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(The Spun)   Rece Davis named his favorite College Gameday location. While it's not the end of the world, let's just say you can see it from there   ( divider line
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2022-07-01 5:14:31 PM  
All dirt roads lead to Pullman.
2022-07-01 5:17:12 PM  
Knew JMU would make the list.  That was epic.
2022-07-01 6:29:54 PM  
The flag tradition started it all
2022-07-01 7:59:31 PM  
Because, amidst the wheat fields of the Palouse...what else is there to do for 20 something year old college kids to do?? 

Nothing. The answer is nothing. Because there is nothing there. And I'm not exaggerating.
2022-07-01 10:15:45 PM  
I cannot embed this one....enjoy:
2022-07-01 10:21:30 PM  
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2022-07-01 10:26:44 PM  
Wazzou? Really? I would have thought Penn State.
2022-07-01 10:45:28 PM  
Maybe they come to Raleigh this year?
2022-07-01 11:17:23 PM  
In a stance which will surely change the way the world works, I refuse to click on shiat that is obvious clickbait.

Once upon a time I had Yahoo! as my homepage or at least their news set up as an RSS (set up on an RSS?), these terms confuse and frighten me so I avail myself of my limited faculties and hope I'm in the ballpark.

Anyways, once they started doing that shiat with their news headlines I stopped using them. I realize that I may miss out on Emma Stone wanting to ride my face due to a headline such as "Emma Stone wants to ride this Ohio stud's face but needs to contact him first" but I have my principles and I shall stand by them.
2022-07-02 3:47:44 AM  
Old man on lawn take: I haven't been able to take College Gameday seriously since they turned it into the on-campus circus it's been the last 15 years or so.

The theater of thousands of fans in a still highly choreographed, planned event, with umpteen shots of the entire band and cheer squad and celebrities even while the analysts are talking, and god knows what all else on site all just seems like a giant, peppy distraction from, you know, actually telling folks about what's going on in college football that day. It's done in a way that they basically seem to be selling the hype way more than the actual football. And people buy in by the droves and I don't get it.

There was a time where they'd show an extra college game or two on PPV back in the analog cable days. After the game, even if you didn't buy the game, they'd just show a scroll of all the scores from around the country that day. That was good enough for me. Even just highlights after games and a pre-game show with a few notes on each game would be good enough for me, especially as someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight (the universities I root for don't have football) who just kind of wants to know who the best players in the country are in brief so I feel somewhat informed during the first round of the NFL Draft.

Between feeling like I'm being sold an expensive hype machine instead of football, and the transfer portal making it impossible to know who's on what team from one season to the next, yeah, college football has lost me as even a casual fan.

This isn't a new phenomenon for me, either. I watched Inside the NFLin the 80's and I disliked their on-location shows, too. I don't care that much about just one team. Give me an executive summary of what's going on everywhere and I'm good, thanks.
2022-07-02 4:59:23 AM  
Best Game Day guest picker:

Katy Perry's football predictions on ESPN College Gameday
Youtube dyWuFG0iCQU
2022-07-02 8:37:41 AM  

Pfighting Polish: Old man on lawn take: I haven't been able to take College Gameday seriously since they turned it into the on-campus circus it's been the last 15 years or so.

Have you ever been to a college football game? Because what you just described is what college football is.

The game itself comes late in the festivities. Do yourself a favor- go to a city like Columbia SC when LSU is coming to town. The purple and gold RVs start to show up on Tuesday. By Thursday night, you can walk through the parking area and have some of the best food you'll ever eat (don't ask about the ingredients unless you want to change your opinions on nutria), but you'll also be walking sideways because the total strangers you're dealing with have managed to slip a fifth of bourbon into your system.

By gameday itself, the scene resembles a block party. There are TVs showing the early Big 10 games, a live band - and we're talking Hootie and the Blowfish - is playing in another part of the parking area, propane fryers are out, and any team-related cheer, chant or song is immediately joined in by 1,000 voices.

I happened to be on campus at a different SEC school (not naming names, but they low -down, they dirty, they some snitches) and after a Friday night of doing college kid stuff, I was awakened at 6:30 AM by said school's bluegrass song being played at high volume on a large stereo. My host handed me a beer and said "it's game day! And this isn't just a game, it isn't just a conference game, it's a division game."

So, yeah. It's not a sterile environment.
2022-07-02 8:57:31 AM  

Gonz: Have you ever been to a college football game? Because what you just described is what college football is.

I get what he is saying to an extent about College Gameday specifically but yeah, college football itself is pretty farking magical.
2022-07-02 9:38:39 AM  

Gonz: Have you ever been to a college football game? Because what you just described is what college football is.

Honestly, no. The two universities I've been involved with pretty seriously both lack football and are basketball focused.

Closest I come is the one to three Packers games I attend each year, which have their own unique tailgate culture, no doubt. But at least when you go in person, you have the option to just make your way through all the riff raff to your seat if you choose, which is what I do. Everyone's entitled to fun in their own way. Only thing that bothers me about it is drunk people don't move terribly fast, which kinda hinders me from getting to and from my seat as quickly as I could, but it's just part of what you deal with.

With something like watching College Gameday, you're subject to the programming they foist upon you. I almost wish there was a second pre-game show option more tuned into the actual on-field strategy than the hooplah. Not to mention, it's a different place every week, so it's not like you're getting the same party every week. I mean, yeah, I'd go to a Packers fan tailgate party because I'm a Packers fan. I wouldn't go to a different NFL team's tailgate party every week. Why should I watch a different college tailgate party every week?

Like I say, everyone's entitled to their fun in their own way, but if I'm going to watch football on TV, I want to watch football. I want to know about why a particular team's scheme works and how their opponent might be uniquely positioned to counter that, who the game-changing talents are and so on. Other folks can go get drunk and sing a gazillion songs. I'm there to watch the football. I don't gamble, either. I just enjoy the chess match. It's that way for all the sports I watch. I still keep score at baseball games and track every pitch. If I'm watching basketball, I'm probably live-tweeting and have the live stats up next to me to see who's doing what performance wise. I'm there for the game.

There's probably a reason I end up at a lot more sporting events either as some form of media or game ops personnel than I do a fan.
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