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(Metro) Hero Molly the stunned pug isn't sure what's going on after her 24-hour rescue trip from China in crate, probably is sure she's not hamburger meat though   ( divider line
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586 clicks; posted to D'awww » on 29 Jun 2022 at 12:50 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-06-29 11:49:03 AM  
Why?  Dogs that are already here and don't need flying over seas get euthanized every day.  You probably could have saved 2 dogs here for the price of saving one dog internationally.  At least these dogs were going to be recycled into meat.
2022-06-29 2:27:24 PM  
I mean, I'm all for ending puppy mills and dog slaughter, but an international flight with all it entails seems a but much.  Don't they have dog rescue services and support in China?
2022-06-29 2:36:06 PM  
I read the headline as "stunned pig".  I think I need some more caffeine and look at something other than excel spreadsheets for a bit...
2022-06-29 2:57:26 PM  
Looks exactly like every other pug I have ever seen.

/modern pugs are animal abuse at the genetic level.
2022-06-29 3:29:38 PM  

Laobaojun: Looks exactly like every other pug I have ever seen.

/modern pugs are animal abuse at the genetic level.

They should breed them all out into puggles imo
2022-06-29 3:34:16 PM  
"We rescued this puppy, now watch as we cram him in the dark, cold belly of a noisy airplane for 245 hours, because that's sooooo much more humane."

Crating dogs and then shoving them in the cargo hold is just slightly less evil than the shiat Putin is doing in Ukraine.

CSB: In high school, my older foster brother got a transfer and moved back to AZ from Minnesota. He flew out his German Shepherd, and my other foster brother and I drove to the airport to pick him up. At the time, with the freeway system in AZ and the lower speed limit, this was about an hour and a half trip. We show up, and this poor dog is still in this crate, but he has managed to shiat and vomit all over himself. But we can't do anything, so we take this terrified, traumatized, and sick dog and shove him in the back of a pickup truck for another hour and a half. And then when we got to the house, we knew the only way we were going to get him clean was by hosing him down still in the crate, there was no other way, short of chasing him around the yard for 3 hours with the hose. I still feel horrible thinking about it. That poor dog...

I will NEVER crate my dog, and I have a serious problem with people who do. Have a buddy whose GF works for Delta, and she got moved to Seoul last year. THEY could have gotten First Class for that trip, but it would have meant they had to crate their dog, so they sat back in Gen Pop, rather than torture their dog.
2022-06-29 4:09:28 PM  
Heh... I once took Booger the cat from Indianapolis to Baltimore after a longtime Caturday Farker died. Kitty mom A had given him sedatives and he was ok until we had a bumpy landing at BWI. Full-on pusspanic.

Yay for changing stations in restrooms! I ended up wiping his poopy butt as best I could before handing him off to his new mom.
2022-06-29 4:26:58 PM  

Laobaojun: Looks exactly like every other pug I have ever seen.

/modern pugs are animal abuse at the genetic level.

This. Sorry about your lifetime of breathing problems, but we thought that your face should be able to fit plum against the average living room wall for some goddamn reason.
2022-06-29 7:51:14 PM  
Maybe carry the dog normally?
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