-07-06 12:34:35 PM  
" that might provoke me if I valued your opinion"
2022-07-06 12:34:54 PM  
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2022-07-06 12:41:08 PM  
I alway followed Jim Croce's philosophy: (paraphrasing) People can say whatever they want to say as long as they don't put their hands on me.


All bets are off if they aim their bile at someone smaller and weaker than them in my presence. If it's an adult I will pause long enough to let the victim handle it their own way.
2022-07-06 1:11:33 PM  
Either ask with total seriousness: "How old are you??" 

Or just do this:
i.gifer.comView Full Size
2022-07-06 2:58:18 PM  
I pee on their leg.
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