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(YouTube) Video Want to watch Subby pluck up the courage to get on camera and rip a Flat-Earther's 'three fundamentals' apart with nothing but common sense, a spirit level and raised blood pressure? Yeah, I know. I need a haircut   ( divider line
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595 clicks; posted to STEM » on 28 Jun 2022 at 5:50 PM (6 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-06-28 6:02:50 PM  
22 minutes?

2022-06-28 6:19:50 PM  
"Spirit level" is another way of saying BAC, right?  Better be at least an 0.4 if you want my click.
2022-06-28 6:20:27 PM  

indy_kid: 22 minutes?


Zero rambling, promise. I edited that out
2022-06-28 6:55:43 PM  
I think Russian propagandists promote flat earth nonsense so that the people that believe the horseshiat that they really want people to believe doesn't seem as radical.

I may believe in Q, but at least I am not a flat Earther....
2022-06-28 7:17:33 PM  
OH MY GOD! The FARKING hair!  It was distracting, I couldn't watch it for more than two minutes before I was nervously stroking my straight razor.
2022-06-28 7:19:03 PM  
I watched it and I gave it a like. Fellow farkers get a like. That's my rule.
2022-06-28 7:21:55 PM  
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2022-06-28 7:37:57 PM  
SciManDan, a flat Earth debunker, has a clip showing a flerf admitting why he pushes flat Earth which is a flat Earth cannot exist unless it was made by god. The Earth being a globe fits in with the natural explanations for everything so no god is needed. In short, many flerfs are hardcore Christian fundamentalists.

Flat Earth Presentation DESTROYED!
Youtube RPP6kofgIk4
2022-06-28 7:51:48 PM  
Flat earthers could be taken up into space, fly around earth, and they would say it was mind control or a fake simulation

there is NOTHING that will change their mind.  They think their refusal to yield to any logic is virtue

and there is another group that do not believe in the flat earth, but knows the rube above is easy to get money from as long as you support their ideas
2022-06-28 8:11:16 PM  
Three years ago...

Talking with Conspiracy Theorists in the Age of Bulls**t - The Jim Jefferies Show
Youtube 9NiYeQ-LFl8

/there's no reasoning with these idiots
2022-06-28 8:23:06 PM  
They know what they are doing.

Let me spell it out for people so that the game becomes clear. Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Elon Musk, LRonHubbard, Michael Milken, Bernie Madoff. Makes no difference. Might as well call him a Music Man and write a Broadway show. What you do is pump up the rubes with an idea that creates hysteria, fear, or some kind of emotion that lets people enjoy being non-reasonable, together, and enjoy some euphoria or companionship. Could be anything... religion, orgies, start up company, social movement.... it really does not matter.

Then when you have the excitement and crazy cranked up to 11, you engineer a scandal or some defeat or some crazy to take all the pressure off, lose the uncommitted adherents, distract law enforcement, etc. Jim Bakker and others used sex scandals. Musk is using Twitter and claims of emotional disorders. LRon Hubbard-niks let dissenters go and say their worst and then build back up with a more loyal corps.

It becomes a cycle. Market your brand, then De-Market your brand, and then start over.

So you use things like flat Earth, and aromatherapy and multilevel marketing and churches to recruit gullible people. Then you put them together in bigger groups and start your cult. And just take it in whatever direction you like.

Money, power, the Presidency.

So this flat Earth is someone's con game feeder system.

They are not debating a scientific proposition at all. They will never see the light. They are playing a different game. Ken Ham, Creflo Dollar, MTaylor Greene, this Boebert person, Donald Trump, Vlad Putin, Alex Jones, but also enablers like Matt Damon, Ashton Kutcher, Ted Nugent, Diamonds and Silk. When you create a scam, you create energy. Convert that to money, fame, influence, etc.

And that's it. Thanks for fighting the good fight. I hope subby gets a lot of clicks.

One would hope that appealing to reason and sober judgment would be easy, but again, that is not the name of this game.
2022-06-28 9:42:52 PM  
There's no use wrestling with a pig.
2022-06-29 12:01:32 AM  
Holy fark is the argument against the vacuum argument dumb.

Were it not for GRAVITY, the atmosphere if the Earth would be gone. The forces involved with a vacuum cleaner are the same as with the vacuum of space. These are both areas of low (or 0, in the case of space) pressure into which areas of high pressure will be drawn, But gravity keeps the atmosphere around, preventing it from dissipating into space.

Wow was that video dumb.
2022-06-29 2:43:55 AM  
Never argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and then win with experience.
2022-06-29 4:16:47 AM  

dbirchall: "Spirit level" is another way of saying BAC, right?  Better be at least an 0.4 if you want my click.

Oh. "Click."

Sorry; misread that.
2022-06-29 7:37:50 AM  
Do I want to watch someone argue with pigeons? No come back when you're punching them.
2022-06-29 8:14:42 AM  

indy_kid: 22 minutes?


Yep, same.  Also, I'm not a flat earther and I don't have the time to watch this, do you really think they are going to spend that much time being told they are idiots?

Appreciate the effort by you have to know your audience.
2022-06-29 11:52:22 AM  
But...but...but...You're British!!!!
2022-06-29 2:08:36 PM  

tedduque: The forces involved with a vacuum cleaner are the same as with the vacuum of space.


The vacuum of space is an absolute lack of anything, or almost anything. There is no suction or force to pull the atmosphere away from the planet, which remains in place due to the earth's gravitational field

A vacuum cleaner uses a motor to suck air through a system of tubes & chambers and out through a vent, depositing dirt & debris into a collecting recepticle The whole system is constantly open. They are in no way similar

An artificially created vacuum chamber at or near to ground level is in no comparable to the vacuum of space, due to the fact it's at ground level.
2022-06-29 5:04:30 PM  

luddite v2.0: But...but...but...You're British!!!!

Sure am, you should try it. Supper with the Queen every Thursday
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