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(Japan Today)   Epidemic of couples having sex on new ferris wheel   ( japantoday.com) divider line
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2054 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Mar 2001 at 8:30 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-03-30 08:43:58 AM  
yet another reason to go to Japan...
2001-03-30 09:13:09 AM  
Sad? Hey, ferris wheels are boring. I''d bet that if Brunching Shuttlecocks did a review of amusement park rides they''d rate a D-. At least carousels are interesting to look at, especially some of those well crafted antique ones.

Now if you mix boinking cute oriental girls with the ferris wheel then it''d be an A+ ride.
2001-03-30 09:39:11 AM  
How was the view? It was very breathtaking :)
2001-03-30 09:47:05 AM  
You wouldn`t see the headline "Shagging on the ferris wheel" in any UK papers or websites.
Oh those wacky japs.........
2001-03-30 09:53:37 AM  
MBK [TotalFark]
2001-03-30 11:20:26 AM  
haha...gotta love the quote "our products stood the Kobe earthquake"...i bet I can knock that SOB down...any female wanna come with?
2001-03-30 11:44:37 AM  
Sloogemopper for Japanese Ferris Wheel.
Great Opportunities for advancement:
after one year you get a sponge.
2001-03-30 01:08:25 PM  
I remember waaaay back when I was 13 I ate a chick out on the "birdcage" ride at Paramount''s Great America in Santa Clara, CA. It was pretty cool.

-he who stacks pork
2001-03-30 01:16:11 PM  
actually...doesn''t seem like a big enough risk to me. 7 minutes of complete privacy? practically guaranteed privacy. what''s the point in doing it if you know you won''t get caught?
now...i made it with my girlfriend in the elevator at the architecture studio building at Georgia Tech. that''s risk, considering there is probably not an hour in the year when at least one person isn''t in the building, and only one elevator. it was worth it, though.
2001-03-30 01:27:50 PM  
the ferris wheel at kentucky kingdom here in louisville is prime for some carnal activity. *note to self* get a girl up on the ferris wheel.
2001-03-30 01:27:58 PM  
You can see Mt. Fuji? Isn''t that where their gods did it?

Grav8e, the appeal for me wouldn''t be the risk of getting caught. Making love with a view like that would be an experience in itself. And much safer than making love on the edge of a cliff.
2001-03-30 02:03:33 PM  
Only 7 minutes?
2001-03-30 02:43:55 PM  
x-ray...now i have this amusing newspaper story in my head...couple plumments 1000 feet in carnal embrace.

i wonder if her terror would be enough for her to pinch his wee-wee off inside her...
2001-03-30 07:09:37 PM  
A dashing, young rogue named Sinclair / was boffing the maid on the stair / The bannisters broke / on the ninty-ninth stroke / and he finished her off in mid-air.
2001-05-31 09:32:38 AM  
Can''t knock it down? Ha! I bet if the guy at the controls was screwing his girl real hard in the control room...and shoved the control arm for the ferris wheel back and forth a bunch of times in the process...it would topple that thing like a Tinker Toy in a clothes dryer.

2001-05-31 09:32:38 AM  
er...somthin like that.
2001-05-31 09:32:38 AM  
It''s so cool being the only guy "working" on a Friday afternoon....I can have all of these cool conversations with myself and laugh my ass off at me in the pleasure of my own company.
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