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(Some Guy)   Princess Leia-style holograms can be yours...for a mere $45k.   ( actuality-systems.com) divider line
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2002-02-26 12:37:49 AM  
Sweet, these things would be great for learning all sorts of math, designing buildings, aircraft, etc. I wonder how long till they make a home version?
2002-02-26 12:38:12 AM  
coming next: pearl jam's concert hologram box-set...for a mere $599
2002-02-26 12:38:17 AM  
damn.. that is sweet!
2002-02-26 12:38:52 AM  
Man, that pelvic region of female anatomy is some good spanking material!
2002-02-26 12:43:41 AM  
is the site farked? its slow as hell for me. :(
2002-02-26 12:44:56 AM  
The first thing I thought of was this (safe for work).

The second thing I thought of was 3D porn. Never again will you have to fast forward past the shots of the guys face.
2002-02-26 12:45:15 AM  
wow this is cool! too bad i'm poor :(
would someone kindly paypal me about $50000.00 so i can buy one of these? (if you do donate, i'll let you borrow it from time to time)
2002-02-26 12:47:25 AM  
Only $45k? Put me down for two!
2002-02-26 12:47:44 AM  
Hmmmm ... a choice between a CAVE and a large crystal ball? For the applications they talk about a CAVE or a FAKEspace display would be much better but also much much more expensive. Still it is neat looking.
2002-02-26 12:49:54 AM  
Oops! Cranky's right. Porn will come first!! ;) But on second thought, pearl jam would qualify as smut...
2002-02-26 12:55:19 AM  
I do some on-site work for a company that makes industrial holograms.Very cool stuff.The best one was a 8'X 16' hologram of the new T-Bird.
2002-02-26 12:58:07 AM  
Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope!
2002-02-26 12:59:46 AM  
I saw something similar to this in person several months ago. It wasn't professionally made, so it didn't look quite as slick as these, but it was pretty damn cool nonetheless. These people had a number of different things they could show, one of which was the requisite Star Wars thing.. they had R2D2. Definitely a kick to get to walk around and look at things from different angles. Good stuff, glad to see it's getting even better. Maybe in 10 years we'll actually have home computers fast enough to attach to home sized and priced versions of these, and you can actually look at whatever you want in full 3d..
2002-02-26 01:02:08 AM  
As long as she wears the bikini from Return of the Jedi, I'm happy...
2002-02-26 01:02:29 AM  
Man oh man, if anybody can find an emulation of time traveler they'll be my new favorite person. I would even give you a free link in my fark profile
2002-02-26 01:07:11 AM  
Don't these steal your soul? Tools of the devil...
2002-02-26 01:23:57 AM  
Batman42: You can buy it here.

Comes with 3D glasses too!
2002-02-26 01:33:37 AM  
These are old-school. Mysterio from Spiderman lore has had one of those on his head for years.

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-02-26 02:05:45 AM  
"I doubt that your aunt would have survived the line of questioning I had in mind."

Uhm, I know he's bad and all, but how do questions hurt people?
2002-02-26 02:21:10 AM  
ArmyOfFun: Your answer is in the next line...

With the techniques I have learned from my new alien comrades...

That's definitely anal probing. Aliens always anal probe. I don't know about you, but if a guy with a dome on his head wanted to anal probe me, I'd just give him the damn information.
2002-02-26 02:22:02 AM  
The scientific applications are endless!!!!!

[image from milgrrls.com too old to be available]
2002-02-26 04:24:14 AM  
wow! it's amazingly primitive

What you are looking at is basicly an image that is progected onto a spinning screen. It's not like the artoo thing at all, although if you didn't see it start and were a moron you could probably be fooled by it.
2002-02-26 04:55:59 AM  
wow the ultimate accessory for the nerd who doesnt get any...
2002-02-26 05:03:52 AM  
Weren't they showing off even more advanced hologram technology at the last major technology show? I remember them showing a hologram projector that was nothing more than a laid down plate and it had holographic projection swirling around above it.

As I recall, they showed an apple and it looked real enough, that if you didn't know better, you'd reach out and grab for it.
2002-02-26 05:41:51 AM  
hologram? there isnt one. It's a spinning flat display that gives the illusion of 3D. The coma-like glow surrounding the objects is the spinning plastic.
2002-02-26 05:56:16 AM  
As with all things in technology, I predict in 5 years you will be ablt to get a better, High Definition model for probably only something like 2 grand tops.
You are paying the exorbitant amount in order to be the first one on your block to have it.
2002-02-26 08:06:31 AM  
I think all the segways are really these things!
2002-02-26 08:37:19 AM  
All that is neat and all... but can I use it to play Unreal Tournament?
2002-02-26 08:56:17 AM  
I agree that this technology really doesn't look all that impressive, particularly not with proper spacial light modulation systems being on the verge of coming onto the market. I actually did some consultancy work for a company who had produced a computer-generated hologram and wanted to know who the hell they were going to sell it to. That was last summer and unfortunately I can't remember offhand what they were called.

MIT are also doing some cool stuff with spacial light modulation. As far as I can tell, producing static images and pre-rendered sequences with holographic panels is already being done. The problem is that calculating the interference patterns required is so computationally intensive, that real-time generation is not feasible.

The really cool thing about holographic panels though is they're fully scaleable. You can stick them together and get a wall-sized hologram if you have enough cash (the individual panels I saw specified were 2' square). Compare that with the crappy 10" spinning disk...
2002-02-26 09:01:10 AM  
Hehe.. If I had $45K Disposable income to buy one of these, then I'd be able to pay Carrie Fisher to dress up as Princess Leia and reenact her scene for it... "Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope!"

2002-02-26 09:08:46 AM  
I actually went to see these at the company the other day. They are pretty neat, though no completely finished. Still pretty noisy and there is still some amount of flicker. They are no actually holograms, but fully 3D displays.

As for educational uses, these things are being pushed into the military and big business first because that's where the money is.

The idea behind this thing isn't all that complex...it's the software they've designed to project images from all 3D programs that is the complicated part.

The coolest part is flying a little helicopter around the globe with a joystick.
2002-02-26 12:22:24 PM  
Site farkd: help me obi-wan farkobi, you are my only hope
2002-02-26 08:45:22 PM  
the old 'hologram' games were nothing more than a 2d image projected onto a bowled mirror that made the image appear to be 3d. This new machine they're talking about lets you move around the dome and see everything from all angles. There's a huge difference. Still, those games looked pretty cool for the time.
2002-02-26 09:40:16 PM  
That's very cool stuff.
Now when can I get MONITOR like that for my DESK?
2002-02-26 10:18:09 PM  
This is the female pelvic region...hmmm
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-02-27 01:28:34 PM  
2002-02-27 01:29:09 PM  
2002-02-27 01:29:43 PM  
2002-02-27 01:30:39 PM  
( Y )
2002-02-27 01:31:27 PM  
( Y )
2002-02-27 01:32:28 PM  
( Y )
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