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(Daily Mail)   Man who used an excavator to try and stop the state police from arresting his son has dug himself a pretty big hole   ( divider line
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2813 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jun 2022 at 5:30 AM (23 weeks ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2022-06-28 6:01:05 AM  
POTUS and his family sure get around...
2022-06-28 6:08:20 AM  
The son has a wee bit of poo on his forehead. Maybe chocolate.
2022-06-28 6:10:08 AM  
I read that as escalator and I had many questions...
2022-06-28 6:13:24 AM  
Looks like the father has...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
...dug himself a big hole.
2022-06-28 6:21:43 AM  
Did he think he was going to get away with it? That his son was suddenly going to disappear like DB Cooper?
2022-06-28 6:23:28 AM  
Frikkin Amy.
She looks so innocent in that pic.
2022-06-28 6:26:12 AM  
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/had that action figure
//worth thousands now
2022-06-28 6:28:02 AM  
Not the smartest course of action in hindsight. Or foresight.
2022-06-28 6:38:50 AM  
Again? Or is this a new thing to do?
2022-06-28 7:11:16 AM  
The cops brought a gun to a backhoe fight.
2022-06-28 7:14:08 AM  
Not a bucket list item.
2022-06-28 7:22:30 AM  
Pulled a gun on a guy in an excavator?

Just back up 10 more feet you farking goob, and put the gun back in your pants you weenie.
2022-06-28 7:26:11 AM  

LiberalConservative: Again? Or is this a new thing to do?

Nope. It's the third time this story has been posted. At least this time they included different pictures.

/I am looking forward to seeing how things go in court for them though.
2022-06-28 8:02:14 AM  
He literally has the same smirk as his dad. Apple didnt fall far from the tree.
2022-06-28 8:57:42 AM  
While I would support my kids If they got arrested for anything other than rape

You made things worse, and now you are in jail also
2022-06-28 10:11:56 AM  
Thats as deadly a weapon as any yet no one gets shot. Kudos, I think.
2022-06-28 10:33:42 AM  

synithium: Pulled a gun on a guy in an excavator?

Just back up 10 more feet you farking goob, and put the gun back in your pants you weenie. know if it was a brown person driving that he would have been filled with bullet holes before the cop could reload and start shooting again
2022-06-28 11:03:11 AM  

ltdanman44: [Fark user image 619x400]

/had that action figure
//worth thousands now

images.techhive.comView Full Size
2022-06-28 11:41:04 AM  
Crazy eyes mom probably screaming "Let's go Brandon!!".
2022-06-28 12:30:04 PM  
Should have shot that piece of garbage. Bet if they weren't white this wouldn't have ended with no injuries.
2022-06-28 2:04:17 PM  
They appear to be a horrible family. The smirk on the son's face in his booking photo tells you all you need to know.
2022-06-28 2:20:07 PM  
And they didn't shoot him because? White.
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