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(Guardian)   Forget the Theory of Relativity, Einstein invented an alcohol-powered refrigerator   ( guardian.co.uk) divider line
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2004-12-01 10:41:16 PM  
Incorrect. It used alcohol gas as refrigerant, which would then be delivered with a compressor powered by an electric motor.

/CFC/HCFC licensed
2004-12-01 11:41:46 PM  
So that's where all my beer has been going? Beer needs fridge. Fridge needs beer. It's an evil vicious cycle.
2004-12-02 12:18:22 AM  
What good is alcohol if it's not being drank.

Isn't this alcohol abuse?
2004-12-02 12:35:24 AM  
Your fridge wants beer.
2004-12-02 12:46:46 AM  
This is like the guy that sold his guitar to get the girl a beutiful comb, while the girl cut and sold her hair to get him the kick ass guitar strap.

No? Anyone? Ok. Sorry.
2004-12-02 01:38:14 AM  
"Hero" tag? This deserves "Dumbass" tag.

The fridge was invented to keep the beer cold. Beer, however, was not meant to keep the fridge cold.

And buy a comb, you bastard.
2004-12-02 02:09:02 AM  
What a waste of alcohol...
2004-12-02 02:10:06 AM  
the fridge and I will be fighting for fuel
2004-12-02 02:10:46 AM  
Was I the only one picturing Einstein from that episode of Family Guy? lol I could see him smashing someone's head in to steal this idea too...lol
2004-12-02 02:12:06 AM  
i've always enjoyed fridge-powered alcohol.
2004-12-02 02:12:16 AM  
[image from aip.org too old to be available]

Fetchenzie Ein Stein!
2004-12-02 02:12:17 AM  
So, how often do you guys add freon to your fridges at home? Because that's about how often you'd have to feed this fridge a beer.

Imagine if you could come from the factory with all the alcohol you'd ever need!
2004-12-02 02:13:19 AM  
"alcohol powered gas"? I'll have some of that tomorrow morning...
2004-12-02 02:14:20 AM  
Picture Homer at the ethanol gas pump.

"One for me, one for you..."
2004-12-02 02:21:01 AM  
Without even RTFA, wouldn't a fridge that BURNS ALCOHOL be the antithesis of what Fark considers a hero?
2004-12-02 02:22:42 AM  
naturally, the modern version would dispense little cubes or chips of frozen booze............
2004-12-02 02:26:27 AM  
The gas absorption refrigerator, which cools by the use of a source of heat, was invented in Sweden by Baltzar von Platen in 1922. It was later manufactured by Electrolux and Servel. Today it is used in homes that are not connected to the electrical grid, and in recreational vehicles.

/This beats Einschteen by four years.
//Big whoop... he switched fuels.
///Ich schmella German propoganda.
2004-12-02 02:39:38 AM  
jwlennon: Was I the only one picturing Einstein from that episode of Family Guy?

BWAAAHHHAHAHAHAH.. i wasn't, but i am now. Great reference!
2004-12-02 02:46:05 AM  
Too bad they don't have have a car that runs on loathing and self pity, I'd drive across america.
2004-12-02 02:46:21 AM  
A fridge that RUNS on ALCOHOL
What's next.... a cure for cancer?
2004-12-02 02:51:46 AM  
I for one welcome our alcohol-powered overlords.

/got so much nothin', it's not even right
2004-12-02 03:10:35 AM  
It probably used methanol. You might not want to suck that down unless you're very desperate and/or already blind.
2004-12-02 03:13:37 AM  
I stopped RTFA when I got to Max Planck spelled incorrectly.
2004-12-02 03:38:32 AM  
[image from home.worldonline.de too old to be available]

"Hey Homer your fridge is broken!" *BURRRRP!*
2004-12-02 03:42:13 AM  
So who will make the first Young Einstein reference?
2004-12-02 03:46:56 AM  
My fridge contains mostly alcohol anyway, so you would think that would at least count toward the fuel source.
2004-12-02 03:54:18 AM  

btw, heil einstein.
2004-12-02 03:54:51 AM  
You mean he sold his pocketwatch and she bought him a kickass chain for it?
/crazy kids and their bastardized Gift of the Maji and whatnot
//still remember that story from about 6 years ago when I had to read in it middle school
2004-12-02 03:55:33 AM  
Waste of alcohol. I want one that can be powered by my own sense of self satisfaction.
2004-12-02 04:04:36 AM  

Incorrect. It used alcohol gas as refrigerant, which would then be delivered with a compressor powered by an electric motor.

/CFC/HCFC licensed

Dude, thanks. I hate people (especially submitters) not paying attention to anything in the article other than "alcohol" and "refrigerator"

Don't mean to nitpick here, but are they talking about drinkable alcohol (ethanol) or methanol, etc...?
2004-12-02 04:12:43 AM  
[image from simpsonovi.comics.cz too old to be available]
2004-12-02 04:34:18 AM  
Alcohol! Refrigerator! AWESEOM!!!!!

/bush 2008
2004-12-02 06:43:43 AM  
Incorrect. It used alcohol gas as refrigerant, which would then be delivered with a compressor powered by an electric motor.

/CFC/HCFC licensed

I'm guessing at the science but it is a safe assumption that a process called "absorbtion" was used rather than refrigeration. The vapor cycle starts with a heat source such as a gas flame that is used to encourage evaporation and the substance would condense without the need of a compressor. FYI, people were able to make things cold before there was wide spread use of electricty. In the USA I believe ammonia was the most popular "absorbant", it killed people, too. CFC's and HCFC's were invented and needed help condensing rather than evaporating, so different terms are used. Refrigeration, Absorbtion, you say tomato, I say tomato, lets call the whole thing off.

/cfc/hcfc license # 2530550889 Esco Institute
2004-12-02 07:07:57 AM  
jwlennon: I didn't remember the Family Guy bit until you mentioned it, but I definitely have to call into question the "inventions" of anyone who has ever worked as a patent clerk.

It'd be too easy, especially before the days of computers, to simply deny someone a patent and steal his idea. Not using it until years later, when one is in another country, would make this fairly safe. It might help to kill off the other guy.

Not to knock Einstein, or anything. My own method of problem-solving is very similar to Einstein's: envision failure conditions, deal with the failures you can't predict, and above all, keep at it forever.
2004-12-02 07:25:15 AM  
I'm a big fan of Einstein and all, but who the fark needs a refrigerator that drinks your beer??

/Good thinking, Einstein.
2004-12-02 07:42:54 AM  
Word. A fridge that drinks your beer is a fridge that's begging to be kicked in the junk.

2004-12-02 08:19:36 AM  
I read about a better fridge that works on highly compressed harmonic waves....not one that burns alcohol.
Burning alcohol makes baby jebus cry.
2004-12-02 08:31:49 AM  
The reason the hero tag was used is because Einstein invented this system specifically because before, the materials used to cool refrigerators were very poisonous, and people had died when the stuff leaked out.

Check out the book "Einstein's Refrigerator" if you don't believe me.
2004-12-02 08:54:05 AM  
Burr wins the thread...

Well played!

/That is all.
2004-12-02 08:59:58 AM  
I thought Einstein discovered a way to put the bubbles in beer?
2004-12-02 09:30:36 AM  
Einstein was a good Jew! Makes me proud!!
2004-12-02 09:54:57 AM  
Okay... And Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream are testing out a thermo-acoustic freezer.


Get one of each fridge and you have a good weekend; alcohol in one and tunes from the other (I wonder if you can change the stations).
2004-12-02 10:44:42 AM  
The thought of Germany having an Einstein celebration seems a tad idiotic to me.

Hey Germans, you only drove him out of your farking country!

/guess they could celebrate the fact he escaped in time...
2004-12-02 10:56:47 AM  
CGH85 dammit, I wanted to post the reference to Homer Simpson! Bastard.
2004-12-02 11:09:14 AM  
I have an amonia-chloride fridge from GE that's about 50 years old that still works perfectly and draws less current than a modern freon-based fridge.
2004-12-02 11:42:00 AM  
He is almost as smart as a Norman Einstein
2004-12-02 12:00:54 PM  
Smartest Man EVER.
2004-12-02 12:35:09 PM  

I definitely have to call into question the "inventions" of anyone who has ever worked as a patent clerk.

Einstein came out with the refrigerator two decades after he was done at the Swiss patent office, a decade after he became a global celebrity, and a few years after he won the Nobel Prize. He needed neither the money (the Prize comes with an impressive financial reward) nor the esteem (who knew that he even invented the thing?).
2004-12-02 12:44:39 PM  
Screw it, I don't care anymore.
2004-12-02 12:44:49 PM  
Alcohol, weed, blue and red pills, boobies...Where's the needle so I can directly inject fark into my veins?
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